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[VID+Trans] 120511 SHINee CHANNEL Interview JP Sherlock FULL

Credits/Translation/Uploader : Hello Jonghyun (www.hellohyun.com)


* SHINee waving to camera, Onew Sangtae, SHINee and their random "praying" motions *

02:13 - 03:45 INTRODUCTION

MC : Welcome SHINee!
Onew : Those watching CHANNEL...
SHINee : Hello Everyone, we are shining SHINee 

(cheering and clapping non-stop, Jonghyun brief goat-sound)

MC : SHINee's pre-released single special programme CHANNEL starts now! Today we will let the usual broadcaster, live mc etc, gag star, I, Handy (S/N : MC's name) to be today's Invisible Voice.. Please give lots of care
Jonghyun : Hahaha you are really busy
MC : So let's invite everyone (SHINee) to do a simple self introduction each... Onew please.
Onew : SHINee..... ....leader Onew-desu... leader Onew-desu... kekekekeke ^▽^ ... (camera reluctant to move away until Onew gestured "next")
Jonghyun : Hello, I am Jonghyun *waves
Taemin : Hello, I am Taemin
Minho : Hello, I am Minho
Minho : Hello, I am SHINee Key

MC : Seems like everyone doesn't look energetic.. is everything alright?
Jonghyun : (We are) a bit nervous x2
MC : Nervous? (Please) do not be overly nervous
Jonghyun : Because it is a live-show
MC : because it's a live show? Where's the enthusiasm (I've witnessed) just now? really.. is everything alright?
Key : Can you give us beer?


MC : Talking about this, does everyone have a special talent?
Key : Japanese? HAHAHA
Jonghyun : Singing.. Singhing, dancing whatsoever
MC : I've heard that Onew is good at gags
Onew : O_O AGAIN?
MC : Hmmm.. Just perform for everyone one more time!
Onew : New gag..
MC : There are no new ones recently?
Onew : Mm, there are none recently 
MC : Then just perform what you usually do (S/N : I think the MC meant "Just present your normal self")
Jonghyun : You will be alright
Onew : The blanket has gotten fat (S/N : Word Gag - similarity in pronounciation)
MC : Yes... The blanket has gotten fat
Onew : How much does the fish cost (S/N : another word gag)
SHINee : Hahahahahha

(Random note : Keke Cameraman really likes Onew)

MC : So, Jonghyun, I'm not sure if this is a talent or a strange habit of yours... I heard that you keep your eyes open when you sleep. So let's perform!  (S/N : I think you can hear Onew's creepy laughter in the background hahaha)
Jonghyun : *Demonstrates* It is this level..
MC : Only this level/ this much? But I heard that (your) sleeping condition, opening your eyes, is similar to that of a fish.. So Jonghyun is only of this level..
Key : But Jonghyun he... not only does he open his eyes when he sleeps but he keeps his mouth open too.. it is this kind of condition... his nose are opened too
MC : Nose too? If (my) nose are block then it is not a good thing!
Onew : Ears?
Jonghyun : My ears are always opened.


MC : Okay so let's hear about everyone's strengths. SHINee is now carrying out their Japanese arena tour.. in 7 cities 20 concerts right? So far.. (you all) have toured 4 cities.. among them there must be some interesting events.. please talk about it (listing all the cities)
Jonghyun : There are many
MC : Did you feel that there is a certain city that is really good/fun or one that you really want to hear about their opinions etc?
Jonghyun : Fukuoko is our first performance so (We/I) was especially nervous. However once we came up to the stage and saw so many fans, (We/I) gained courage.
MC : Heart Attack? 
Key : Because we have not seen the Japanese fans for a long time so we have hardworking prepared many things.. so that we hope to let everyone see a different side of us, right?
Jonghyun : Please talk about food next!

06:48 - 09:07 FOOD AND HOT SPRINGS

MC : Ah! Food! Do you feel that there is a specific Japanese food that you feel is extremely delicious?
Everyone : hahahahaha! ONEW OUT!
Jonghyun : Rice~ Rice~ What about Osaka (points to Taemin)
MC : So for example.. Hokaido's seafood
Jonghyun : White Lovers? (S/N : Hokaido's specialty chocolate)
MC : There are many others right?! That is really nice, (but) is there others? 
(S/N : You can hear Key's hysterical laughter! HAHAHHA)
Someone : Ramen
Jonghyun : Hairy crab
MC : Have you been to Hot Springs? Coming from Invisible Voice (S/N : The MC's nickname for himself as he cannot be seen in the video but can only be heard) Invisible Voice's question : Does Korea have Hot Springs too?
Jonghyun : Yes, there are many! (SHINee nods)
MC : Is it as popular as it is Japan?
Jonghyun : It is slightly different but the feeling is like that/ around the same
MC : Ah, those ordinary kinds?
Jonghyun : Yes, there are many
MC : So have you visited Japan's Hokaido Hot springs? How does it feel? Is there any difference?
Jonghyun : (It is) Very huge
Onew : Yes, large
Jonghyun : (In Korean) Because there were only a few of us.. so we had a good time chit-chatting.. however Key wasn't there at that time ..
MC : Where did you go?!
Key : (In Korean)Because I had a Musical Performance so I arrived later than them
Onew : Yes, Musical
MC : So does that mean that you have not soaked in a Hot Spring before?
Key : Yes, I am personally quite busy (S/N : In a serious, funny manner)
MC : By saying things like you are really busy in a 5-member group...?


MC : Also, I heard that all of you are interested in (Japanese) dialects
Key : Yes, we have interest (in that)
Onew : Teach us!
Jonghyun : Why not (let's talk about our) specific favorite ones? Grilled Octopus...
Key : Takoyaki?
Key : Sorry!
MC : You (indeed) know quite a bit!
MC : Following you will continue your tour at Kobe, Osaka, Tokyo, Hiroshima.. so by *MC name*, let's celebrate! Everyone together : "All the best for Arena Tour"
Jonghyun : Gambate Arena Tour!
MC : Everyone did not shout in unison. Let's go again! "Gambate Arena Tour!"
SHINee : Arena Tour Gambate~~!

Source : CHANNEL // JP-CHI : Hello Jonghyun (www.hellohyun.com) // CHI-ENG : soundtracklove


MC : Next we are going to talk about the highlight of this week's program.. SHINee's new single Sherlock 
(SHINee claps; Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin takes a copy of differeny version of Sherlock each)
MC : Please do a introduction of this album!
(Cameraman zooms in to Onew doing his sangtae.. for a very long time! ^^)
MC : What genre/type of Music is this?
Jonghyun : (In Korean)We hope that through this music, everyone can witness our interesting dance and apreciate our music (at the same time)!
MC : So amazing! Are there any points or parts which you particularly like?
Taemin : I......
(Onew playing with album, Jonghyun snatches away from him and slams it down on table haha!)
MC : Onew you are really free/wild
(2MIN : Minho starts stroking Taemin's hair)
(Key takes album away from Taemin's hands)
Onew : Please help me!
MC : So are there any specific parts that you like?
Onew : (In Korean) I prefer the "sabi" part
MC : Ah, how is it like?
Onew : "OH I'M CURIOUS YEAH~~" (S/N : Funny facial expression at the end!)
Other members : "XXXXXXXXX..." (Contines Onew's part in Japanese)
Onew : "...XXXXXX" 
MC : So passionate! Invisible Voice (S/N : MC's nickname) really got a shock.. (he sang) so loud suddenly! It was really good~ There is also another amazing news... The choreographer is once Michael Jackson's choreographer?
SHINee : Yes
MC : How was it like? (Was he) strict? The one who have choreographed for various famous celebrities around the world - Tony Testa.. You have learned a lot right?
Key : He was gentler that what we have imagined (him to be) and he was really young!
MC : Young? Age-wise?
Key : Yes, age-wise. As Michael-Jackson's choreographer/back-up dancer, he is really young. Also there was no problem communication wise, because he was young. (Around the same age)
MC : Because he was young? By saying like this, you seem to suggest that it will be difficult to communicate with older people?
Key : YES!
MC : Invisible Voice, come save me quick!
Onew : OUT!!
MC : You actually said I'm Out?
Everyone : Hahahaha
MC : So in conclusion, you all have been learning (dance with Tony Testa) under a good atmosphere?
(Key and Jonghyun gesturing Taemin and Minho to speak up)
Minho : (In Korean) Yes, the atmosphere was good. And that person is really professional!
MC : Please give an example in what areas do you think (he has made) you feel that he is professional?
Minho : (In Korean) That is during the entire choreographing process, he makes sure that every moment is precise.. He will observe/check from head to toe, and will not let go any small mistake made. He will record down our mistakes and correct us.
MC : Ah, it is really awesome in this point, really professional. So is there any parts during the choreography process which you feel that it is really difficult or whatsoever?
Taemin : It should be the climax..
MC : The climax was the hardest?
Taemin : Yes
MC : Can you briefly demonstrate, like what kind of action it is?
Taemin : Ah, it's a little squeezy.. can (I/We) do it?
(SHINee stands up and does the chorus dance while singing it in Japanese. Taemin did an exagerrated action of by scrunching up because it was too squeezy)
MC : Really charismatic! "Invisible Voice", I'm OUT! Really awesome!
Key : Is it that awesome?
MC : I'm saying the truth! Is there any easier actions in the middle that audience can follow?
Onew : No.
Key : Haha "No"?
MC : There isn't any?
Onew : *Oops*
Jonghyun : ONEW OUT!
Someone : It's still the climax portion. Like this, this kind of feeling *Key demonstrates*
Jonghyun : Very poweful like this ... *stomps feet*
MC : Those in front of the computer can learn/absorb it already!
MC : Those living in apartments, please be cautious of those living below! 


MC : So let's move on to talk about the PV! Filming PV is really tough right! Are there any (interesting) parts you would like to share?
Jonghyun : Filming the dance across a long duration of time can be really tiring.
MC : Ah, around how long did you film (for the PV)?
Jonghyun : Around 3 days
Key : (In Korean) We still have to film for both Japanese and Korean versions. Filmed once for the Korean then another time for the Japanese.. like that.
MC : Alternately! So was it in Japanese for the Japanese version? Emotions wise, was it better for Japanese or Korean version?
Key : (In Korean) For recording, we have learned hard for Japanese
Jonghun : (In Korean) Translating, learning and recording at the same time, so it was not difficult for us to grasp hold of the mood/ to get the feeling/emotions.
MC : Ah so amazing, professional indeed!
Jonghyun : YES! Professional! Self-proclaimed! We are professional!
Everyone : Hahahhaa
MC : Professional, Professional, Professional! So you danced for 3 full days?
(SHINee nods)
MC : Amazing, it is really charismatic! Costume wise, everyone has a different one right? So did you pick the style that you like?
Jonghyun : (In Korean)We will voice out our opinions, and we will usually incorporate these ideas
MC : Ah like this, So for example.. "Because I feel that Onew's costume (looks) better...you will want to wear it too." Is there such circumstances?
Onew : There cannot be! (S/N : In a stern face - really funny!)
MC : Onew-ssi, you have a cold coolness!
Onew : Because that was my outfit, so, no!
MC : Judging from this, everyone wore according to their preference?
Key : (In Korean) Because everyone has their own style, so we do not usually exchange (our costume)
Other members : REALLY?? DONT LIE
MC : You have been exposed! What lie did you just say!
Jonghyun : Constantly... (In Korean) Key is a fashionistic person, so whenever he sees a nice-looking or unique piece of clothing, he will really want to wear it.
MC : See? This is what I just said.. Why did you lie! This is live broadcast, so please do not lie, really.
Key : Self-revealed!


MC : Okay, let's talk about the PV which everyone has put a lot of effort in. In Sherlock's MV, there is the appearance of a dog
Taemin : Yes, dog.
MC : What breed is that dog? Sudden Quiz-Attack!
Jonghyun : QUIZ?!
MC : Please draw out the dog and (write out) the name on the drawing board! Can we invite 2 members to draw? All of you (refering to dog and SHINee) have spent a great deal of time together, you could not have forgotten it right?
(Onew Sangtae, SHINee discussing, Jonghyun and Key takes the 2 boards)
MC : Everyone should know the breed of the dog for sure right, that's without question. (All of you) Stayed 3 days together (with the dog), so you should know it.
Key : That dog is obedient/calm.
MC : Why does everything Key says now seem like a lie?
Everyone : hahahaha
MC : So, Leader, these 2 are drawing.. do boht of them have drawing talent? good at drawing? The paper used are specially for drawing purposes!
Onew : *Onew shakes Head* No. Kekekekee
MC : Then we must really anticipate the works produced by these 2 (later on)! 
Onew : *looking at Jonghyun's drawing* Is that a dog?! HAHAHAHAHHAHA
MC : Seems like it is really terrible, even (Onew) has exploded into laughter! Are you done with it, Jonghyun?
Someone : It's quite hard (to draw)..
MC : Difficult? But it's face is quite easy (to draw)
Jonghyun : DONE!
MC : Jonghyun's finished (his drawing)? Please show!

Jonghyun : *points* Eyes! Nose.
MC : Ah.. next.. by Key who keeps nagging that it is obedient.
Key : The same
MC : Did you lie to us again?
(Key reveals his drawing)

MC : WHO??!!!
Key : Like this.. really gentle..
Jonghyun: Gentle.. it's really gentle (but) Who is this?!
MC : Key, you are good x2 Who is this? 
Key : Watson.. Sherlock's sidekick/ assistant
MC : You probably have not understood my question, I asked you to draw a dog
Key : It is gentle right?
MC : The correct answer is here (a photo of the actual dog), it's the one Jonghyun drew, the one that most resembles!
Key : Key's watson is really similar too okay!! 
(Key drew spots on Watson)
MC : Please spare Watson's face.. but (Key) is really talented. 


MC : Since you have drew it this way, then draw a caricature please! Just pick one to be your model and let's see whose drawing resembles the most! *Key laughs and points at Onew* I am interested at this!
MC : You like it.
Key : Yes, I am interested in drawing member's face
MC : Whose face should we draw? Let's just draw Onew, the leader! Let's let 2min draw then!
(S/N : Did the MC just say 2min?!!! ^^;
MC : Are these 2 confident?
Minho : Yes
Onew : Worried.. So I should just sit here without moving that's all?
MC : Yes. Start from the head. Key seems to have certain opinions about (their) drawings!

MC : The 5 of you are really busy, you do not have time to play together, do you? Do you all go out together usually? 
Jonghyun : Even though it is not all 5 of us together, (like) recently there were only 4 of us going to the hotsprings.
Key : I recently went to Osaka's Orange Road with Taemin.
Taemin : Me? What? ^^;;
Key : The place we went together!!
Taemin : Ahhhh.. yes
MC : Taemin is curious, why is/ when was it with me?
Key : Members with similar interest.
MC : What interest?
Key : That day, Taemin wore..
MC : Everyone is fashionistic right
Key : *Shows off his rings* These are also bought there.. and our undergarments.
MC : Are you all done?
Onew : Is my smiley face better?
(Jonghyun laughs hysterically at Taemin's drawing)
MC : In any manner Onew thinks he looks most handsome in.
(Taemin starts a new page/ re-drew his potrait!)
Onew : This is really tiring!
Jonghyun: Faster! Faster! x 938420
(Minho burst out laughing at his drawing)
Jonghyun : This is really art

(Minho shows his drawing and added watson)
MC : All sorts of Watson

MC : What about Taemin, are you done?
(Jonghyun burst out laughing, all the members started flipping and laughing)
MC : Why is there an explosion of laughter again?
Jonghyun : The Pirate's Ship leader is..

Key : *points at Minho's work* This is drawn better by a bit.. but in comparison *points at Taemin's* this resembles more like the actual person. (slams down the drawing and Taemin's one fell on the floor haha!)
MC : Don't be so rough! 


MC : Let's take a look at Onew's drawing.. have not drawn at all today. So whose face should we draw (now)?
Jonghyun : Key-goon.
MC : Ah... then.. let's draw Key!
Someone : Really not good at it (drawing).
Key : I have a lot of unique features. 
Taemin : Like eyes.
MC : AH, wasn't there a nickname or something?
Jonghyun : Onew's Dubu.. that is, his personality is compartively gentler, a sense of wildness/freedom?
MC : So focused! Can you hear what we are talking? (referring to Onew)
Jonghyun : Monster.. like a monster/goblin
MC : Is Taemin drawing too?
Minho : Just my thoughts..Taemin is a genius
MC : A genius has arrived
(Minho laughing hysterically)
MC : Onew is drawing silently alone
Taemin : Please wait ^^;;;
MC : "Wait.." we are waiting
(Taemin's hysterical evil laughter!)
(Jonghyun added finishing touches to the drawing)
MC : How is it? Is it going to be finished soon? Ley's take a look at Onew's rendering of Key.

Key : This is too much..This is too much.
MC : There is this famous gag actor in Japan.. This (drawing) can't do.. It doesn't match.. Watson is better.
Key : This part has been drawn lopsided
MC : Let's take a look at Taemin's
(Onew : HAHAHAH!)
Key : Nervous nervous

Everyone : HAHAHAHH!
MC : This looks like a nightmare/ You will have nightmare upon seeing this. Let's not talk about the face... what is that cactus-looking thing growing from the side of the face?
Jonghyun : Those are ears.
MC : Full of holes in th ears
Key : Even my moustache is drawn out.
MC : Looks like the condition when you just woke up. Okay.. the results are out, everyone's drawing skills is pretty obvious .. Putting aside my bias opinions, Key draws the best!

34:50 - 44:30 QnA and Message Session.

MC : Next we will read out the questions and messages for each member we have collected for this show.

Q1. Anticipating 24 June's Yoyogi - 11 Year old Girl

SHINee : Looks like she's going for our concert. Thank you for coming.

Q2. Please hush a secret to me in front of the camera!

MC : Please! She's watching it now.
Key : Starting from me? "Aimini coopereru" (I Love You)
Minho : "Saranghamnida" (I Love You)
Taemin : (pronounced the sender's name wrongly!) Sorry ^^;;; XXXX (name)... (S/N : everyone was anticipating what he is going to say next.. but he just stopped there)
Jonghyun : Sit here!
Onew : HAAAAAAHHHH *breathes out deeply*
MC : You must be spreading the garlic smile after eating dumplng right! Onew you did this to yourself, please reflect!
MC : Onew-goon..
SHINee :... OUT!!
Onew : I'm going to cry
MC : I think we should be the ones to cry! Onew, you are the leader!

Q3. (did not catch the question)

Jonghyun : (some) ham... we know! 
Minho : (In Korean)It is really famous in Korea
MC : I must try it once

Q4. There is sports day on Sunday, how should I do to keep up my energy - 13 year old girl

MC : Do you work out / exercise usually?
Taemin & Key : (Mumbles something but was not translated)
Key : (In korean) We exercise everyday and eat the specialty products from each region.
Jonghyun : (In korean)And not to be picky with food etc..
Onew : Yes.
Everyone : ahahhahaha
MC : Onew has (gag) sense!

Q4 : Please do a "All the best" hand gesture!

MC : Let's do it in front of the camera then.
Key : Fighto!
Minho : Hwaiting!
Taemin : Hwaiting!
Jonghyun : Hwaiting!
Onew : Hwaiting!
SHINee : OUT!!!
Onew : Why!!??
MC : Taemin got a shock just now! (by Minho's boxing gesture) 

Q5 : I want to become like SHINee who can sing and dance - 15 year old girl

MC : The girls is in Senior high and is doing music, wanting to form a band with her friends. What is the most important when making music?
Jonghyun : Heart.
MC : Woah. one-word answer
(Key's maniac laughter hahahahha!!)
MC : Key, your laughter is a little exaggerated isnt it?
Jonghyun : Are you doubting/ "looking down"  my heart?
Key : This is not even a drama!! HAHA!
MC : It's like the innocent thoughts in a drama. How do you feel then, key?
Key : Just enjoy. Just enjoy that moment.
MC : What do you think about it, Minho?
Minho : (In Korean) Interest is really important.
MC : Taemin?
Taemin : (In Korean) My answer is quite similar. That is being able to effectively relate the emotions of the music.
MC : Wow that is well said. Jonghyun's "Heart".. then what about Onew?
Onew : Body, then. Heart and Body as one is the best combination.
Jonghyun : To be healthy is the most important.
Onew : That is to be healthy, and enjoy making music!

Q7 : After going to Fukuoka and Nagoya's concert, I am really happy and touched.. There will be other concerts next, please take care of your body/health! - 37 Year old fan

SHINee : Thank You!

Q8 : I am SHINee's Loyal fan. I listen to SHINee everyday. Please continue to work hard. I will always support you - 18 year old fanboy

SHINee : Thank You! 
(OnJongkey gave 90degree bow)

Q9 : 2012 SHINee's the best. I went to 6 concerts in total. and will go for 26 and 27th one too! Sherlock's Japanese version is really nice to hear too, and I already know how to sing it! It's so hard to wait for a CD. Please come to _____ too! - 20 year old girl

MC : SHe already knows how to sing. That is quite a feat!
SHINee : *stunned*


MC : Let's have a performance! Key is good at it right? and Taemin. Two of you please perform the best part (of the dance). This small space can be extended
Jonghyun : On top of this (table)? This is the stage.
Key : Let's do it together.. together.. which part of Sherlock would be the best/
MC : Any part will do


MC : When did everyone start dancing?
Taemin : From young.
Jonghyun : Young, from elementary school (points at Taemin)
MC : That's amazing
Jonghyun : No..
MC : Too modest. How about Onew's dancing?
Jonghyun : NOT BAD! That's right! Genius!
MC : Please do a solo!
Jonghyun : Have never seen Onew's (dance) solo!
MC : Maybe unexpectedly Onew has one
Onew : Freestyle then.
MC : After dancing, please do a gag to conclude
Translator : Onew has the nickname of "Dancing King"
MC : Your voice is really pleasant!!

(Talks about some contest..)


MC : SO SO SO.. we have recorded around 1 hour. How does everyone feel right now?
Jonghyun : really interesting
Taemin : Really happy
Minho : Awesome
Key : Really happy, hope we can record more shows like this in the future
Onew : (In Korean) Even though I was almost "OUT" a few times but I am really happy
Translator : I have to correct him - It's not "almost" but you were really OUT.
Onew : *SHOCKED*
MC : I had a great time too! This is the end of the show!
SHINee : Thank you!!


Source : CHANNEL // JP-CHI : Hello Jonghyun (www.hellohyun.com) // CHI-ENG : soundtracklove

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