Tuesday, May 15, 2012

[FanAccount] 120513 Kobe Japan Arena Tour

Today Taemin piggybacked Minho~~ Even though it was rather unstable but Taemin still sang happily~~ But because Taemin had to hold his mic properly, he could only use one hand to support Minho - it was obvious that it was no easy feat for Taemin; Smiley Minho was quickly placed back on the ground~~

During encore, Onew used all his might to throw/splash water.. by using that momentum, he rushed down the stage and climbed back up the same route... on the way, Onew did a backhug-gesture to Taemin and threw him down (the stage)... Taemin was just passing by, and got thrown off the stage; Could only struggle to climb back up himself ^^;;;... 

During the start of the performance, everyone changed their ear mics to hand-held mics.. Taemin was all fingers and thumbs/clumsy from all the hassle and dropped his mic on the floor which gave a really loud noise that shocked all the fans below.. baby, that mic is really expensice ^^;;;

Everyone was jumping together! After jumping they walked back to the main stage according to the order of their positions.. but for no reason, Taemin sat really politely/ straight down on the floor...

During encore, Taemin was really confused as to where he should go... (lost baby).. Suddenly he gave a really blur "Ah, my fans!" expression and walked towards a group of fans but only to realise that everyone below were holding Jonghyun's fan... Taemin gave an "Oh...." expression and stood rooted to the ground.. k k

In the usual "Everyone from XX, I love you" segment Taemin usually do (for every concert so far from Arena Tour). Today : 
Taemin "Everyone from Kobe, I really, really..." 
Jonghyun "I love all of you!"
Taemin's lines got stolen and for a brief moment Taemin seem as if he was about to cry. Upon seeing this, the hyungs could only lead the audience to shout (with them) "One more time! One more time!".. The satisfied Taemin turned around,  gave a flying kiss and shouted "I LOVE ALL OF YOU!"

Source : Japanese Twitter // JP-CHI : 求泰民北鼻全面大发_泡泡 // CHI-ENG : soundtracklove

When Jonghyun was talking about the release of their album/CD, Taemin did a knife-gesture with his hands and started "chopping" Jonghyun's throat... causing Jonghyun's voice to vibrate producing an alien-like sound. Then Kibum interrupted "WE ARE NOW TALKING ABOUT SERIOUS STUFF!" \(^o^)/ Key Mama ahhhhhh!! [Src : ((((。зωз) ‏@ okeyits_maitime ]

During the first MC session
Onew "Everyone from Kobe! Long time no see!"
Jonghyun followed and said "Everyone from Kobe! Long time no see!"
(Kobe fans only met you) around 23 hours ago..
S/N : SHINee had another Kobe concert just yesterday
[Src : rachel@ korea_shygeeks]

Onew hugged Taemin and pusshed him down the Arena Zone [Src :ももちゃん@ pktomato]

During the ending, Taemin did the Scorpion dance again but failed ww.. failed twice www.. for the third time, to be honest, it was because Onew pushed his back so he failed www. [Src : guriko @ Lee_jieen]

Onew jumped down from the flower aisle ww. On another side, there is Ontae backhug, Onew caused Taemin to fall off the stage ww. Ontae was just right in front of my eyes approx 2m away only! Onew climbed over the fence at the side onto the main stage. Taemin tickled Onew's side belly from the back ww, Onew laughed hysterically and fell on the stage. Taemin was laughing really happily too ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ [Src : guriko @ Lee_jieen]

Taemin touched Onew's butt today ^^ And made eye contact [Src : ゆっきぃぃ*@ yuki_08_0205]

During JOJO, Taemin used his mic to poke Onew's butt \(^o^)/ Onew hugged Taemin at the "Y" stage.. but because his strength was too powerful, Taemin fell off the "Y" stage ^^ [Src : satomiee_KMKBM]

JP-CHI : 温民親媽小夏 // CHI-ENG : soundtracklove

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