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[Fan Account] 120512 Kobe Arena Concert

When singing Bodyguard, Taemin hugged Onew..Taemin carried Onew up, who was lying on the floor, in a bridal style.

Ready or not : Taemin took off his outerwear and rolled up his shirt, revealing his stomach TTTTTTTT so erotic !!!!!!!! (src : ショコ@ tSHOKOt)

Jonghyun : For every concert, I will feel really nervous and insecure
Onew : I am hungry~~ 
** Note : Insecure and Hungry has similar pronounciation in Japanese - Onew's word gag again!

During the chorus, Taemin suddenly poked his head below Jinki's crotch ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Onew got a shock.. but in order not to kick Taemin, he slowly moved his legs away, so sweet of Onew.... (src : guriko@ Lee_jieen)

When Onew (was singing) "Promise~♬", he gave a pinky.
Key : Don't need promises~
Jonghyun : ○×%¥☆!!
What are you talking about Jonghyun.... (src : guriko@ Lee_jieen)
Jp-Chi : 温民親媽小夏 // Chi-Eng : soundtracklove@soompi

1. Today's performance has just ended!! Minho is a caring angel (towards fans) as usual TvT Today (Minho) gestured a heart-shape to the fans and said "Saranghae" TvT After the concert he still continued to thank the fans TvT

2. When (Minho) was saying goodbye tonight, he puffed up his face, and used a really cute tone to say "I love you, Byebye~~" Minho is now getting better/ comfortable doing aegyo~~

3. Today during Start Performance, first they (Minkey) looked at one another, then they hugged, then Minho pushed Key down (on the floor) = =

4. There is a funny scene today - that is the part where they throw (counterfeit SHINee) money to the fans. Usually, Minho will come out to the stage full of money pasted on his body.. today is not an exception. He then sat at the edge of the stage and started to peel off the pieces of money from his body and throw it up... But (today), Taemin stood behind him and snatched/stole all his money away = =

5."Healing" Onho Recently : Forgot which song but it's when Onew suddenly appeared behind Minho and hugged him. Minho got a shock and turned around. They made eye contact with one another and smiled/laughed TvT my tears almost fell TvT

6. During JOJO's performance, Taemin did a "V" sign aegyo to Minho. Upon seeing this, Minho did a "V" back (to Taemin) and both of them laughed.
Src : MrMinho (http://www.mrminho.com) // Trans : soundtracklove@soompi 

1. During Bodyguard, Onew purposely lay down at the head of the flower path → Taemin walked over → Got ready to carry Onew up → Hmm..could not lift him up...→ Tried again, but unable to carry... ahhhhhh, finally successfully lifted (Onew) up → Placed Onew down, Taemin pretended to be suffering in pain by hugging his own waist

2. In the middle of the performance, Taemin suddenly poked his head between Onew's legs and greeted the fans. After getting a shock, and to refrain from stepping onto Taemin, Onew slowly spreaded his legs open...

3. Stand By Me : When Key was singing, Taemin kept "choking" Key's neck to form vibrating noises (as Key sang).. = =;;

4. Taemin's Rebellious Age
Taemin : (Standing) on such huge stage...
Key : 「大きに」 (Huge) Isn't it in Osaka's dialect?
Taemin : You. Are. So. Naggy/Annoying. !

5. Yellow Ribbon 1 : During the Yellow Ribbon, Taemin rolled up the money as if they were hair-curlers and stuck it on his head when he came out to the stage >< It was super cute..

6. Yellow Ribbon 2 : Shortly after coming out to the stage, Taemin threw away all his money in his pouch and those in his hair. He then sat at the edge of the stage and started catching back all the money Onew threw out to the fans.. he had so much fun playing.. poor fans...

Source : JP twitter // JP-Chi : 求泰民北鼻全面大发_泡泡 // Chi-Eng : soundtracklove@soompi

Onew finished his solo by kneeling on the floor at the end.
At the end, when they were bowing, the other 4 members held each other's hands, only Onew held a dancer's hand with 1 hand and put his other hand beside his pants.

Onew was very happy today, his mood was very good, SHINee were very high too.. Onew's hair was curly today, very handsome.. acted sexy, cute and manly at the right time.. Feel that his condition improved a lot after a day of rest.. Towards the end, he said "everyone must be careful when going home ok, annyeong..."
Source : lovtacchon // Trans : yenn_yy

Onew hugged Minho from the back, Minho got a shock. He turned back and realized its Onew and then both of them smiled to each other. have no idea why Taemin suddenly thought of the idea... he went under Onew's thighs popping his head out and greeted fans. Minho sat on the side of the stage distributing the fake notes, Taemin stood behind him taking all the fake notes Minho threw.
Translation: lipsandlove

At the greeting and goodbye for Kobe, Onew said "IraSHINee" (Pun on "Irasshaimase".)
Taemin choked Jonghyun so then Jonghyun grabbed Taemin by the collar and started shaking him around.
Taemin said ookini(?) which means "loudly". Key said that's Osaka dialect (but they're in Kobe). Taemin told Key to shut up.
During the goodbyes, Taemin tried grabbing Jonghyun's hand but he didn't get the timing right so Jong was like "Stop~" but Taem kept trying.
During Stand By Me, Onew looked at Key and started doing a cute dance for him. Key stared at him and started dancing with a smile.
Onew and Taemin went to tie their shoelaces at the same time during Amigo.
Translation: hanatwothree_

Onew did bbuing-bbuing during Jojo TT^TT
Onew gave a (flying) kiss during Replay. Chu~~
Key did bbuing-bbuing twice on the left of main stage.
JongKey held hands while walking during Stand by Me.
During Stand by Me, Onew did a cute dance to Key who was standing next to him and Key smiled at Onew.
Source: aaiike

Taemin pretended that he hurt his waist after he tried to lift up Onew.
Source: Sachia92

jjong holded Key's hand walking on stage in encore.
Minkey…i watched many moments this tour.
Source : Lovingbling

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