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[Scans/ Trans] YG Magazine 2012 May (2) Issue - 2MIN

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*** NOTE : This article is a Valentine's Day article in YG Magazine. 
The content below is mainly the author's thoughts about 2MIN and their friendship.

Please Continue to Take Good Care of Little Brother!

From being a maknae who everyone dotes on, to a hyung; by having his original status as the maknae being stolen away, there should be some dislike towards the newly-added maknae right?--Before Taemin's presence, SHINee's Minho has always been everyone's favourite maknae and he has also felt that his rights/position as a maknae will continue on forever .. until the day Taemin came, Minho is no longer the youngest - On the contrary, he has become a hyung who has to take care of the younger brother!

"If I was a girl, I would want to choose to date Taemin~hehe! Because Taemin is really cute!" - Minho

Even though regretably, he is not the maknae anymore, but Minho is still happy - because he is caring in nature/ likes to take care of others. He finally can wholly showcase this (caring side of him) on Taemin! Being blur in nature, Taemin often loses his things and Minho will willingly help him solve his problems~ When Taemin has some problems with his shirt, Minho will help him fix it. His meticulous/ caring side is comparable to a mother! Perhaps (he) have made a promise to take good care of this younger brother, so Minho will give in his all to take good care of him! During one of the radio shows, Key talked about Taemin's embarrassing moments at home, and Minho just sat beside him and smiled... causing Key to complain that Minho shouldn't just keep quiet and only make him (Key) the only bad guy~ so Minho just smiled and said "Taemin is listening~ If I talk about it too, Taemin will be disappointed!" Hehe~ Seems like big brother takes very good care of little brother from "inside to outside" (wholly)!

Minho and Taemin's friendship does not require any words to describe it because their every move is able to manifest their strong and close-knitted relationship - Their occasional eye contact, touches, laughters, slight hugs, doting smiles on Taemin, carrying Taemin up and spinning him around when he's happy, patting ruffling his hair when Taemin is blur, finding Minho-hyung when (Taemin) could not continue his sentences... all these actions does not make people feel as though they are merely acting/ pretentious/ doing fanservice, because these 2 truly treat one another as their closest friend - hence every movement appears so natural!

"Minho-hyung is really charismatic, so if I were a girl, I would pick to date him!" - Taemin

Taemin definitely can feel hyung's care and concern for him, and he is really thankful of hyung's (Minho's) care too! Facing Minho, a person who is more competitive than ordinary people, Taemin can be said to be Minho's strongest support team! Whenever Minho participates any competition, he will stand beside Minho and cheer on for him; giving hyung really good/effective support during appropriate times, and even help to massage or do warm ups! When his hyung has come out victorious, without any hesitation, he will congratulate him loudly for his victory; if Minho has failed, he will console him at the side!

Source : YG Magazine (scanned above) // Trans : soundtracklove

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