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I AM movie - SHINee part

SHINee's parts are quite funny as well, the recording background is their dorm, when key is speaking at the dining table, taemin and minho is playing video game (football) at the sofa behind him 
then minho and taemin disturbed when key was speaking. When key was about to speak, suddenly taemin shouted loudly "Wah!" (because he scored in the football game), and interrupted key. Key shouted loudly at taemin "ya! I am telling my story, why do you interrupt me?"
in the beginning part, there are many SHINee's training parts,
there's a part where Jjong is practicing songs, and the teacher told him to have confidence
then there's taemin's interview part and minho's rapping part
In the movie, each of them will watch their pre-debut clips before answering the questions
they laughed eatching their own clips
there's a part where they were in their dorm
onew taking corn flakes to eat,
when onew opened the refrigerator, the refrigerator was full of food
there's taemin's banana milks too
then all of them sat in the living room and watched taemin and minho playing the football video game
but they missed the ball at the end.
when watching them playing, jjong sat on the massaging chair while making some weird noise (the audiences laughed)
replay and lucifer performances were included in the movie as well;
there's a part where onew appeared during Kangta performance
he appeared to pass/deliver the mic...
Onew almost fell down that time on the stage
During SMTown in USA, when kangta and sulli were singing their duet, onew appeared to pass the mic.. Onew stumbled and almost fell down (dunno whether he did it on purpose or not), then he quickly took out the mic from his pocket and passed it to sulli..
during that time, minho was standby-ing behind the stage, when he saw onew stumbled, he closed his mouth and laughed.. SMtown NY Kangta ft Sulli
cr: babi052
during the begining of the movie, SM artists talked about their original name and stage name together with the meaning.. when it was jjong's turn, he said I am Jonghyun, my name is Kim Jonghyun?! no difference, and the audiences laughed 
There was taemin's audition part, after wacthing his own video clip, taemin said "because I wanted to be obvious/ the special one, that's why I wore a lot of accessories and danced 
There's a part where Minho was practicing rapping..the teacher wanted him to train with something like tongue twister.
there's a part where SHINee introduced themselve to Suju before debut
Jjong said before SHINee debuted, SM planned to have 4 members only for SHINee~
Then SHINee's Replay in SMT USA was played, the audio was so good and the writer say she felt like she was watching it live at USA
then there's jjong's practicing part, the writer was touched and said jjong sang too well, she also laughed when watching jjong with short hair that time
when Jong young

during the rehearsal of SM Town, key asked the staffs whether he really need to hang by wire and move here and there in the air during Lucifer.. then the noona who was holding the camera asked key what's his thought/feeling when hanging in the air. Key said it was very painful, the cause the tie was very tight. Onew said hanging in the air was very cool.. then the scene appear where SHINee were hanging, and onew holding the wire (the writer said onew held the wire because he was painful) 

There's a scene where onew took out a box of milk from the refrigerator and poured in a bowl with corn flakes. He opened the refrigerator and said proudly "We arranged the food neatly right? but they will all eaten up by the members after a few days" the refrigerator was full of foods.. meanwhile key was online-ing using his laptop in the living room 

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