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We were thinking about going to the hotel but decided against it because my friend and I are both not from California and it was the first time we’ve been here. We decided to go to Disneyland. We thought if we were bound to see someone from SMTown it would happen.

We were having a good time and I decided to check my phone and I saw that EXO was at Disneyland. I saw the picture of D.O and Chanyeol on the roller coaster. I didn’t know where it was so I walked up to a staff member and asked them where they thought what ride and where this was. They told me it was some rollercoaster in California Adventures.

My friend and I were totally bummed out. When we first got there we were going to get the 2 park 1 day pass but after talking to the sales person she told us that it was better to go to Disneyland rather than California adventures and that it would of taken us a week to go to both California adventures and Disneyland.

We were really depressed for most of the day afterwards, the constant updates of pictures about EXO. We got over it and decided that we weren’t going to let not seeing EXO make our disney experience horrible.

We were sitting down waiting for the fireworks show, but I decided I was hungry so I went to get a corn dog. I was in line for about 10 minutes and in my peripheral vision I see someone in a blue dress shirt and really tight pants. I turned and saw taemin’s side profile. I was so shocked I wasn’t sure if I was seeing things but then I saw their managers, and then Onew turned in my direction.

I screamed like an idiot. I was jumping up and down going “OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD”. The people in line were like “What’s wrong? What happened?” I just told them that I just saw a really popular korean group and they just walked by. They were like oh really they just walked by that’s really cool. I was 2 people away from getting my corn dog. I just ran out the line and chased after shinee, but then i realized i had to go get my friend so i ran back for her.

She was sitting there and i was like “SHINEE! I JUST SAW SHINEE!”. She just sat there and looked at me and then she was like “SHINEE!?” and i was like “YES SHINEE!!” so we followed after them.

They (Minho, Taemin, Key, Onew & 2 managers) walked around Tomorrowland and went into a souvenir store. We were about 3ft away from them. My friend hid behind hanging clothes and Onew turned to look at her and she just ducked under. I was laughing so hard i had to turn away and walk the other direction.

Key was buying a shirt and the others were just walking around. At one point Minho, Taemin, and Onew walked right in front of us. Literally they were inches in front of us. While Key was shopping the others were waiting outside. Onew was sitting by himself near the garbage can and my friend said that we should go and say hi to him.

We pretended that we were going to throw some things away and we both looked at Onew and he looked at us but we just turned and walked away and right then Minho was there and I almost bumped into Key. 

They went and got Churros. They really seemed to enjoy it. The fireworks were starting so they went and got a better look at it. For reason everyone seemed to be going in that direction so we were walking right next to them. My friend and I bumped into them sooooooo much. They kept stopping to take pictures but they got yelled at by staff to keep walking. 

Im pretty sure Minho took about 20 selcas and that my friend and I were in his shots. There was so many people walking and we were in between them and taemin trying to the in front of my friend to get to the others but instead of saying excuse me he just pressed against her to get past. Literally it was the wall, taemin and her. JUST AH. IF SHE WASN’T SHE WASNT MY FRIEND, I’D THROW HER IN A GARBAGE CAN.

After the fireworks they tried to go on the Indiana Jones ride but it was closed so they continued walking and the water show was about to start. At first they were sitting down against one of the walls of the walk ways and I told my friend to sit down on the stairs and right after I realized that Onew was sitting down there too. 

Then all of them came and sat down in front of us. We were behind them the whole time. They were so cute. Every time there was a big explosion they ooed and ahhed. Minho’s voice just resonated the whole time.

After that they walked into another store and we walked in as well. I was actually looking for something and as I went to pay it Minho was right behind me and my friend. He was buying a toy story, woody doll. He was so cute. He was holding on to it like a little kid. 

My friend was also buying something and Minho was behind her, but when I turned back he was right next to her like on top of her. After I paid for my things minho just budges her in like and pays for his stuff!!!!! My friend and I just looked at each other and started laughing hysterically. We were like “Did Minho just budge you/me?” “Did he just budge me?” Minho didn’t have a clue what he did. The cashier was talking to Minho about smores because his credit card said smores on it. She kept going on about it but Minho was just like… um… okay and just nodded his head.

I decided to get another souvenir for my brother and key was near the register but I didn’t know if he was waiting in line or not so I asked him and he shook his head and was like “ohh no I’m not.” The managers were in front of me buying thing and one of them kept telling taemin to hurry up and get the phone case he wanted. He was like no no its okay but the manager was like hurry up! So taemin cutely went to get it and gave it to the manager. It was because taemin probably didnt have any money on him. He was so happy with it. Key and Minho got gifts as well and they were really excited about it.

After that they got Corn dogs. LMAO! I really wanted my corn dog but I didnt want to stand behind them in line so I waited for people to go in line first before I got in line. 

Also: They went into the bathroom and my friend and I went into a store and taemin literally just looked at us for the longest time. I had to walk away and they ended up going into that store as well. 

When I was walking I somehow ended up walking next to Taemin. Im about to his shoulder. Perfect boyfriend/Girlfriend height, haha.

I’ve never been a taemin stan but i can clearly see why everyone loves him. He is so handsome. Onew didnt really do much, he seemed really tired. Minho is a selca rainbow. Key is just key. there is nothing for me to say about him.

We also werent the girls that the managers and members told to stop taking pictures. We kept our distance from them and only took a few pictures of them during the fireworks and the waterworks show.

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