Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cine21 Special - Interview with "I.AM" Director

(SHINee's portion only)
Q : Did you attempt to portray their past and present images at the same time?

A : In the movie there is this scene - Using special effects, I placed SHINee's Taemin and the little Taemin who was auditioning for SM trainee selection together in a single scene.

On the day of filming, I let Taemin view the video clip beforehand when he was auditioning. Then I let him speak a few words to the young Taemin then.

I was thinking if he would be nervous, dancing next to the young Taemin.

Ah, at that moment I felt that these people did not gain success instantly (S/N : Not easy to achieve success)
Ah, SJ's Eunhyuk said "I cannot imagine what I will do if I was not a singer" and at the same time he expressed "Thank you SM" (laughs)

The group I like initially? I like SNSD (laughs)
While I was filming the movie, I paid a lot of attention to SHINee.
Isn't SHINee a male group?
Even though everyone is hardworking, but SHINee is really really hardworking.
When I was filming and saw those (hardworking moments), I was really touched.

Source : Cine21 // Kor-Chi : WITHTAEMIN 李泰安(http://www.withtaemin.com/)// Chi-Eng : soundtracklove

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