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I’m the “friend” in this fan account. I thought I’d just share some thoughts so I can read back on it later on~

First off, I’m still seriously relapsing from seeing them. I’m from Canada, it was my first time at Disneyland, and I was already in awe of everything. The second SHINee came into the equation I thought I seriously just…I can’t even put it into words. I’ve been admiring them from afar for so long, and to finally get to see them so close…It’s just surreal. 

They really are incredibly handsome. They stand out so much in the crowd of hundreds. They were all so well dressed (ahahaha, of course Key had his chic self shining through the clothing he was wearing…thick-soled (good couple of inches), black buckle shoes and tight leopard print skinnys), and you really just couldn’t help but stare. 

My friend and I really didn’t want to trouble them and make them feel uncomfortable so we really kept our distance at first, and definitely didn’t even try sticking cameras in their faces. But eventually as the crowds got tighter we got closer and closer until we were literally just inches away from them. I don’t know how many times my arm brushed against Onew’s or how many times I bumped into Taemin. ROFL I was walking backwards…and my friend was like “I DONT KNOW HOW MANY TIMES YOU BUMPED INTO HIM.” OTL

I’m a complete nervous wreck when things like this happen to me, so when Onew looked in my direction I literally just ducked behind a shelf (AND HE SAW ME DO IT OTL), and stuttered like no other saying hi to Minho. “Min….Min…Min….Min…Minho oppa.” He looked up at me and nodded, and I swear I my insides died. 

They’re flawless. I swear my brain just went completely blank. I couldn’t think of anything but constantly asking myself if what was happening was real. 

During the fireworks they were all so fascinated, just ooh-ing and ahh-ing, all with their phones/camcorders out recording the show. At one point Taemin wanted to get by me but I didn’t know…he LITERALLY pressed his front right against my back and just rubbed against me before getting past. I swear I was curled up against my friend, asking her what just happened. I still have no idea what happened. OTL

Then at the souvenir shop I decided to get an iPad case and right behind my friend and I was Minho, holding a Woody Toy Story doll. My friend went to pay for her things, and I was just standing there trying not to think about him standing behind me. THEN OUT OF NO WHERE he just stands right beside me in the line and I’m thinking ‘…why is he standing beside me in this single file line’. My heart was beating so fast because right in my peripheral vision I could see him cuddling the toy in his arms, just looking right in my direction. And then he just decided to budge me…LOL. I was like DID CHOI MINHO OF SHINEE JUST BUDGE ME IN LINE WHAT IS MY LIFE RIGHT NOW ROFL. OTL

The boys were so lively in the store, jumping from one end of the store to the other looking at the souvenirs. It was so precious…Especially Taemin’s smile, oh my god. ;-;

I exchanged eye contact with all of them. And I still don’t know how to feel about it, ahahaha. Just oh my goodness. Towards the end of the encounter when the boys were in line to get corn dogs, I was looking for my mom and my eyes just happened to spot Onew and he was looking right at me. I realized I was pointing at his direction because my mom was behind him and just walked away like…”my poor fangirl heart just can’t take this anymore.”

I’m so thankful and blessed I got to bump into them. They really do seem like kids at heart. Taemin constantly smiling, Minho taking selcas all the time and constantly ahhh-ing, Key randomly jamming to music, and Onew…he seemed tired. He was always off, sitting down whenever he could. Poor leader, I hope all’s well with him~ ;-;

I really need to sleep because I’m going to SMTOWN tomorrow, but oh my poor heart…and my mind’s just racing. The experience is honestly nothing like you expect it to be until it happens. It’s so surreal. I don’t know how many times I had to ask myself if this was real or not. 

But at the end of it all, I realized they’re humans just like us which is why my friend and I tried giving them as much distance as possible. 

I really must be dreaming…

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