Tuesday, May 15, 2012

120513 Kobe Japan Arena Tour - More Fan Account

1. Today's Kobe (performance) was so so so so so awesome! There were all sorts flying kisses! Very fulfiling! Very fulfiling! Minho did many fanservice today!! (He) did around 10 flying kisses at the flower aisle! At that moment, I was still able to count even though I was in a dazed~~ indeed, I have been dazed by Minho!

2. Everyone was really high today, how to put it - SHINee's trademark smiles! Minho's smiled so much more as compared to the previous few concerts! Minho smiles are able to light up the skies, blossom flowers, melt noonas heart! Minho-ah, do you know how attractive your smiles are during your solo, Juliette, Hello, Always Love and when Key shouted in Chinese "How are you?" during Hello?

3. During the "Earth" performance, everyone (in SHINee) was serious. as it was a meaningful song! When the lights dimmed out, only you were still teasing/laughing with the front row fans = = Baby, how could you! When everyone was looking at "Earth", you suddenly changed to a serious facial expression ~ ~ ~ Kid, you have become naughty! Also, I really wanted to know the conversation between you and the front row fans, or what you all have done, why did you nod your head in response to her or them? 

4. I managed to see Minho's sculpture-like face upclose and very very long legs today..... Undescribable, God-like!! Were you (that) happy when you wore the money necklace around your neck!!!??? Do you want to put on a (money) crown on your head just like Taemin next time round?! And and! You gave the last series of money to a fan only!! That was so bias !!!

5. Perhaps because I was in the pit today (S/N : I'm guessing it was a zone closer to the stage), so the Japanese cheers/support (seem to be much) awesome. There were some "Hey" and "Aye" adlibs in Minho's solo, and everyone shouted along! Kid-Minho was very excited!

6. Not sure what did he converse with Key during encore, but he said "I'll do it/ I'm coming" in a Kindergarten kid's cute tone~ And even raised his hands straight up high as if a Kindergarten kid was being punished TvT

7. Also there was a scene where (everyone) was running randomly on the stage... I just feel that, Choi Minho-yah are you a living superman? = = From Osaka('s performance), I felt that you were able to do without the metal wires - you were "flying" everywhere, you even rushed towards the group of Japanese fans.. Your basic (routine of actions) are : running, flying, landing, then raising your head and give a "See, I'm handsome right?" expression!!! Being all happy with yourself~~`

8. There are more 2min moments today, so I shall talk/share more (about it) ^^  Pardon me everyone ~~
Little Taemin was extremely excited and very happy today! He teased Onew, Jonghyun, Key and of course, not forgetting, Minho! When they were exchanging places, (Taemin) just had to sneak a pat on Minho's butt in that split second !!!
Can't remember which song was it, but when the lights dimmed out, the 2 made eye contact and smiled - it was too beautiful; so beautiful that my tears almost fell~~
During encore, Minho let Taemin do the scorpion dance from his solo. But because of Jonghyun's prank, Taemin did a total of 3 times !!!
I want to talk about the process of the next moment - that is the piggyback! The situation is like this : the other 3 members were at the front at the flower aisle doing their encore.. only 2 of them were fooling around behind ~~ when Minho was about to move forward, he saw Taemin bend down - but blur Minho still did not comprehend the situation! Taemin had no choice but to wave his small hands to Minho while bending down on his waist! Only like this... Minho finally realised it! and hence piggy-back was a success!!! At that moment, 2 of them really looked very happy! Just like this, carrying Minho, 2 of them slowly approached their hyungs at the flower aisle with MUCH difficulty. When it was Taemin's turn to sing, he still did not put Minho down! He was grabbing Minho with one hand while carrying the mic on the other - it was really difficult for him!!
When the concert was about to come to an end, SHINee bend down and bowed. Naughty Minho knocked Taemin once and Taemin fell towards Jonghyun... and Jonghyun also fell down! Upon seeing this, Minho was really happy! It was what he had imagined it would turned out to be like - his plot was a success and Minho expressed his happiness!!

Source : MRMINHO (www.mrminho.com) // Translation by : soundtracklove

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Anonymous said...

it was very detailed...
thank you...
but why did you sound like a sasaeng???
you seem to blend reality with what's on your mind and imagination...
just saying, you should interact with healthy shawol, maybe at youtube???

Anonymous said...

are you kidding me!!!!

she didn't sound like a saseng!!!!

MINHO <333333333333

ayu aditi said...

sasaeng is bad fans
always following every where their artist went
on this post just share about their perform on stage

are u stupid fans, huh? LOL

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