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[Trans] 120420 SBS-R Choi Hua Jung Radio - SHINee (Part 2)


MC : Now that we have relaxed our body... To be honest, even if SHINee doesnt talk at all during our online radio show, it is also a form of communication just by showing their shining faces. I feel embarrassed (of myself) just by sitting at  a close distance away from them. I will now ask them some question. I will play a small tune after asking.. so we will speedily start now!

Q1 : "Noona you're pretty" Is there anyone among the idols that you would want to tell her "Noona you're pretty". Yes or no

SHINee : Yes
MC : Let's start with Key! Which Noona (do you think) is pretty?
Key: This... Do I have to mention one? Ah.. there are many (pretty noonas).However preference will always change right? So.. There are too many pretty noonas. 
MC : Ah so you mean there are many noonas right?
Key : If only they knew what was I thinking/ what I want to say - "Noona you're beautiful, then it'll be wonderful
MC : (So you have) never directly complimented a noona that she's pretty before? Minho?
Minho : Haha..I dont think I have.
MC : So is there someone you wish to tell she's pretty in this radio show? WHat about you, Onew?
Onew : For me, I am looking at (that) Noona (S/N : The DJ)
SHINee : Ahhh... Choi Hua Jung Noona~

MC : Is this an entertainment trick/skill? Ah...enough ^^ (what about) our Taemin?
Taemin : I have a girl I like a lot. Kaya Scodelario- a female English Actress.
MC : Wooooo~ English Actress!
Key : He dumped Emma Watson.
MC : Can you say that again? Let me search..
Taemin : KA LA SCO DE LA RI O. (S/N : So cute when he broke up the words!)
SHINee : kaya scodelario~ kaya scodelario~ just call her Kaya.
MC : Ah Kaya.. In what aspect is she beautiful? 
Taemin : I've seen her tv dramas before and she looked really pretty in the drama. 
MC : Ah.. she appeared in "Skins" right?
Taemin : Yea yea yea.. she is really charming.
Jonghyun : She's charming
Taemin : Because she's charming so (Taemin) dumped Emma Watson
SHINee : Ah hahahaha
Key : This is a girl whom Taemin and I competed really hard over her.
SHINee : Hahahaha

MC : Like this...ah so good.. Jonghyun?
Jonghyun : For me? Sodam noona. Sodam noona. She's my sister. My sister is really pretty. Pretty sodam noona.. noona~~ are you watching?
Key : Hmm..I've actually seen that noona... (SHINee started laughing)
Jonghyun : Pretty! My noona is pretty! What is this.. totally pretty okay! My sister will marry well!
Minho : We didnt even say anything..
MC : Minho?
Minho : From what I see, celebrities are very pretty to begin with. Among them, Choi Hua Jung noona, who is sitting beside me, is the prettiest.
MC : Aish! Everyone i'm sorry.. (He probably) could not think of anyone else right now.. What about Key?
Jonghyun : Our PD Noona says "No-sense Key".. (S/N : I think she's saying Key's answer didnt make sense earlier on?)
Key : Didn't I give an answer earlier on?
MC : That didn't count.. you said that was with Taemin.. So who have caught your attention? Please say it, noona. 
Jonghyun : Don't keep it as a secret in your heart, just spill it out..
Key : Ahh.. erm, then I would have to say it's Han Ga-in Noona. (S/N : Key was looking at Jonghyun when he said this - like he is about to murder him haha)
MC : Oh.. (Han) Ga-in Noona.. There will always be (someone) who you think is exceptionally pretty. Very good! Let's move on to the next question

Q2 : "Ring Ding Dong~" When you were rookies, were there any exclamations you would say it unconsciously? 1,2,3, yes or no?(28:24) 

SHINee : Yes.
MC : So everyone has it.. something everyone would have.. let's start with Key again. What exclamation?
Key : It was discovered by Minho..
Minho : What? 
Key : When I'm eating good food..
Minho : "MMMMmmmmm~" 
Key : Yes, I am always like this.
MC : Ah when you are eating delicious food right?
Key : Yes.. like this.
MC : The majority guys are not like this (will make such expression).
Key : When I eat delicious food, I will immediately have this reaction.
MC : So what does Key like to eat? 
Key : I like cooked food. But I dont eat (them) now... like, strawberry, butter - i love those especially.
Jonghyun : Those sweet-smelling flavours.. sweet-smelling.
Key : My friends usually do not like the flavours I like. After eating once, they will say "Eh! This is the type of taste you like?"
MC : So Minho-goon what flavours do you like?
Minho : I like spicy flavours.
MC : Ah~ what an adult behaviour
Jonghyun : For Key? He has the tastebuds of a child..
Key : I like butter.
MC : Ah right, loving the smooth and sweet taste
Minho : For me, I do not like oily stuff.
MC : So for Minho, it is spicy food for sure... salty.. 
Minho : Yes
MC : So be more specific as to what you like to eat
Minho : Ribs soup, Beef Soup, Radish Soup (S/N : Spicy dishes)
Jonghyun : Ah (replied) so fast..
MC : But Radish soup is not usually sold.
Minho : My mum will make it really often. In dorm, the caretaker will always cook it too.
MC : So it's a mum's dish right?
Minho : Yes
Jonghyun : Slapping chilli into (the dish).

MINHO AND JONGHYUN EXCLAMATION (*Watch the video, it's cuter)

MC : So what is your usual expression?
Minho : For me.. our manager usually say "Hit the jackpot" After watching our "Sherlock" performane on stage, our manager will say "What a handsome performance, hit the jackpot"
MC : So if a pretty girl walks past, everyone will say "hit the jackpot".. What about Jonghyun?
Jonghyun : The thing I say the most is "Er Herm." This is my highlight...but the other members are not really happy when they hear it..
Taemin : He sounds like a goat.
MC : Seems like you do it (too) often.
Jonghyun : Like a goat.."Er Herm, er herm" .. just like a goat when i'm excited.. but everyone seems not to appreciate its
MC : Not happy when they hear it.. ahh okay. HAHA LOOK AT TAEMIN (S/N : Camera did not catch the moment) 

TAEMIN'S EXCLAMATION (*Watch the video, it's cuter)

MC : So to Taemin...?
Taemin : How to say it.. ah.. my exclamation? what is there?
Jonghyun : There should be one.
Taemin : Yes, there is one.
Minho : When Taemin speaks, his ending syllable will have a "Yoboseyo~" pitch. (His voice will suddenly switch to a higher pitch)
MC : When he is happy?
Minho : When he speaks normally (in daily life) he is also like this.. "Annyonghaseyo~" "Yoboseyo~"
MC : Is it because you are embarrassed so you are like this?
Taemin : Ah it's not like this.. My pronounciation is like this..
Jonghyun : Kiddish tone.
Minho : "Hyung have you eaten?"
MC : Is it because Taemin is the maknae?
Minho : He is also the maknae in his family.. maknae in the group..
Key : That is how he usually speaks
Taemin : But what exclamation do I have (normally say)?
Minho : Don't you have some exclamation?
Taemin : Seems like I have one.. I think I have one..
Key : I lived with you for 5 years and I've never heard any exclamation from you!

MC : What about Onew?
Onew : For me? I will make a restless shock noise like "Ohhh"..
MC : So like this, we have picked our exclamations.
Onew : I feel that Minho-goon's "Hit the jackpot" is s really fun (to say).. learnt from manager hyung..

(32:17) Q3 : What Romeo will I become?

MC : To become a rich Romeo.. interesting Romeo.. and a Romeo she loves. We shall start with onew this time round.
Onew : For me.. I'm centre-parting Romeo
MC : Ah! You are having centre-parting now!
Jonghyun : That's perfect.
MC : You are considered a Romeo even now. It's not easy (to pull off) a centre-parting hairstyle. It suits you
Onew : All hail 5:5 parting.
MC : Why do you like centre parting?
Onew : Actually I don't like it.
Jonghyun : But because we were in a hurry (?)
Onew : I just felt like doing this hairstyle today so I tried it.
MC : It isn't strange.. there are always times where you will want to try out (different things)
Taemin : It is really similar to his Musical hairstyle.
MC : Ah Yes Yes.. AH! Our Key has also acted in a musical right?
Key : Yes.. I am still performing now
MC : So do you mind singing a small part ofit?
Key : "Beautiful girls of the world are now doomed"
MC : Only like this (so short?)?
Key : "The one in my eye.."
MC : Name?
Key : Catch me if you can
MC : AH!! So you are acting in that!
Key : Yes, it was adapted from a movie
MC : What role are you playing
Key : I am playing Leonardo Di Caprio's role of course
Jonghyun : Haha "of course" "of course"
Onew : "Without any doubt"

MC : What about Taemin?
Taemin : For me? I want to be Leonardo.. The Romeo in "Titanic".. A guy who is willing to sacrifice for a girl
MC : Ah.. (a man) who can sacrifice..
Key : (One who) considers more for your partner..

MC : What about Jonghyun?
Jonghyun : For me? I want to do all sorts of great things for her. Only for that girl. This (part) is important : Only for that girl.
MC : Ah, really... those girls will really be anticipating
Jonghyun : I am also anticipating
MC : So you want to be an all-rounded Romeo

MC : What about Minho?
Minho : I want to be a Romeo who only looks at that girl.
MC : Minho really needs to be like that. If Minho were to look at other (girls), that girl will really be hurt. Are you originally those type of guys who only focus on one girl whole heartedly?
Minho : Haha.. That's not the case
Jonghyun : (What?!) Are you saying it;s not like that??
Onew : I've always thought he was the type to grab a girl's hand and run away
Taemin : Bad guy.
Minho : If I am dating a girl.. I will be a guy who only paysattention to her.
MC : That should be the way it is!

MC : What about Key?
Key : I want to be a Romeo who can do everything for her with all my might
MC : Ah it is great to be that Juliet

Source : SBS RADIO // Kor-Chi : MR SHINEE // Transcript + Chi-Eng : soundtracklove

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