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[Trans] 120420 SBS-R Choi Hua Jung Radio - SHINee (Part 1)


SHINee : Hello everyone, we are Shining SHINee!
MC : Not only just in Korea, but you have many fans from other countries who love all of you very much. Let's do a greeting for them! Number 1?
Onew : (I'm) Number 1? (Japanese) Hello everyone
MC : Okay, using Chinese or French... who will be the next one to speak?
Taemin : (Chinese) Hello everyone, we are SHINee
Jonghyun : (Japanese) Hello, we are SHINee
Minho : (English) Hello, we are SHINee
Key : (French) Hello, we are SHINee
MC : Hello Hello Hello.. but indeed, it has been a very long time since you have last attended our (radio) show right? Let me think about it... around 2.3 years ago.. has it been so long?
Jonghyun : I don't think it has been so long, around 1 and a half years thereabouts.
MC : Even though I understand that you have heard this many times before, but (all of you) have became more charismatic!
SHINee : Thank you
MC : Can there be any girls out there who are prettier than you? This is really troubling right?
Jonghyun : Taemin is probably troubled by this.
MC : So please look at the video camera and do a greeting for everyone. So let's start doing it in order based on your looks (S/N : According to how handsome you think you are)
Jonghyun : No need for that. No need for that... okay, then in that case, I shall start first.
MC : Ah, why not let's just start with the richest?
Jonghyun : Why is everyone quiet all of a sudden? Everyone is silently worried and have stayed silent,
MC : (In that case) let's just start with Onew
Onew : Okay. Hello everyone, I am SHINee's leader Onew *Peace Sign*
MC : Onew just did a "V" sign. (Please) do a Kiss, Bbuing bbuing, Wink, (show your) abs, or whatsoever next.
Onew : What is... abs?
MC : Just reveal a little for entertainment purposes.
Taemin : Ah, Hello everyone, I am SHINee's maknae Taemin *gun shot action*
MC : Ahhhh
Onew : (Taemin has) fired the love bullet.
MC : Did not wink, but instead has shot/fired (a gun).. ah next, one Jonghyun
Jonghyun : Yup it's me! Hello everyone, I am SHINee's Bling Bling Jonghyun.
MC : Are you doing an impersonation?
Jonghyun : No, this is my actual voice.
MC : Haha, ah Minho..
Minho : Hello everyone, I am SHINee's Minho *Did a "7" pose under his chin*
MC : Minho, you purposely covered your face right? Your face is too small, of course, your face wasn't big in the first place. Have you been exercising hard recently?
Minho : Yes, I have been exercising really really hard.
MC : I can feel that your determination/desire to win is really strong.. Next is Key
Key : Hello Everyone, I am SHINee's multipurpose Key! Muah~ *gave a flying kiss*
MC : Key is really charismatic! That gaze... Just now we have heard SHINee's Lucifer.. Heard that once you hear "Lucifer" you will think of Mr Jeon Hyun Moo, why is that so?
Jonghyun : From the start, he has been attempting our Lucifer dance.. We are thankful (that he did it).. However, he started to perform it more and more. During our 1.5 years absence from Korea, we are even worried that this song might have become his song!
MC : Ah yes, you will be worried since it's your song hahahaha.. But I've heard that you all are in good terms with one another... can be considered that all of you are in the same (entertainment) field..


MC : Are you all able to feel your popularity? Key, so how do you feel? When did you start experiencing it?
Key : Hmm.. Recently, whenever we release a song or MV, everyone will pay a lot of attention. ANd when we are rushing to our next schedule, we can hear that (the shops) outside are broadcasting our songs. Our friends will also call us sometimes to tell us that they heard our songs being played on the streets. (So) I feel that, compared to the past, there are more people listening to our songs.
MC : Ah.. What a modest answer. Can you all shop/walk (openly) on the streets locally?
Jonghyun : Ah, it's not like that...
MC : You have not? So is it that you can't go out on the streets without any worries?
Jonghyun : comparison to overseas, as we have just mentioned, not only in France..
MC : In Europe, all of you have a huge influence which made us (Koreans) really proud. At such young age, you must have a strong sense of responsibility (for doing this) right? Like your actions and words.. This can be really pressurising and create a huge amount of stress. People around you have been paying a lot of attention to you.
Jonghyun : Even though we have not faced with such incident yet, but since we have to travel overseas frequently.. we have to pay a lot of attention to these problems as we have become a representative singer of Korea. Even when we are conversing with the staffs, we would also have to reconsider (our actions).
MC : That's right! Once you stepped out of the country, we will become abassadors and patriot of our nation. Ah, our message box have been refreshed. Let's start reading from this radio listener... Minho, Minho let's start from you.


Minho : SMS:"Ah Indeed it is our Sexy KEY, such strong aura"
Jonghyun : SMS:"AAAAAHHHH.. Taemin goon is really pretty" That is the truth.
MC : Taemin-ah, what thoughts do you have when people comment that you are pretty?
Taemin : Firstly, I will feel really thankful...but I still prefer if everyone commented that I am handsome/charismatic.
MC : Isn't commenting you pretty the same as saying that you are handsome?
Taemin : Ah, thank you
MC : Next one, Key-goon.
Key : SMS:"Minho's face is glowing! Such handsome pose and small face."
Onew : So small that is virtually unseeable..
MC : Ah, cannot be seen.. ah then it's (Taemin's turn)
Taemin : SMS:"Onew's voice has a strong appeal.. I love it so much"
MC : Next.
Onew : SMS" I am prepared to give myself as a present to you. You cannot reject!"
Everyone : wah! so powerful! So bold!


MC : Do you all have some sort of relationship with a girlfriend?
Jonghyun : (Just) Female friends..
MC : Yes, regardless if it's singers or staff?
Jonghyun : Regardless staff or idol friends, our relationship is not bad
MC : (So all of you) are not dating?
SHINee : No
MC : You would want to date right?
Jonghyun : Yes, probably because we have a lot of overseas schedules.. almost absent for 1 and a half years.. we have no time to meet our friends, least to say girlfriend.
Taemin : Also, there are many lovers taking a walk together when the cherry blossoms are blooming recently... just by looking at them, I want to be just like them..
Onew : However the blossoming period is rather long.. Seeing the flowers dying off makes me think "Ah.. it must be tiring for those sweepers/cleaners"
MC : Ah... yes, this is a problem too. Flowers cover the floor totally... if it rains on Sunday, the flowers would have probably fallen off.
Minho : (The scene) would have been really beautiful. We saw it too while we were on our way here... It was really beautiful.
MC : If only we could run through the sea of flowers.. and shout "Ahhhhhh~"


MC : During such busy schedules, Members have little spare time : Key has his musical, Minho has his tv drama.. and now you have released your Sherlock Album.. I heard that the response for this album has been really good. To be honest, have you all imagined (what the response would be like) when you are practising singing or dancing?
Jonghyun : Because this song has a really unique point.. During our practice, we would only think about striving to potray our uniqueness - we have neer thought of the outcome/response; whether it would be popular or not.
MC : Really?
Jonghyun : Really. Not even a bit. In addition, if you keep thinking about such things from the start it would only result in causing a negative feeling so we do not  deliberately worry (about such things).
Key : Actually if our song does not turn out to be popular/ selling as well, (we will still be glad) that we had lots of joy during this period of time. (For this time round), our choreography matches really well (with the song) and we love this song too, as compared to the outcome, we are just hoping that the song can help us (do better) in the future - so this is Sherlock. I heard that the choreographer for this dance is really famous, please perform for us in a while.
*Sherlock was broadcasted on air*


MC : We have just appreciated Sherlock.. *ambiguous* The audience just got a shock. While dancing the "Shadow dance", SHINee just suddenly appeared in front of the camera..
Jonghyun : Yes, we ran towards it
MC : Yes yes, running..


MC : Lee JiMin smsed in and said "(Upon seeing their acts), I revealed a Mother's smile.(S/N : The suddenly unconsciously felt like a mother watching her kids?)" I also kept staring at the screen and amlaughing excitedly too. (Another listener) sent in an sms saying "Ah! Why everything (SHINee does) is so shiny.. and even gave out a good ordour (S/N : Yes, the listener wrote that. I think she simply meant that everything they do is amazing.). In that case, we are hosting "Mr Special Show" with shining  SHINee. Please tune in to Gorilla. Do you know Gorilla?
SHINee : Yes, yes, of course.
MC : After supporting for SHINee for many months, we will pick 3 winners for SHINee's autographed CD (for Gorilla event).. WAHHH~ This album is really tempting.. WAH~ The members photoshoot is totally...
Onew : shot really well.
MC : ...their upper body is... Wow. This came out as a bit of a surprise attack.. This is really really.. really want to win this. (They are) really like teenage girls. Why are you laughing Jonghyun? Now.. Why are you laughing Jonghyun-ssi?
Jonghyun : Taemin's... how should I put it? His beautiful body makes me really shy.
MC : Haha now there are a total of 5 individual booklets and a CD. (They will) sign on this CD and give it out to everyone. Around many of them (will you give out?)
Onew : seems like we gave out 3000 of them (S/N : The number of participants for the previous Gorilla event)
Jonghyun : 3000 thereabouts
MC : I thought there were 5000?
Jonghyun : I dont think so
MC : I think there was.
Jonghyun : In that case, (we shall do) 3000... because we want to leave some for our juniors.
MC : Ah that's right
Key : We will have extra if there are more participants
MC : Now if we come to XX photobooth, we can see SHINee's unrevealed photos. It is really interesting so please send in more messages!
*Commercial Break*


MC : (It's now) Choi Hua Jung Power Time.. Today, SHINee who has clinched the first place in 3 weeks consecutively came (to our show). Noonas are really doting on all of you recently right?
Jonghyun : (It's probably because) our debut song was "Noona You're so Pretty".. So during that time, we have a lot of of noonas who became our fans.. there are still some now right.. Those noona, please never abandon/give up (on us)~ There were also a lot of fan support events.
MC : (They are) forever SHINee's noonas. Ah,'s special appearance is the strongest/best KPOP flower idols. It is rumoured that once you look at them you will whistle spontaneously - They are SHINee! So good! Taemin-goon...
Taemin : Yes? I was just staring at the screen looking at Jonghyun hyung laugh by himself "so satisfied".
MC : Even though this is a (live) radio show, however the broadcasted image is slower by a few seconds right? So you can see how you look like (few seconds ago) on the screen.
Taemin : He was looking at himself and laughing!!
MC : Because he was satisfied?
Jonghyun : Because I am good looking.


Source : SBS RADIO // Kor-Chi : MR SHINEE // Transcript + Chi-Eng :  Soundtracklove

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