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[Trans] 120420 SBS-R Choi Hua Jung Radio - SHINee (Part 3)


MC : Next we will try to understand SHINee's Teamwork.. It's really easy.. You just have to say the keyword based on your feeling - then we are able to judge how good your team work is. So let's start : 

01: Sweet Kiss or Passionate Hug
Passionate Hug : Key, Jonghyun, Onew
Sweet Kiss : Taemin, Minho

02 Sauna room or Karaoke Room (Noraebang)
Sauna : Onew Jonghyun Minho Taemin
Noraebang : Key

03 Mum or girlfriend
Mum : Onew, Key, Jonghyun, Minho Taemin
Girlfriend : None.

04 Personal Talent or Photography
Personal Talent : Taemin, Jonghyun
Photography/Photoshoot : Onew, Key, Minho

05 Han Ga-in or Han Jimin
Han Ga-in : Jonghyun Minho Key
Han Jimin : Taemin Onew

06 Mature Beauty or Sexy Beauty
Mature Beauty : Minho
Sexy Beauty : Onew Jonghyun Taemin Key

07 Petty or Pretentious (*Not sure. Don't understand the question either*)
(Everyone said at one go so I did not catch their indiv answers)
MC : Who is the most Petty?
Key : TAEMIN! (S/N : I think he was joking? not sure ^^)
Taemin : WHY ! WHY WHY! Didn't I give you a present!

08 Confession or One-sided love
Confession : Jonghyun Taemin Key
One-sided love : Onew Minho
Onew : I am not good at talking/flirting with girls.. so my friends are guys.. (that's) my personality.
MC : (Regarding Minho's answer) But you are really good at sports and your competitive spirit is so strong 
Minho : I am more casual/comfortable with guys - hyungs or dongsaengs.. For girls, I cannot be natural/ be myself.
MC : But because you cannot be comfortable around here means you care for her. If you have no feelings, then itll be like a hyung friend - a very casual conversation.
*MC reconfirmed Jongtaekey's answer*
MC : (Regarding Taemin's Confession) Taemin have you confessed before?
Taemin : It's not like that.. Based on my personality, I feel that that is a must / I will confess instead.

MC : So far SHINee has only 1 united answer. That is Mama.. Mama's Boy.. Listen to Mama well.
Jonghyun : A Mama's boy sounds like someone who does household chores/ takes care of the house well.
MC : Jonghyun really know how to speak well.. straight to the point.
Jonghyun : Very decorative words.
MC : Jonghyun chose Personal Talent just now.. please showcase to us!
Jonghyun : For personal talent, I will perform (a song by) "Busker Busker" It is really popular now.. I stole partial of it from Key. 
MC : We shall listen to key's version later.
Jonghyun : I will use a nasal voice. *Starts singing*
Key : He sang "Yes.. Yes..." really well!
Jonghyun : This is a song sang when the flowers are blossoming "Another flower has bloomed, yes... yes... it has bloomed" It tells the feelings of a gardner.
MC : Let's listen to Key's version
Key : "A sad night along the beach.. asking what was (I/you) doing... under this light"
Jonghyun : (It sounds) similar, similar similar!
MC : What about Taemin's Personal talent?
Taemin : My personal talent?
MC : Didn't you choose Personal Talent just now?
Taemin : My personal talent.. *sigh*
Jonghyun : You are on a radio show, you cant just suddenly dance
Taemin : Ah, that's right.
MC : You can dance too, we can see it via online radio
Taemin : Personal Talent... Firstly, for my personal talent...
MC : Impersonation?
Taemin : Okay impersonation.. who do I personate? ^^;;
Jonghyun : What impersonation.. how do we know??
Key : Then I give you one : Impersonating our manager.
Taemin : Then I'll impersonate our manger
Key : 1,2,3
Taemin : "Nassisoyo~"
Key : Why do you say this.. people won't understand!!
Taemin : "Let's go~" "Minho-yah~ Minho-yah Wake up Minho-yah"
MC : It sounds exactly the same
Key : There are many managers with unique voices.
MC : Up until now, SHINee has been in a really comfortable and free atmosphere and have completed all the Teamwork test
Onew : We are really free~
MC : We will come back after the commercial break


MC : Time is really an amazing thing.. It feels that I have only spent 10 minutes with SHINee.
Onew : Has it come to an end?
Key : What time is it now?
MC : It's 12:54 (Afternoon) now.
*Guessing about Gorilla numbers and turned out there were 4500*
Onew : It is really amazing that we really guessed 4500.
Minho : Just nice 4500..
MC : Around 4500.. The last song is Alarm Clock. Thank you for coming SHINee. Hope you can come here more often. You all are really handsome!
SHINee : Thank you
MC : And well-mannered
SHINee : Thank you
MC : Regardless Europe, Asia or in our Country.. (we) will pay more attention to you. 
SHINee : Thank you! Bye! Everyone must have worked hard! Thank you!

Source : SBS RADIO // Kor-Chi : MR SHINEE // Transcript + Chi-Eng : soundtracklove

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