Monday, March 19, 2012

[Download] SHINee – Sherlock [4th Mini Album]

샤이니(SHINee) – ‘Sherlock’ SHINee The 4th Mini Album
Release Date: 2012.03.19
Genre: Pop
Language: Korean
Bit Rate: 320kbps

Track List:
01 Sherlock.셜록 (Clue+Note)
02 Clue
03 Note
04 알람시계 (Alarm Clock)
05 The Reason
06 낯선자 (Stranger)
07 늘 그자리에 (Honesty)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link x

ayu aditi said...

your welcome <3

Eryn said...

Hi, hello. May I know are you Indonesian? Actually, I'm trying to buy their albums from iTunes but since I only have Indonesian account, I couldn't. Can you tell me how to buy their album digitally? Thank you so much!

ayu aditi said...

if u go itunes store, search SHINee Sherlock. then just click buy button, it will be saved to your itunes automatically ^^ yes, im indonesian, balinese

Eryn said...

Yes, I already click the buy button, but it said something like the album isn't available in Indonesian iTunes store. When I agree to change the location of the store into the US one, it said I only have indonesian account. So I still can't buy it up until now :( any idea how to solve this?

Anyway, thank you so much for the website! You're really doing a great job! Hope someday we can see them live in concert together? ;)

ayu aditi said...

owh, if license not available on our country, we cant download it
actually i got from my friend and im reupload it

yeah, i hope so
someday i can attend their concert also meet Minho Choi and see them with my own eyes

thankyou so much ^^,

Lindar Chance said...

why i can't download it ? shoul i log in 1st to download it ?

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