Saturday, March 17, 2012

SHINee Ceci Magazine April Translations~ Minho

Our title song SHERLOCK is a hybrid remix created by amalgamating 2 different songs, this is a very modern approach. Of course the two original song will be included in the album. This album will be a very special album that includes this style of very unique and interesting approach.

Extent of practices

To the point where i will experience extreme fatigue after performing twice. Actually we are filming the MV tomorrow, which i’m very worried about. Because we have to dance continuously for a few hours. Even if it’s very tiring, we have to do it well.

Salamander Guru and the Shadows

Oh Da-su, Lee Bing-jun sunbaenims, as my life in the drama is as long as the life i’ve spent, i’m able to learn a lot by collaborating with them. They will guide me along. After filming with Oh Da-su sunbaenim, if i feel a little pity towards the scene, he would request for a second filming immediately from the Director. I’m really thankful towards them!

4 Years

In my impression, I was still a little fearful of the reactions towards my speech and behaviour. But now i am becoming more familiar with the stage through performances and programs. Things have become more natural to me recently, and i feel that i show more of my original character now.

trans by vanessa chun
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