Saturday, April 7, 2012

[NEWS] SHINee chosen as one of Cosmopolitan France's "Top 10 Sexiest Men of the Internet"

SHINee has once again been mentioned in the French media, with Cosmopolitan France referring to them in the May issue of their magazine! SHINee's large amount of online popularity granted them this title, with an approximated 74.2 million pages dedicated to the boys scattered throughout the web.

SHINee's online presence is nothing to be laughed at -- in the first section of the article, "Why they're the buzz", the writer speaks of the existence of 74,200,000 SHINee-related internet pages, SHINee's powerful french blog (SHINee France perhaps?), and their mega-popular Facebook account. The article goes on to say that in France, an obvious love is shown for SHINee which means "those who receive light," referring to Korean pop as a new genre of trendy music that has something for everyone.

Although the article has a slight discrepancy in saying that the boys are between 14 and 18 years of age, the frequent doses of humor keep us smiling, as they correlate SHINee's youth to the youth of a younger sibling. Cosmopolitan mentions that the similarity would be greater "if only our younger brothers were ten times more handsome, better dressed, and more respectful."

In the following section, "Why we love them," Cosmopolitan highlights SHINee's beauty and fashion sense. They refer to Onew as one who gives people a feeling of wanting to treat him like a doll, say that Jonghyun gives off a feeling of someone who one could talk for hours with, and again go back to a doll reference in "[we'd like to] ...undress and redress Minho and Taemin, then put them all to sleep lined up in a pink bed like Polly Pocket." The article comments that rather than sexy, the boys fall under a more simple and wholesome category, using the word "ippeuda" (the Korean word for beautiful) to describe them instead.

Source: Soompi France, Cosmopolitan France
Article by: SHINee Forums International

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