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[NEWS] How does SHINee determine their salary?

SHINee appeared on the April 5 episode of Mnet’s “Beatles Code 2” and talked about their salary. SHINee received a direct question about how much money they make. SHINee answered “We make more money than the other singers around our age.”

Super Junior’s Shindong then followed up with the question, “Do you make separate salaries? Or is profit split among the members?” SHINee answered, “We make money pertaining to how much activity a member has.” Onew made the most when he was doing a musical. Minho made the most when he appeared on “Dream Team.”

Key was then asked if he ever made the most money. Key answered, “They wouldn’t let me, I have just now begun the musical ‘Catch Me If You Can.’” Also recently on April 1 SHINee made their first #1 with “Sherlock” on SBS “Inkigayo.”

Source: Soompi

Shindong revealed how he had gotten in trouble with the bosses in his agency to stop SHINee from opening up too much about its earnings. The March 5 broadcast of Mnet’s Beatles Code 2 brought in Park Ki Young, who is currently in opera, and SHINee to insist that they shared a ‘Dooly’ parallel.When the MCs asked SHINee how much they earn, Jonghyun gave a roundabout answer, saying, “We earn money that other people our age can’t.”

When Kim Tae Won kept nagging them to reveal the exact sum, SHINee tried to toss the question to Shindong, who is housed by the same agency. To this, Shindong joked, “I once got in trouble with the bosses after I talked about money, so we can’t say exactly.” Shindong instead changed the subject to profit distribution. He wondered whether the SHINee members shared their income.

To this, Key answered, “We receive as much as we work. When Onew was starring in a musical he had a lot because he was paid by the performance, and when he was appearing in Dream Team, Minho received the most,” and showed anticipation for his own earnings to come, saying, “I’ll be starting up a musical soon, too.”

SHINee is currently promoting its mini album Sherlock.

Source: eNewsWorld

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