Monday, April 16, 2012

[FanAccount] 120415 : KBS "Hello" Recording

Part 8 : Minho and Taemin stopped by policemen - On a certain night, Minho and Taemin came out with another manager from TVXQ's dorm, the three of them walked back home. At that time, Minho's hair was dark red and Taemin was yellow/blonde while the manager was carrying their clothes. A police car (suddenly) sped and stop in front of them to ask for their identity cards as they mistook the 3 of them as high school teenagers. (There was probably many news during that period of time reporting high school teenagers causing ruckus in the middle of the night, so policemen were more sensitive regarding these.) They (3 of them) got a fright and said that they were just ordinary citizens and took out their identity cards. Upon checking their cards and looking at them, they happily asked them if they were SHINee, they answered yes. In addition, the manager was really happy because he was mistaken as a high school kid too! (He is not as young as probably stated in the card, but was still mistaken as a high school teenager from the back)

Part 17 : Minho spotted on the subway - Another fan's account : There was once I was boarding a train but was unsure of which stop to alight, so I stood up to check the subway map and sat back down. However a boy recognised (Minho) so he kept bending lower to see his (Minho's) face, and (MInho) just kept puling his cap lower, in the end, (Minho) could not take it and walked to other carriage. The boy followed and asked if he was SHINee's Minho, (Minho) said no. The boy said that his sister/ little brother loves SHINee, and asked if he could just take a photo of him. Minho said that he was not SHINee's Minho and quickly got off the train...

***  NOTE : There are 20 parts in total but only two parts were translated and allowed to share by MrMinho, as there are spoilers regarding the show "Hello". If you are interested, you can visit the thread here :

*** NOTE : I know there is hardly any thing related to the recording of the show and the fact that Taemin is blonde doesnt seem to correlate with current events... but I am just sharing exactly what was written  - "KBS Hello Recording".

Source : MRMINHO ( // Translation : soundtracklove

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