Monday, April 16, 2012

Who is "Shim Jae Won", the one Minho mentioned for his #1 Inkigayo thank-you speech?

"Shim Jae Won are you watching this?"

SHINee group member, Minho, mentioned "Shim Jae Won", an unfamiliar name (to many), during their thank you-speech for winning the first place in a music show. This has caught hold of people's attention. "Shim Jae Won" quickly rose up to the first on various internet search portals search-ranking charts - attracted people's attention.

SHINee has clinched the 1st place 3rd week in a row for "Sherlock" on the SBS Inkigayo broadcast on the 15th. Jonghyun expressed his gratefulness for the SM Entertainment staffs; Key pinned a flower behind Taemin's ear which caused much laughter from the audience. Minho shouted "Shim Jae Won are you watching this?" Which aroused people's curiosity.

Shim Jae Won debuted as a group member in 1998, currently working as SM's choreographer.

On the other hand, on the music show that day, Big Bang members Daesung and Seungri congratulated SHINee loudly, and even hugged Jonghyun and other expressive methods to relate their well wishes.

Source : ENEWS  // Kor-Chi: TiaanKoala // Chi-Eng : soundtracklove

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