Tuesday, March 27, 2012

SHINee comeback with a humble attitude has captured the hearts of music representatives

According to the news report, SHINee went to each and every waiting room of other artistes to give them their signed cds and greet them. Even the juniors and newbie-juniors. So the media and other related personnel are praising them for having a modest attitude. And that upon seeing SHINee go to them first, the juniors feel more at ease with SHINee. (t/n: as in like, cos they are friendly and doesnt put on airs)

The reporter also mentioned that this seems like it is not unrelated to SM Entertainment’s personality education (t/n: so they’re saying it IS related to SM Ent.’s education, am i right? lol). SHINee is personally practising the old saying - ‘The boughs that bear most hang lowest.’

English Translations: byulbit
Source: Heraldm News 

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