Tuesday, March 27, 2012

[Fan Account] 120323 Music Bank Mini snippets during rehearsels

Taemin was unsatisfied with his part when he sang singing "Your..~" so he kept on singing and singing... so many times that Jonghyun followed and sang along. Suddenly when Taemin was practicing, a fan from the audience sang along with him and all the SHINee members got a shock. Minho asked "who was that? Let us see your face!" However this fan did not reveal herself. So Taemin asked "Do you want to replace me instead to help me sing ^^?"

Taemin faced the camera and said "Wah, it's so cool! How much does this camera cost?" Key then said "After selling you away, you still need 20 000 dollars more" 'ㅂ'

When fans were streaming in the performance hall, Taemin asked "It is going to start". This shocked many fans as they have not settled down in their seats. Taemin then added "Quickly come in, we are about to begin"... Teasing the fans, naughty taemin TTT

Key asked fans "Is it still raining?" Fans answered "yes".. After a  moment of silence, Taemin asked if everyone was bored, instead of saying  "No", everyone answered "bored!" So Taemin said "I asked if everyone  was bored, they said they were bored"

Key asked everyone again "Is it still raining" Fans replied "Yes", Taemin said "So I'll distribute an umbrella to everyone" and all the fans cheered... But Jonghyun said "No... everyone let's walk in the rain and get drenched with me"

Credits : FALLINTAEM, NAVER // Kor-Chi : LARA // Chi-Eng : Soundtracklove

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