Friday, March 23, 2012

[1P] Inkigayo Prerecording Stage -part2

Kids recording for the 8th time~ Must be so hard for them


The third recording : dongsaeng (Key) felt so proud when he heard fan calling his name so he did an "OK" pose in front of his eyes (S/N : Recall Maypole photos) T_T It was really cute !!! When dongsaeng left the stage, he took out his jacket T_T Pale white arms T_T


The seventh recording!! At the beginning, Kibum-dongsaeng bowed to the fans at the front of the stage, Onew-hyung suddenly rushed behind dongsaeng and pretended to kick Key's butt - Thank god dongsaeng didn't realise, or else...


The eighth recording is done in a cage-like pyramid, Kibum-dongsaeng poked his head out of the "cage" and did aegyo (cute poses).. Similarly, Hyung (Onew) went on stage afterwards and poked his head out from the cage.. And they laughed for around 10 seconds - I don't know why.


Credits : ONKEY.CN // Translation: soundtracklove

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