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[FanAccount] Inkigayo Recording Behind the Scenes

When  SHINee was about to standby for recording, little taem is still in  a  daze..Choi Minho patted him to remind him that it has already  started..  but he (Taemin) still lost the first beat.. The director  shouted stop  and minho did a punching pose to taemin. Taemin still  smiled - in an  innocent manner - and the entire scene burst into  laughter. In the end,  gentleman (Minho) gave both thumbs up and waved  goodbye to fan in all  sorts of manner.  When noonas were waving, the  camera happened to turn  to him and he immediately squatted down and  pose for noonas TT TT TT


The last one (recording) was crazy! Backstage dancer hyungs carried  Minho and Minho waved in all sorts of manner (s/n : waving hands).. and  he started to tease people. Firstly, he went to went to pull down room  mate's (Jonghyun) zipper..His chest was slightly covered, but he was not  satisfied so he pulled the collar even lower TT_TT... Without any  reason, he went to pull Taemin's clothes and got slapped (patted) away  by Jonghyun.. (S/N : hahaha protective jjong-hyung kekeke) Jonghyun then  went pull Key's clothes lower and the four of them laughed at each  other mischievously


Seventh Recording : Feel that kid (Minho) is a bit tired.. Key and  Taemin kept playing by sticking their face in front of the camera.. (S/N  : studio camera) When Minho saw it, he immediately dropped his  conversation with the backstage dancer and went to join in to play with  the camera..he wanted to try again after succeeding, so he turned around  to prepare.. However, when he wanted to turn around to make a funny  face, the camera was pulled away.. Haha it was so funny - the expression  on his face was priceless! At the end of the performance, he almost  knocked into the camera when he was bending down and getting up -  luckily he was agile.


SBS Inkigayo's "Stranger" performance was pre-recorded. They were  wearing the coat as seen in the MV which was released earlier - Minho is  so handsome. It is the fourth recording and it still hasn't ended yet..  Altogether, there are at least 10 recordings and rehearsels.. so much  hard work however the kids are still in good shape (energy-wise and  mentally).. they were fooling and playing around on the stage.. Not sure  what Minho told the other kids (SHINee members) but he got so happy and  started clapping and jumping in circles.. so cute

Credits : MINHONEY // Translation : soundtracklove

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