Friday, December 21, 2012

[13P] 2013 Official Calendar from SHINee World J Fanclub Event

click picture & open picture in new tab for full size

cr: lockxi , reupload & shared by
take out with full credit & dont hot link!

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Gabrielle said...

Excuse me.
I wonder when and how can I buy this.
I live in Taiwan.
When will it be released?
Could you please send the details to my mail?

Gabrielle said...

Sorry, my mail is""

ayu aditi said...

already explain to your email ^^, please check it. thankyou

Gabrielle said...

Thank you so much for replying me.
I just saw the photo and get crazy because of their new looking, especially Taemin's black hair in the first photo and I wanted to find the way to buy this.
After all, the true thing is always realer than a picture, right?
By the way, Taemin is my favorite.^__^

It will undoubtedly be a pity for SHINee world all over the world that they can only look at the picture and think of SHINee.
Because we all have been touched by their growth and they just become more and more mature on this road.
Only if we ask friends in Japan to buy for us can we get that, right?(sigh...

Anyway, thank you for answering my question and, offering such a good website for those who don't live in Japan.
Last but not least, I'm so glad to know you.
Our love for SHINee can really bring strangers together for them, can't it?(smile.

ayu aditi said...

nice to meet you too here ^^
lets be friend
u can call me ayu
do u have twitter? if yes, mention me @ayuaditi

i think on same way too :( wanna request my friend in Japan for this calendar but she isnt kpop fans.

but we still have SHINee official 2013 Calendar from SM for global fans
will release soon

lets wait for it ^^

Gabrielle said...

Actually I'm now preparing for the college exam so I don't usually use my Twitter.
But maybe when I pass the test, I will use it more often.
And I have to admit......I don't really know how to find who I want to find in Twitter! :P

SHINee official 2013 Calendar can be booked online already, I saw it on a website.
Where are you from?

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