Friday, June 8, 2012


【SHINee Dancing King/Queen Event】
Have you ever wanted to showcase your favourite SHINee dance at a recording studio?
Have you ever wanted to perform for SHINee?

Thanks to everybody's support and love for SHINee, "AKPOP Team" have cooperated with GTV Broadcasting Station's "娛樂百分百" 100% Entertainment (S/N : A Taiwanese entertainment program) to host 「SHINee Dancing King/Queen Event」- We welcome everyone to sign up!

[Sign-up Qualifications]
Regardless "Solo" or a "Group" effort, as long as you can dance SHINee's dance, you're qualified!

[Sign-up Songs] Any song by SHINee.

[Sign-up Period] From today to 13 June 2012 (Wednesday)

[Winners] Short-listed Teams will have an opportunity to dance in front of SHINee!

[How to Sign-up?]
Please upload your SHINee dance entry on Youtube. Then kindly email the Youtube link as well as your particulars to 「娛樂百分百信箱」 「100% Entertainment Mailbox」 (For Group entries : Please include all the member's profile/particulars)

[Sign-up address]
100% Entertainment Mailbox :
(Please indicate 「SHINee舞蹈達人活動」 in the email title.)

1. Real Name is required (All member's details must be included for group entries)
2. Age & Occupation (All member's details must be included for group entries)
3. Contact phone number (Please indicate the time you are available/contactable)
4. Contactable address (Only a representative is required from each group)

[Things to take note]
★ Participants have agreed to give AVEX and GTV Broadcasting Station the copyrights to the videos.
★ Be sure to confirm the validity time frame of your works on youtube in order to ensure your rights. Your works will be revoked if your video link has been removed on Youtube. No other replacements will be filled in.
★ Be sure to fill in your contact details to ensure your rights.
★ AVEX and GTV Broadcasting station holds the rights to accept or deny participating entries, thank you for your support!

「100% Entertainment」 staff workers will contact short-listed groups in order to verify your eligibility.
Please seize this rare opportunity, and confidently showcase your charismatic SHINee dances!


S/N : AVEX Taiwan is a Taiwan Music Label
S/N : 100% Entertaiment 娛樂百分百, is a Taiwanese Variety Program currently hosted by Show Luo, Alien Huang and 蝴蝶姐姐 (Butterfly).
S/N : SHINee has actually been on that show several times - Episode Dates : 090110 / 101112 / 101113 

Source : AVEX Taiwan 
Translation : soundtracklove@soompi

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