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Onew "Yesterday was SHINee's first anniversary!"
Jjong "Everyone's Japanese have improved much right?" *laughs*
Key "Based on whose perspective (are you claiming that) ?"
Jjong "(My) Mum? Hahaha but really, I feel that everyone has improved"
Key "Not only us.. I think our fan's comprehension skills have improved too!"

Onew "What activities do you want to organise in/ for the fanclub?
Jjong "Fan meeting"
Minho "Travel trip"
Taemin "Dinner show!"

Source : kaoru31 | Translation : soundtracklove@soompi 

In regards to SHINee's official 1 year anniversary debut in Japan, the staff pushed a huge cake onto the stage to celebrate (this occasion). The members took photos as keepsakes and even announced that they will be establishing a Fan Club in Japan. And Father SM Lee Soo Man came to watch their concert today - sitting at South Zone, Block F. 

What happened to Jonghyun today - he was unable to complete his second somersault in the air and was hung inverted in the air for a few seconds. During his solo, he knocked into the camera, fell and landed on his butt *sob* 

While reading fan's thank you letters, Jinki kept crying and crying, wiping his tears away with his sleeves. After that, he was unable to sing a few lines for Kiss Kiss Kiss as he was still choking (with tears) (s/n : the author felt that the atmosphere felt different today.. probably because the Japan Arena Tour is coming to an end soon) 

Source : katen1015 | Translation : soundtracklove@soompi 

1. Minho "Taemin-goon really like Beef Rice right?"
Taemin "That's right, I am actually...carnivorous"
Hyungs "He actually said that he is a carnivore!"

2. (SM Founder) Lee Soo Man caught Taemin's autographed ball!

3. Opening MC segment :
Taemin "I will turn all of you into my captives/prisoners today. Everyone, please beware!"
Key "SO CUTEEEE~ ↑↑ !!!" (Really loud)

4. Today, a fanboy caught the towel Taemin threw out.

5. During the performance, Taemin suddenly threw the ball-like keychain towards the audience. The person who tried his best to extend his body out and to stretch out his arms (to catch the keychain) was actually (SM Founder) Lee Soo Man!! And he succeeded (catching it)! 

6. During Encore #1 : Lee Soo Man was standing at the VIP area wearing a western suit (Tuxedo) waving excitedly at Taemin. Taemin did not notice his actions at first. After he spotted Lee Soo Man, he threw one to him. 

7. During Encore #2 : After the dancers were pushing out the cake and wished their first anniversary debut, a male dancer hugged Taemin tightly. 

Source : TheFirstAndTheLast_LTM | Translation : soundtracklove@soompi 

1. Onew's high note lasted for 50 seconds!
2. There was a Minkey backhug tonight!!
3. Key wanted Onew to say something, so he faced Onew and said "Leadaaaaa~ Onegaishimasu~"
4. Onew did made an aeroplane hand gesture and ran around the stage. Key used his towel to smack Onew's head. Onew pretended to scare Key (as retribution)!

5. Pabo Taemin did sit-ups on the stage! XD
6. SHINee did a 90 degree bow together. Onew kept his bow for the longest - after everyone regained their position, Onew was still in the bowing pose.
7. Onew held the mic tightly to keep his stance, he was trying to hide his tears TT However when he was singing Kiss Kiss Kiss, his voice was shaky and there were tears brimming in his eyes.
8. Key looks extremely happy today, he kept smiling and sending winks (to the audience) - extremely cute!
9. Key flaunt his English skills once again! XD While singing Ring Ding Dong, he added " Yeah yeah yeah SHINee's in the house we got somethin' special for you"
10. Key seemed to be really engrossed in counting money today. While singing his part, he was still counting his money. (S/N : Yellow Ribbon performance)
11. Poor thing, Jonghyun kept facing mishaps tonight. When he was singing his solo, something went wrong with the audio system - seems like echoes were produced when he was singing. However Jonghyun managed to overcome this problem - his voice totally controlled the strange echoes.
12. SHINee expressed their gratitude towards Lee Soo Man and even bowed towards him. At the same time, the camera shifted to focus on him (Lee Soo Man)
13. Not only (SM Founder) Lee Soo Man attended SHINee's concert, Kim Young Min (S/N : SM Entertainment CEO) went too! Lee Soo Man even did a "saranghae" hand gesture to SHINee!!!

Source : 沙由由 | Translation : soundtracklove

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