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How to attend SHINee Etude Pink Play Party (Taiwan)


From 2012.05.19(Sat),with every NT$1800 purchase for Etude House Princess Member, or NT$2200 for other customers (non-members), you will be entitled to receive a Pink Play Party passport/ entrance ticket. There will be 2000 recipients - while stocks last.

《Remarks/ Terms and Conditions》
*This event is dedicated to those customers with full  purchase to participate. To enable the majority to participate, please abide the following rules while purchasing:
*Etude Princess Membership privileges is only limited to customers with the card (Not including Pink Card members and internet members).
*Purchases cannot be accumulated, only counted in a single receipt. To redeem more passports, you have to separate your purchases.
*Each Etude Princess Member can only redeem one "passport" after spending NT$1800 on a single receipt. Subsequent "passport" require you to purchase NT$2200 (worth of products).
*Each customer is entitled to a maximum of 4 entry "passports" each purchase. If you are helping more friends to redeem it, you would have to queue up again to make your purchases - so that customers behind are still able to stand a chance to participate.
*Those who have gotten the entry "passport" will not be able to receive this month's NT$1800 complimentary product.
*Pardon for any inconvenience caused. Please remain orderly, pay your purchases after shopping.


ATT SHOW BOX(Address : 台北市信義區松壽路12號ATT4FUN 7樓)

【List of Activities/Content】

Participants to enter at approximately at 7:30PM on 2012.06.16 (For information regarding queuing, please read below).
2000 SHINee fans from all around Taiwan will be able to meet SHINee, participate the Pink Play Party together, experience SHINee Babies' energetic side of them, "meter-breaking" hot charismatic sunny performances and (to be able to) have the time of your life in the pink space. (The actual duration of the party will be decided by the company, approximately 1 hour).
Participants on that day will stand a chance to receive SHINee's hand-signed autographed limited edition products
Participants on that day will have the right and privilege to purchase exclusive limited edition SHINee product packages (Contents of the packages will only be revealed on the day itself at the venue).

【Rules Regarding the Activities】

The "passport"/admission ticket is required to enter the venue on the day itself. Each "passport" is entitled to only one entry. No pets, food and beverages to be allowed in the venue (except for Mineral Water). The management have the right to ban participants from entering for those who are unwilling to cooperate.
A "passport" is accompanied with a lucky draw, which is to be dropped into a lucky draw box. Winners picked from the lucky draw will receive SHINee's hand-signed limited edition products.
The "passport" only entitles admission rights, it doesn't reflect the order of your sitting arrangement at the venue. On the day itself, the staff members will lead the queue at the first floor of ATT4FUN to enter the venue (Queueing time and starting queueing area to be announced 3 days before the event on Facebook「公主ETUDE HOUSE」 and on the official site.
The venue has 2 floors this time round. There will be no seats on the 1st floor while it is fully-seated on the 2nd level. No sitting plan will be provided this time round. Participants will be able to choose their viewing spot in order (of the queue) once they enter the venue.
All "passports", lucky draw tickets, vouchers etc , purchased goods will not be refundable.
No compensation will be given if entry "passport", lucky draw ticket, vouchers etc are lost. Also, these items are not for sale, or to be replicated. Any offenders will be dealt according to the law by the company.
The company have all the rights to alter the procedures of the event as well as prizes - they have the right to exchange prizes of similar value. In addition they have the rights to release a new statement.
Pink Party passports Statistics (at each outlet) : 西門250、士林60、台北站前180、師大60、樂華40、羅東40、淡水40、南西40、信義150、板橋100、中壢200、新竹80、台中拓程廣場10、逢甲70、一中210、台南200、新崛江210、瑞豐60

ETUDE HOUSE Taiwan Endorser/Representative (巧恬興業 Limited)

Read the article here : http://www.etudehous..._in.aspx?num=94
Source : Official Etude House Taiwan Website
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