Saturday, May 12, 2012

[FanAccount] 120510 Miscellaneous FA from OSAKA Concert

Upon seeing Minho doing fanservice for the fans, Onew rushed forward and did a backhug to Minho. Minho→ Surprised and saw Onew → Onew smiled → Minho smiled upon being hugged (by Onew) [cr : sorairodays/ Trans: soundtracklove@soompi]

When Kiss Kiss Kiss ended, getting ready for encore, Minho naturally jumped on Key's back and let Key carried him down stage. [cr : sorairodays / Trans: soundtracklove@soompi]


1. There were many male fans during the concert, and many of them were Taemin's fans. During the VCR before seesaw, a voice roared out from the standing pits "TAEMIN IS A TRUE MAN!!!" It was a rough and manly voice~~

2. Taemin patted Minho's butt → Minho stared at him sternly → Taemin gave a "It's not me, Key did it!" look, kept preparing for Minho's revenge throughout the entire song → Minho : Smiled and walked past Taemin → Taemin : Tries to hide his butt while trying to smile politely to Minho → While brushing pass one another, Minho touched Taemin's butt → Taemin gave an embarrassed laugh~~

3. Today both Taemin's kneecap were wrapped with bandages TT^TT... Indeed, no matter how much talent you have, without hard work, such high quality could not be achieved.. Usually cute, full of maknae-spirit, he is actually quietly working really hard, so awesome..

4. Taemin suddenly played a prank on Jonghyun by lifting up his shirt.. but he was shocked to see that there was another layer of clothes underneath.. Just then, Jonghyun happily taught the maknae "This is called 2-layered style.."

5. Onew gave a pinky and said "This is a promise" but he could/did not voice out the last syllable..Jonghyun laughed hysterically and hugged Taemin's stomach.. Taemin " Hahahahaha. Do not.. do not force yourself.."

Source : Japanese Twitter // JP-CHI : 求泰民北鼻全面大发_泡泡 //  CHI-ENG : soundtracklove

1. During the last MC session, Minkey stood beside one another as usual and started to tickle one another~
2. Minho did a push-up action and Key started to hit him
3. Key piggybacked Minho today!

Source : 9142 ( / Ring花椰菜 // Trans : soundtracklove

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