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[FanAccount] 120508-120510 at Japan Arena Tour

120505 2Min Day - Nagoya Concert

1. The legend of the piggyback

After the performance ended, everyone (S/N : SHINee members) walked around to greet (the fans) at the ending. When all the other members returned to the main stage, Taemin and Minho stood at the center of the extended stage area. Suddenly Minho poked his head between Taemin's legs and lifted him up in an instant.... Piggyback has reappeared on 2min's anniversary date.. Choi Minho, such a meticulous man towards this anniversary date TT TT b, those who saw the preview photos will know. Taemin slightly turned around and saw..ah, it's actually Minho-hyung, and just as usual, (he felt) safe and secure.... However 183 + 175 height... just by thinking about it, it feels really giddy already, how can these 2 still able to feel so stable and safe, I really want to know!! This incident lasted around 3-4 minutes and they even waved and greeted the audience on both sides.. really... am I watching a concert or "We got Married"?! Choi Minho's effort is limitless TT TT b.

2. Butt-smacking love

When they were singing START, everyone (S/N : SHINee members) held a lightstick in their hands. While everyone was singing and slowly walking towards the front, Taemin suddenly used his lightstick to hit Choi Minho's butt. Minho turned around and saw Taemin and laughed upon making eye-contact, and both of them went forward and and went to smack Lee Jinki's butt who was in front of them! It was so cute

3. Taemin only trust Minho

(You all know that) Taemin is a little ditzy right? .. He frequently slips, drop his mic, drop his shows.. ^^;;; Especially when he was hung up (on metal wires) and flying in the air.. because of bad coordination, (the wires get entangled) and it will spin - it happened quite a few times. Can't remember which song, where Onew and Jonghyun were singing in the front while the rest were at the back. The main highlight is at the front - Minho did not stand at his supposed position (on stage), and kept sticking beside Taemin. Even though it was really dark and I couldn't see well but I could tell he kept standing beside Taemin and mumuring something to him. He was probably teaching Taemin how to adjust himself so that he can be lifted up properly.

4. Not to be forgotten, butt-smacking!

After the piggyback incident, all the members greeted. Taemin kept bowing at a 90degree angle, and he started swaying his hands/arm as if he was dancing some cute dance. Upon seeing that, Minho thought that it was cute and started laughing loudly and smacking his butt at the same time, seems like smacking butt is.....

120509 Osaka Arena Concert

1. About JOJO

1) It was so cute that Taemin kept worrying about Minho (S/N : UNSURE TRANSLATION)
2) They made an eyecontact during JOJO and Minho went to touch Taemin's waist
3) Minho smacked Taemin's butt according to the rhythm/beat of JOJO

2. Touching compulsive disorder

1) During Love Like Oxygen, while Taemin was speedily moving across (the stage), Minho touched his butt
2) Minho kept noitcing and touching (the stretch between) Taemin's left collarbone and his shoulder.
3) At the end, Minho kept touching Taemin's collarbone.

3. When saying " I Love You", Minho laughed hysterically.. seems like he really likes Taemin. (To Recap) During the ending, Taemin said "I love you" (to the fans), and then the hyungs kneeled in front to thank/ the hyungs made him kneel in front to thank *unsure*.. must be because of this, Minho laughed really hard).

4. During the broadcast of the yellow ribbon clip, there were several paper money stuck on Minho's body. When dancing to START, all the money fell off except for one. Then he stuck this only piece of money on Taemin's shoulders. But Taemin was oblivious about the situation and the money kept sticking on him.

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