Saturday, May 5, 2012

[FA] 120504 SHINee Japan Arena Tour -- Nagoya Concert

1. Today in the standing area there was a Minho fanboy who was 20-something and looked like a university student. Actually, where he stood wasn't all that eye-catching, but for some reason Minho saw him and waved a lot to the fanboy. The fanboy almost went crazy from screaming/shouting so much.

2. The screwball conversation between (Minho) and the fans from yesterday upgraded again: during MC time Minho shouted "I want to hear everyone's voice, is everyone feeling high" (T/N: high, as in a state of ecstatic hyperness) "Not high!" (fans screamed out louder than yesterday) "Are you guys high yet?" "NOOOO!!!" "Fine, I'll continue to work hard today!" The End [of this mini-episode].

3. During encore MC time, Minho did the bbuing bbuing aegyo pose. After seeing this, Key-goon's reaction was "Are you an idiot?"

4. Taemin fell...Taemin fell down during Amigo... Taemin suddenly fell down while dancing the coolest-looking part of Amigo... A witness's original account: "Today I also used binoculars and had my sights locked onto Taemin-goon the whole time, but halfway through the second song, the person in my field of view suddenly disappeared. I guess this is the falling down of legends/folklores." (T/N: "...of legends/folklores", as an expression of some extraordinary person/thing/action, the sort that you only get to hear about. LOL)

5. Taemin: "The last song is..." fans: "ahh~ (sigh)" Taemin: "...bbuing bbuing" fans: "AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH (scream)"

6. During the opening greetings, Taemin said: "Everyone please pay lots of attention to the solos, especially my solo."

(unnumbered bullet point). Today of all the things that Taemin threw, not a single one managed to reach the audience. /sweatdrop

7. Today, Minho, Key and Taemin did the bbuing bbuing aegyo pose~ The Minho who waved/moved his hands (T/N: literally "paws" ) next to his ears was extremely cute!

8. During the ending, originally all five were supposed to walk down the extended stage in order to the bow to the fans. But Jjong quietly walked towards the main stage all by himself. Towards Jjong who was acting like this, Minho shouted "Jonghyun-hyung!!!"

9. After completing the final greetings [i.e. before the concert finished], the boys were returning to the main stage from the extended stage, but Taemin lost a shoe while bouncing around. The way he looked while trying so hard to put it back on again was too cute. And Minho who was watching this from the side exploded with laughter.

10. There was one song where all five boys had to move towards the central stage. Four of them moved steadily [according to plan], but there was one person who was slow by a beat... This person was Onew. Minho was walking in front of him and so he extended his hand and pulled Onew over.

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