Wednesday, May 2, 2012

[FA] 120429 SHINee Japan Arena - Sapporo Concert

The first one to spot Key crying was Jonghyun. Minho carressed Key's head gently.

Minho's pants ripped. Onew spotted it first and told Minho to quickly cover it with his hands. Everyone was laughing, Jonghyun kept pointing at it saying that his underwear could be seen.. Japanese fans said that : Minho, please rip your pants when you come to Osaka too!

Taemin's earpiece fell off (from his ears) twice.  Minho picked it up really naturally and passed it back to him during the first time - Minho looked really handsome when he did so... During the second time, Taemin's earpiece fell off the stage.. so he had to sing one song under the condition without his earpiece.

The part where Minho ripped his pants when he was hung from a tree.. (S/N : I am guessing that the song is Always Love) Everyone was laughing really badly, Minho was really panicky... Taemin laughed so hard that he couldn't sing

Minho was really caring towards fans today and did a lot of fan service.

When SHINee was singing Kiss Kiss Kiss, Key cried badly, Onew seemingly teared, Minho bent his body trying to hold back his tears but tears could be seen trickling down (his face). Jonghyun and Taemin just looked at a distance ahead of them with watery eyes..

To add on to the ripped pants incident : Key and Taemin also pointed at the ripped portion - Key helped to cover it up with one hand but could not help but continue laughing.

Minho's underwear could be seen (clearly)... Fans said that he was wearing adult underwear - Well, he couldn't be wearing children's underwear right? Taemin could not sing his song properly as he was laughing (too hard) over Minho's ripped pants.

Minho's underwear was black.... "Minho's Ripped Pants" is about to reach Japanese's Twitter Top 10 trending topics...

When Key was sobbing during Kiss Kiss Kiss, Minho hugged Key's shoulders and gently helped Key to wipe his tears away..
Jonghyun commented that "Sapporo is the best!" Minho imitated him (Jonghyun) and said "Sapporo is the best!" Taemin "Sapporo is the best!" Key "Ah... Ah... Ah.. Sapporo is the best!"Onew said something like "Recently... (has been) the best!" (S/N : Onew's word gag over similar pronounciation of the words.)

Onew and Minho said that they were so nervous that they were shivering when they were at backstage before the concert...

Today's Minho's greeting - "I'm scared-of-loneliness Minho!"

Source : MRMINHO 
Translation : soundtracklove

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