Thursday, April 26, 2012

[Translation] 120425 Japan Fukuoka - Heart-Wrenching VTR

Key  : Do you still remember the first time we met? I.. clearly remember. It  was when our Japanese activities hasn't officially started. When were  starting in Korea, we have heard many things regarding Japanese fans.  (We were/I was) Really surprised, yet really nervous, so (I/we) replied  in an awkward manner. Even though it was rather hard but it has been  really enjoyable / I am really happy. At that time, I really wished to  start our Japanese activities quickly, from the bottom of my heart.

Jonghyun  : The day when SHINee just arrived in Japan, I could remember how  nervous (I) was regarding our dreams. Mostly, we are thankful that you  were all able to accept/acknowledge us, foreigners. We wanted to bring  joy through our voices to everyone, however, were we able to do it with  Japanese? We are not too sure, so we were really worried.  You have  given us Japanese study materials as presents and even learnt Korean so  that you were able to communicate with us.... (your gestures) constantly  warming our hearts forever.

Onew : Last year, Japan experienced a  huge earthquake and went through tough times. We kept thinking if there  were anything we could do. Thinking about it, we unknowingly realised  that, to us, Japan has became a special presence (in our hearts).  (S/N :  At this moment Jinki started crying) But.. (S/N : Could not hear  clearly anymore...) from now onwards, I hope that all of us (both fans  and SHINee) will miss treasuring one another, and able move along  together. To be able to have such feelings, I am really thankful.

Minho  : As for today, I'm still unable to forget.. Probably it has became  part of (my/our) memories. The times we spent together in Japan, and all  of your sparkly eyes - I have no reason to forget them. Now all I'm  thinking of and wishing is to drive with everyone. I want to create the  shiniest dreams for our bright future, with everyone.

Taemin : To  us, there is something that makes us really proud of - that is everyone  who is standing in front of us supporting us. Music has been coined as a  universal language, however, being able to put aside our lacking  Japanese and our cultural differences, and to receive all the love from  everyone who were able to feel our music, to us this is even more moving  than music. To all the fans around the world in front of the screen, I  want to express (our/my) thankfulness. Similarly, to all the Japanese  fans who were able to feel the same as us, I am thankful from the bottom  of my heart. Really.. really really thankful.

Translation : soundtracklove

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