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[FanAccount] 120425 UNIQUETAEM 2min VCR

Below is 2MIN's VCR (fan account)- Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree. This is a really famous song, Google it and you'll know. This VCR was filmed based on it's lyrics - It was written that a man was wrongly jailed, during his stay in the prison, he wrote to his lover who has been waiting for him in his village. (It was instructed in the letter that) if (she) continues to wait for him, and believe in him, she should tie a yellow ribbon around the tree. 

After a few years, when the man was released from prison, he went to the Oak tree which stood at the entrance of the village and saw the yellow ribbon.. It ended with a happy ending. The male lead was Minho and the female lead is Taeyeon (Taemin). The video is really comical - Cross-dressed Taemin... donning a white flowy long dress, brown curly long hair. She smiled shyly when she saw Minho walked passed as she got off and boarded the bus.. Some noona would have caught this video.. if not, even though the quality is really bad but (I will) upload it in Korea for everyone.

Among all his cross-dressed attempt, Taemin looked the best in this video T^T Really, if I were to compare... he has the innocence of the 16 year old short-haired Taeyeon + the cold beauty of the Salamander Guru character. The wig is really really natural looking and gorgeous. When the 2 lovers met, Minho was in jail and they were separted by a gate (made of rubber). Both of them grabbed their hands together trying to pull each other close, trying not to be ever separated.. 

In that scene, Minho is facing the camera while Taemin is back-facing it, when I saw it.. I really thought it was an ordinary girl.. The back seems like a totally ordinary fashionistic girl..  While thinking of Taeyeon, Minho dipped his pen with his saliva and wrote a letter hahahaha... When Taemin and Minho reunited, (she) was wearing stockings, she raised up one of her legs and then stomped her feet on the ground... ah, how to describe.. it feels like a girl trying to be cute/ do aegyo in front of her boyfriend... i'm dying/dead..

The Scene of Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree 

During the long ride, there was a quiet and solemn man. Upon questioned by a young traveler in the same bus, he finally spoke. He just came out from jail, before he was released, he wrote to his wife : If she has found another home, he will not blame her; but if she still loves him and is willing to accept him back, tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree which stands in front of the village; if he does not see the yellow ribbon, he will leave and never to bother her again.... 

When the bus was about to reach the destination (oak tree), everybody started to move towards and look out of the window, only this man was afraid to look at it; he was afraid to face the disappointment.. suddenly everyone in the bus cheered : at a distance, there were hundreds of yellow ribbon hung on the oak tree. The ribbons were all swaying along with the rhythm of the wind... ...

Just to add on 2min fan account

1. When Taemin was speaking in Japanese at the ending "I am in Japan.. our fan meeting..", he mixed up Japanese and Korean, then Minho gave a smile and then patted Taemin's head, and tried to place Taemin's head on his shoulders.

2. Unsure which song was it, when Taemin was walking down the stage after the song, Taemin accidentally tripped on something.. Just like those fall you see in dramas.. initally everyone thought it was some smoke set-up, then Minho got a huge shock and quickly helped Taemin up.. only Minho.. then he carefully checked Taemin if he has injured himself anywhere.

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