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[FanAccount] 120425 SHINee JP Arena Tour Concert - Fukuoka

There is a funny VCR : Jinki played the role as an angel and was eating tidbits, watching TV..Kim Kibum appeared, and kept doing aegyo. The angel was really annoyed so he kept changing channels but Key was on every channel doing aegyo.. Angel was so furious .. In the end he finally changed to a channel with Minho and Taemin. After that normal scene, Minho was caught stealing and sent to prison. Angel was really sad, crying really badly.. then Key appeared again doing aegyo.. and Jinki was crying out of joy! (source : @F-orgo // trans : soundtracklove@soompi)


The kids has this VCR/MV accompanied an old English song. Taemin cross-dressed as a really beautiful girl!! Jinki acted as angel - really funny !! (src : @温民親媽小夏 // Trans : soundtracklove@soompi)


During the MC talk part, there was a script prompter in front of the stage. Jonghyun was referring to it without any attempt to disguise his actions. Taemin cheerfully bounced (around) and said "Look at it, look at it~" however Key-goon refused to look at the prompter screen and continued to talk in Japanese. 
Minho then asked "Are you really not going to look at it?"  Key : "Will not look at it, I will not look at it!" 
Minho : "So what is the next song?"
Key : "Ermmm....." (peeped at the prompter)
Onew/Jjong/Taem : "AH YOU PEEPED AT IT!!"
(src : MRMINHO // trans : soundtracklove@soompi)


Minho "Upon everyone supporting us with all their might and effort, it feels really beautiful (Blissful), really cute!" (Src : MRMINHO // Trans : soundtracklove

Minho "Upon everyone supporting us with all their might and effort, it feels really beautiful (Blissful), really cute!" (Src : MRMINHO // Trans : soundtracklove@soompi)


Minho greeted everyone at the start (of the concert) "Everyone please be prepared OK? Please be prepared to have an enjoyable time with us" Even though it was really noisy, but Shawols still replied "OK!" (Src : MRMINHO // Trans : soundtracklove@soompi)


KEY-goon tried really hard speak in Japanese. Then the other 4 started playing = = First Onew took a water bottle, then Minho snatched it over and poured onto KEY = = Then Key shouted "AH!! MY MAKEUP! MY MAKEUP!" Then Minho Jonghyun (*amended*) rushed over to use his towel to cover/hide Key's face (src : @克里斯马崔小豪_is_back // Trans : soundtracklove@soompi)


When Onew was performing his solo, a really romantic Japanese ballad, the audience was extremely quiet - seemingly in shock and listened to it in silence! Leader's voice is just like sweet ice-shaved dessert - melting our hearts! At the end, everyone clapped continuously non-stop!! (cr: eimanjjong / @NamYoungHeui-牌)


Heavy... Metal... Remixed with a strong music.. yet there's a smooth WAVE as well as powerful and charismatic dance in his solo performance... His sharp gaze.... and even teased the fans sitting in the front row... This is... LEE TAEMIN!!!!!! (fr:shakizi" zlind" / @NamYoungHeui-牌 // Trans : soundtracklove@soompi)


During their talk, Taemin mixed up his Japanese and Korean... He stood laughing in a helpless manner, just then.. Minho went to pat Taemin's head and pulled Taemin by his side (Cr : @M_樂樂樂樂樂 // trans : soundtracklove
ジンギが号泣しました キボムが釣られて涙しました ジョンヒョンの声が震えました ミノは拳を握りしめていました テミンはただまっすぐ前を見つめていました ありがとうしゃいに
I cannot take it.. Lee Jinki cried really badly (S/N : really really badly) Kim Kibum then started crying.. Jonghyun's voice was quavering. Minho was clenching his fist and Taemin kept staring straight TT (cr : @克里斯马崔小豪_is_back // trans : soundtracklove@soompi)


Order of  SOLO Performance : Minho - Onew - Key - Jonghyun - Taemin ! Key's solo is Katy Perry's Firework. Jonghyun's L'Arc-en-Ciel "Drivers high", Taemin is an English Song, Onew is a Japanese Ballad. (Cr. MRMINHO // trans : soundtracklove@soompi)

Some people on DC said that KEY performed "Geek in the Pink" (Jason Mraz) instead


The SHINee World

MC (Introduction)

Always Love
Replay (Kimi wa boku no everything)

Minho’s Solo in Black Suit (Chris Brown - Turn Up The Music)
Onew’s Solo (A Japanese Ballad Song) 
Key’s Solo in Pink Outfit (Pop Song, Katy Perry - Firework)
Jonghyun’s Solo (Rock song - L’Arc-en-Ciel Driver’s high)
Taemin’s Solo with Dance Music

Sherlock (Japanese Version)
Love Like Oxygen
Amazing Grace?
Ready Or Not
Ring Ding Dong
To My Heart 
Lucifer (Just the high part of the song)

- Each a message from SHINee-
Kiss Kiss Kiss

Stand By Me
Body Guard 
Keeping Love Again

If it is not stated, these songs are in Japanese Versions. 
This may still be a guide only!

Gathered & Translated by _almightyblings; Photo source: jong_mai // Various Source of Update: TaeminFamily (via:shizuka0801), DC (via: haitianyueye), MrMinho, 克里斯马崔小豪_is_back (weibo)

During encore, Taemin wanted to throw a towel to the fans! He kept (teasing) by doing a throw but never actually threw the towel out.. After a few attempts, he finally gave in and scrunched the towel into a ball to throw it out..however he accidentally dropped it below the stage! Just then, Key was standing beside him and gave him a "Sigh-you-are-hopeless" kind of look to Taemin! Then Taemin apologised to the fans below in all sorts of manner! The kind-hearted Key picked it up (??) and returned it to Taemin! In the end, (Taemin) did not throw it out again.. (src : @5月再战HK的亭子 // Trans : soundtracklove@soompi)


MR MINHO : When It was Minho's turn (to talk), he had his back turned towards the audience.. but turned around when he started talking. Minho's Japanese is so much more elaborate/ has improved so much - you have not disappointed us indeed! (trans : soundtracklove@soompi)


MR MINHO : Many Japanese noonas noted that Minho is really HIGH today with Jonghyun-hyung~ during Bodyguard, Jonghyun kept pouring water onto Minho - when Jonghyun was really happy, Minho suddenly jumped down the stage, and then worriedly ran back up the stage again ^^(trans : soundtracklove@soompi)


The VCR of Angel Jinki ... Minho went to meet a beautiful long-haired girl wearing a long skirt. When she turned around, it was Taemin!.. wearing lipstick~really beautiful. (Sr : @F-ORGO // trans : soundtracklove@soompi)


MRMINHO : The crying part - Onew could not hold it in and cried out loud. When Key saw Onew turn around to wipe his tears away, Key started crying too. Jonghyun's voice was quavering.. Taemin and Minho continued singing the song gently while protecting/taking care of the 3 hyungs. Upon seeing all 5 of them (in this manner), (the fans) seemingly forgot to wave their lightsticks.. Not only the 5 of them have good personality, even their tears are so beautiful.

MRMINHO : Minho I want to tease you, hahahaha, you messed up the lyrics again during HELLO! hahaha! Even the noonas were laughing so badly, (you sang) 「♪友達もしらなーい友達さえしらなあい」,instead of どんだけ知らない,... are you that nervous~ the noonas present said that Minho continued singing normally, as if nothing just happened..made me laugh so badly. (trans : soundtracklove@soompi)


MRMINHO : Minho's solo performance was Chris Brown's Turn it up 


A Japanese fan said that tears kept streaming down Jinki's face, no matter how hard he tried to wipe his tears away with both of his hands, it still wouldnt stop.. then he turned around to cry. When the 5 of them bowed, he kept placing his hands on his kneecap and did not look up at all. (Sr : @Yan_一生一世李溫民 // trans : soundtracklove

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