Friday, April 20, 2012

[FanAccount] 120419 MNET MCOUNTDOWN Pre-recording - Minho

1. The stage/set is (decorated) really beautiful today, (members were seen wearing) new clothes  too! Minho wore a blue T-shirt and green pants and a black vest. He is really happy and energetic. There was a staff or backup dancer who mischievously pressed minho's head with his hand and even literally looked down on him kekeke. (S/N : That staff must be really tall to be able to do that!) During the recording, Minho is as charismatic as usual; during the break intervals, he sat at the edge of the stage and hanged his legs down. Just so happen that there was a spotlight that shone on his body which casted his long silhouette on the stage.. I'm about to cry TT^TT I will miss you

2. During the break intervals, Minho kept mumbling something and was really happy jumping/dancing with the backup dancers. The kid was wriggling his body on the stage, while the audience kept screaming... and Minho asked innocently "Why are you (screaming) like this?" mischievous kid.. so everyone shouted "(It's because of you) Minho!".. and he gave a thumbs up for the good response.. you're happy now right? keke After recording for Stranger, Minho waved in all sorts of manner... and started waving his vest, flapping it... and then he took it off....

3. (Minho) purposely fell - so don't worry ^^ Then this little kid went to disturb and imitate Key's dance - Key's ignoring him so he used to legs to kick Key, and Key fell on the stage.. Jonghyun/Onew joined in and Taemin was also influenced (by his hyungs) and went to raise Key's legs up high up in the air - in the blink of an eye, Key was thrown onto the floor. When the recording session is on stand-by, PD announced that there was 30seconds (before it starts), (Minho's) charismatic expression faded at an instant! He turned around to mimic other people's dancing.. When it was about to start, he continued to fool around and only could stand still when he was (slightly?) hit on the face.

4. Little kid is so mischievous! Everyone was shouting "Minho-yah, you are handsome!" as he stood there.. after a few cheers, Minho closed his eyes and nodded his head and said "I know I know" Haha (the scene) burst into laughter.. ah, such narcissisitc kid! *sobbing* this kid is so cute... It's time to say goodbye even though I've not seen enough of him yet TT^TT Tonight's Fan meeting.... Tomorrow's Music Bank..... fighting TT^TT

Translation : soundtracklove

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