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120427 TVN TAXI little SHINee conversations

S/N : For those who are turned-off by chunk of words, I recommend those with ★★★
Really interesting hope someone subs this show soon ^^
TVN TAXI : More than 200 fans are present. MC : International star, Korea's pride. They interviewed a pretty Japanese fan, who greeted Minho. Then all the fans screamed and welcome the 5 of them to the scene/set (really bustling show). Five of them performed a really short clip of sherlock.

MC stated : Those who are able to do the best gag/personal talent, can (board the taxi) and choose their seats. Jonghyun impersonated Yoo se-yoon, in the midst of his excitement, he took off his outerwear. Onew did an old/elderly version of "Sherlock" (really funny) - so 2 of them got to board the taxi first. Then Minkey impersonated the MC (S/N : the famous Minkey hug from "Taxi" fancams, photos etc). Key was pushed by MC Lee, Minkey passed and boarded the taxi. (S/N : Some fans shouted for Onew, and Onew replied to them). Key got on the taxi and left the left side seat for Taemin. Taemin danced and passed the "test" and boarded the taxi too.

The taxi's layout was similar as a broadcasting sation and introduced SHINee and mentioned that Onew was recently unwell and missed a lot of schedules. Key said that it is really a great pity. (The MCs also said that) it is hard to view Jongkey on variety programs and Taemin is really beautiful. Key is unhappy that (his introduction) is combined with Jonghyuns - everyone else had their individual introduction. Onew : ...and you said that I have a lot of problems.. Previously, Key also mentioned that his left side of his face is more handsome so he wanted to switch places with Minho. However Minho refused to so Key let Taemin sit on his right side.

Minho said that when they were shooting for the album cover, initially the staff only allowed him to reveal his shoulders slightly to portray a young teenager's sensuous side. After revealing a little, the staff started to fuss and ask him to remove the other side, remove more...then he (Minho) started to feel it to .. and that's how it turned out to be like this. Jonghyun "(Actually) they are all unaware, only I knew (that we had to bare our bodies)."... Minho "That's why Jonghyun-hyung started to manage his diet the week before.. eating chicken breast meat etc.."

MC Lee kept calling their group name wrongly and even confused Jonghyun's name (called him Jonghyuk instead). Bling shouted his name thrice XD and sang "XX you're so pretty", which Key laughed out loud and immediately covered his face. MC Lee requested (Jonghyun to sing) again, but (Key) laughed again.. When asked if SHINee discusses about girls, they replied yes. (The MC also asked) "Who has the most female contacts in his phone?" Jonghyun was chosen. MC Kong revealed that when Bling was boarding the taxi, he was busy messaging - when asked if it was a male or female counterpart, he said that it was a "Group Chat".

Discussing about dating. Key said that he is so close with girl groups that they all end up as just friends, so nothing would develop. Jonghyun "Everything develops from a friendship". Onew started to sing a song about falling in love with a friend, and Jonghyun joined in to sing. Key was speechless - "What's wrong/happened to them?" Taemin was really curious as to how to initiate a kiss with a girl, so MC Kong says that if they are able to stare into one another's eyes for more than 3 seconds without dodging away when they are dating, then they can just kiss.

Minho was picked as the one who is most caring towards fans/ thinks about fans the most. Key said that when Minho doesn't eat, you can tell from his expression (that he is unhappy). Minho is able to order/eat a 9-10 pax worth of meat. Jonghyun mentioned that he has never seen Minho vomitting after eating it, Minho "Ah, really I've actually not vomited before". Key said something which made the MC commented that he likes Key straight-forward attitude. Suddenly Onew commented "Is it raining now?" .. then it turns out to be Minho's saliva XD

Everyone started to discuss Onew's sudden burst of gag/jokes. Jonghyun said those who listen to Onew's gags will usually fall for his charisma, and will think about it once they return home at night. They passed by Key's musical's poster, Jongho commented that they are "anticipating it" (Teasing manner?). MC asked about their popularity (in various countries). Jonghyun picked himself as #1 in Korea. Everyone picked Minho as #1 in China. Key "He has the feel of an actor". Taemin was picked as #1 for Japan. and Key #1 in Europe.

When they were discussing about their trainee days, Jonghyun revealed that they have practiced together for 2-3 years and misses those days when they went to dongdaemum to shop. Key "Even if we only shopping for a pair of shoes, we can still shop for hours - the feeling is really great" Then they talked about the delicacies in dongdaemum. Passing by a certain area, Jonghyun says that he used to sing in that area during his trainee days and even received Coupons. Upon reaching Dongdaemum, the MC went out to buy them some food. Taemin "Why has Dongdaemum become less crowded now?" (S/N : Guessing that he has not been there for very long)

Taemin "My friend works in Dongdaemum, he says that there are a lot fewer people coming to shop here now".. While waiting, SHINee got bored and started singing...even when the food has arrived, they sang a few lines before eating. Onew commented repeatedly that the food is really good. MC Kong asked SHINee if they have eaten it before? Jonghyun replied yes. MC Lee asked Onew why does he eat with such big bites and Onew replied "I normally take big bites..." Minho ate really fast and Key announced that (Minho) has started eating the 2nd portion already. Minho quietly commented "Delicious, really delicious" XD Key said that his hometown is in Daegu. Jonghyun says that (Jonghyun/ Key's) slump is during trainee days, there were many ups and downs (S/N : Just then, Minkey moment - Key fed his unfinished food to Key). 

★★★  Minkey talked about their fight. Even though they were of the same age, but Minho was a considered as a senior as a trainee. (S/N : Minho might have became a trainee earlier).  Key  "As a Kyungsangdo man, I don't understand why there is a seniority level when we are of the same age... but (Minho) kept talking to me in a seniority manner. There was once both of us confronted one another and had a huge fight - there were 2 years of awkwardness.. However, now none of us will fight/argue with one another because we know each other's preferences." SHINee talked about how Key was really lonely because he left Daegu when he was really young. Key "A person needs a home to return to, but my home is really far so I cannot return home frequently, and hence I felt really bad." Taemin suddenly commented "Key-hyung once visited my home to play when I was not at home" Key added "At that time, I really wanted to go to someone's house"..

When it was time to alight from the taxi, (MC suggested) the one who is the most handsome alight first. Onew pointed at himself. MC "Then the first one to have their first kiss to alight." Key actually came down from the taxi but immediately rushed back up. Then MC asked them to shout "SHINee" Loudly to see what happens..  Also, just now, Jonghyun also said that he really regretted not graduating. Seeing Minho (graduating), he really admires him.. however, (he understands) that time cannot be turned back so he will work really hard from now onwards.

★★★ TAXI is really thoughtful for finding such a beautiful venue, (S/N : brightly-lited I guess?) saying that it is to give them blessing. Minho "This is exactly like (a place) where people confess in a drama.. end up you are saying that TAXI is doing this for us.. it feels empty." Then Minho hugged Taemin : "Taemin-ah, I love you". Taemin "But this song is Sherlock....".. Everyone is taking a selca. Jonghyun " I wish my Mum is more blissful". Minho "I wish that five of us will continue to be together". Taemin and Key took photos in funny poses. Onew told MC Lee that he wants to become a person with great body then he faced his back towards her : His back looks (good). 

★★★ To add on : Regarding Minkey's fight, MC asked "Didn't the hyung's try to step in to stop (the fight)?" Jonghyun "At that time my future was uncertain, so I kept looking forward"... Onew "I am constantly in slump...." Then MC asked "What about (you), Taemin?"  Taemin replied "I totally didn't know about this fighting incident...." (Taemin is really shocked. When Key was describing the fight, Taemin asked really softly "Really?")

Kor-Chi : 好奇心大过胜负欲 // Translation : soundtracklove

★★★ TAXI mentioned about trainee days. Taemin mentioned that Key once went to his house to play with his dogs for a day, but he wasnt at home that day but heard from his mum that Key came... (As Key was talking about those days), he laughed and laughed and then cried.. At that time he was only 15 and had to leave his hometown for Seoul - without any relatives or friends, no one knew about his misery... Kibum said "Everyone's house was in Seoul or nearby so they were able to practice everyday, I only had the weekends to come to Seoul to practice once, so I did not improve as fast as others." When the teacher commented/ scolded him he will be really sad. Then as the number of times he went back home lessened, without seeing his family or friends, he was unable to to find a place to tell his troubles.. the number of times he cried on the way back on a train to Daegu was countless....

Kor-Chi : @Keybom // Eng-Chi : soundtracklove

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