Friday, April 20, 2012

120420 SHINee at SBS Choi Hua Jung Radio - Convo Bits

01. When DJ Noona raised the album, Jonghyun burst into laughing. Jonghyun explained that Taemin's body makes him embarrassed.

02. DJ asked what is their favourite flavour? Kibum says he love strawberry and butter flavour. Choi Minho says he prefers spicy food - spicy ribs soup, spicy beef soup etc.

03 DJ asked if they have found any girl pretty/ attractive recently.. Jonghyun says that his own sister is the prettiest, Kibum then said "I've actually seen your sister.....". "So what! My sister is the prettiest!!! My sister will marry well! " Jonghyun retorted. 

04 Taemin says that he has been "cheating" recently and does not like Emma Watson anymore, he says he cannot remember the actual translation of the female actress.

05 When they asked if they would prefer to confess or remain as a one-sided relationship (if they like someone), Onew and Minho picked "one-sided relationship"... Onew says he is not good at courting girls. Minho says that he is not good either, but he has a way with "courting" hyungs. Jonghyun, Key and Taemin says they will confess instead.

06 Jonghyun showcased his talent - impersonating other singers. (It was said that) He stole it from Kibum, after his impersonation, kibum performed the original version.

07 Taemin showcased his talent - impersonating their manager hyung's voice "It's time to go~", "Minho-yah, wake up, wake up already!"

08 Previously, they were discussing what type of Romeo they would want to be - Jinki says he will be a Romeo with centre-parting hahahahahaa. The ending song was Alarm Clock (S/N : Onew has centre-parting during this radio show talk)

Source : SBS RADIO
Kor-Chi : TS Conditional (Weibo)
Chi-Eng : soundtracklove

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