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[Fan Account] 111224 SHINee "The First' Showcase in Japan Part.2

--- #1 :  Lucifer

--- Talk 1 : 

SHINee : Hello everyone, we are shining SHINee!! (It wasn't in unison the first time so they did it another time)
O : Hello everyone, I am leader Onew! Welcome to THE FIRST SHOWCASE LIVE (J : Welcome everyone!) Have a blissful time with SHINee today, (Jonghyun corrected Onew slightly about the time). Let's enjoy ourselves together!
J : Hello everyone, I am Jonghyun! Despite the cold weather, we are really thankful that still many people turned up! Merry Xmas everyone!
T : Hello everyone, I am Taemin! Everyone, since you are here, please enjoy yourselves! Please teach and guide us!
M : Good afternoon, I am Minho! Thank you for coming here today, everyone, please enjoy yourselves!
K : Hello everyone, I am Key! Let's create wonderful memories today! Please enjoy yourselves till the end (of the showcase)! The next song is SHINee's debut song : Replay, please enjoy it!

--- #2 : Replay
--- # 3 : Juliette

--- Talk 2 : 

O : It's warm right?
K : How does everyone feel? (All SHINee members are wiping their perspiration and drinking water)
J : We have not come to Japan for a long time. Performing like this in front of fans made me really happy! (In Japanese : ) Long time no see! 
K : I want to say something important. The year is coming to an end soon, so I want to talk about some stuff for next year. Firstly, SHINee will release our SHINee World Concert DVD on 11 Jan
J : Taemin, when is it going to be released? (Taemin spoke the wrong date before on TV program MEZAMASHI - Jonghyun wanted to test him)
T : (In Japanese: )January the ele..twel.. ah, it's January !@#* (everyone burst out laughing!)
J : This is the first time we met everyone was during our SHINee World Concert right?
M : Yes
J : A year has passed..
M : Yes, It's been a year since.
O : It was the same as last year right? We celebrated Christmas with everyone?
K : (In Japanese: ) Ah, only us...
J : It was our rehearsal (for the SHINee World Concert)
K : It's not with everyone - only among us.. as we were doing rehearsal
O : Ah, rehearsal!
J : But at that time, our hearts were with everyone! (Minho and Taemin agreed, and Jongkey2min gathered) It looks like Onew hyung didn't think the same way?
O : Ah, no! I was thinking about everyone too!
J : It's interesting!
K : (In Japanese: ) Right! The First album has already debuted!
J : (In Japanese) Please teach and guide us!
T : (In Japanese) Right! Our album (Taemin mispronounced "album" so Jonghyun corrected him) So, which song from our album do you all like the most?
K : (In Japanese) The most favourite song is... get ready... (Audience started shouting what they want to hear, so 5 of them mimicked the audience by randomly shouting!)
K : (In Japanese) I like "Better"
M : Seesaw (SHINee sang a small part)
T : (In Japanese) I like "To Your Heart" (Jonghyun and Taemin sang a small part)
O : (In Japanese) I like "Always love" (Jonghyun sang a small part)
J : (In Japanese) Today we will perform all the new songs in our album, this is the first time we are performing them!
O : What are the songs?
T : (Sings) To To To To Your Heart ~
J : (In Japanese) We will sing this next
O : (In Japanese) The first time we are performing this song!

--- #4 : To Your Heart 

K : (In Japanese) We will drink water first, meanwhile everyone please watch our DVD!
O : (In Japanese) DVD Start!

(The video is 6 minutes long - as claimed by Onew XDD)
(Once the video ended, all 5 of them walked out in Christmas costumes, Jonghyun kept saying he is warm because of the scarf)

K : How did you find it after you have watched finish the video?
J : How did you all feel? Key "wu wu wu ~~~" (sobbing sounds) - you cried again! We just released our album and soon our DVD will be on sale. This DVD is really filled with our memories. So, other members, please talk about how you feel
O : I want to say that, this DVD (video that was shown) is 6 minutes! and it is edited!
J : (In Japanese) It has been edited!
O : (In Japanese) 6 minutes!
J : How do you know? Did you time it?
O : It is really 6 minutes, but it did not show everything! There are still many footages watiting for everybody to see
J : Ah.. that's our leader! So what about Taemin?
T : Time flies, a year has passed, and we have happily spent the year with everyone. In the future, we will be doing more interesting stuff - will be looking forward!
J : (Raises Taemin's right arm - Taemin was wearing a pair of cute mittens) Isn't this too cute? (Taemin did a cute expression) This is too cute! I should take off the gloves (Jonghyun's own gloves), I am feeling very warm. (Jonghyun's neck was drapped with a scarf)
K : (In Japanese) I am totally fine~ (Key only had a pair of gloves hung around his neck)
O : (In Japanese) I am very warm too! (Onew was wearing scarf too)
M : I really had many beautiful memories this year!
J : Look over to that side!
M : (Waves to the audience to his left) Hello everyone! So, I wish to create more beautiful memories with everyone next year! (In Japanese) Thank you!
K : As a small present, we sang a new song for everyone, (In Japanese: ) because it is Christmas tmorrow, so I prepared presents!
(Upon Key's mention of "Presents", Jonghyun and Minho immediately rushed forward)
Minho : (In Japanese) Give me a present!
Jonghyun : (In Japanese) Give it to me first! (stretched out his arms)
(Taemin joined Jonghyun and Minho)
Taemin : (In Japanese) Start from the youngest!
(Key could not help but laugh, so everyone started taking accessories away from him)
J : (In Japanese) Thank you for your presents!
(Taemin took the gloves, Minho took the microphone - End up Key could not say anything!)
M : (In Japanese) So the next song is..
K : We prepared Last Christmas, everyone please listen carefully!

--- #5 : Last Christmas

(After their song, they said goodbye and returned to the backstage. Everyone started shouting for "SHINee"! and they came out once again to do the encore)

--- #6 : Amigo

J : This is our first time singing this song in Japanese
K : Have not danced this song for a long time
J : This song is exhausting
K : Because we need to use force with our shoulders
J : December is going to pass soon. Anything you want to recap in 2011, Key?
K : There has been many "SHINee" many events this year, especially overseas events. We went to many countries, our first overseas debut is in Japan
J : We have also organised many concerts and fan meeting, please talk about the most memorable place!
M : Tokyo! (Key wanted to speak first)
J : You are too fast!
K : My most memorable event is not the fan meeting but VMAJ
J : yes, we sang Replay on that stage, and saw Lady Gaga
T : It is Sapporo for me
J : It was fun right? We ate a lot of crabs.
M : What about you?
J : Everything is memorable for me, but I want to talk about the places I want to go to.
M : Where?
J : Okinawa! Those who have been there, raise your hands! (A whole lot of people raised their hands) I am so envious...
K : I heard that many people go there to study Tourism
J : So let's go there together, as five, next time! Let's leave our manager behind! That's great! What about Onew hyung?
O : Nagoya was the most memorable for me, Osaka too..
T : So unfair.. you mentioned so many places
J : He is the leader!
O : I like all the places
M : We  like all the places too!
J : In conclusion, we are really thankful for being able to make so many memories with everyone 
K : Sorry, to interrupt, just now when you were talking, I spotted something incredible. (gestured towards the audience)
J : What?
O : Don't tell me it's food?
K : It's Jonghyun hyung!
(The videoman directed his camera to a male fan. He looked very similar to Jonghyun - his hair was dyed in jonghyun's RDD style. Jonghyun got a shock too!)
J : Ah! RDD! That was surprising!
T : Which one is real?
K : You are looking at yourself right?
J : No matter what, a brand new memory has been created. There is even a Jonghyun in Japan.
O : I feel that there is not just one "Jonghyun". Is there any "Onew"?
K : Anyone feels that you look like any of our member? (Some people raised their hands)
T : Is there anyone who look like Key?
K : There is one there who looks like Taemin.
J : Don't look back, it is you!
(Actually he did not see anyone, but at the end of the concert there were people finding that Taemin-lookalike to take photos with him.)
J : So this is it.. We are really happy to meet everyone who supported us. 2011 is already over, and 2012 will arrive soon, and we have a lot of plans!
O : yes. Today, we stand here to perform of showcase. (In Japanese) There is an important news today... Do you know?..  (Onew's awkward phrasing made everyone laugh).. SHINee's Japan Arena Tour has been confirmed! (all SHINee members started dancing and singing "Congratulations", Taemin gave a funny dance!)
K : It is estimated that it will start from next year April
M : What is the show called?
K : The title is called "THE FIRST JAPAN ARENA TOUR THE SHINEE WORLD 2012". Please visit our official website for more details.
O : So touched!
T : Because of everybody's support, we are now able to hold a country wide tour concert. Thank you!
K : Please continue to support SHINee
J : Now is the time for us to say goodbye
O : Yes..
J : So let's bid goodbye to everyone together!

SHINee : Merry Christmas Everyone!
(On the way to the backstage, Jongkey continued singing)

Fanaccount by UNIQUETAEM. All Rights Copyright© Unique TAEM!
Translated by Soundtracklove

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