Wednesday, November 23, 2011

[Vid Engsub] Minho - 안녕하세요 E.50 (Hell0) cut

cr: MinKey91TV

Note from Subber: 

- This is not the full cut. I alr watched the full ep, Minho got more screen time than this yet this is the only cut i found. I may re-sub this if I find another longer cut... or maybe not...

- The part about Minho's thumb. The scene before, there were some young girls complaining about their tall height. One of them looks quite pretty and she even did a sexy dance and stretching. The female MC then asked Minho what does he think. Minho said to him, the height of the girl is not really important. Jaehoon (the glassed man next to Minho) replied that Minho likes it a lot as he secretly sign a thumb up when the girl danced (which's not true LOL)

- Vid cut credit to PP2PINKYTOP @ Youtube (Dear pp2pinkytop, if you don't want me to use your vid, please inform, I will delete it right away. Thanks ^^)

- This vid is requested by ewongyanie. I did not intend to sub this cus I don't understand them all. This is all i could. Please understand that Korean is not my 1st language ^^

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