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‎[trans] SHINee interview for Japan Steady Magz - The long-waited 1st Japan album is completed!!

The long-waited 1st Japan album is completed!!

Very soon again, the 1st Album will be released.
Taemin: Among those songs (in the album), the recording for “Lucifer” has been the most challenging.
Jonghyun: In view of the Japanese lyrics, I slightly changed the rhythm subtlely.
Onew: Above all, the tempo is fast!
Minho: The rap is also very challenging, but because it was good that the feel of the Korean version is being reserved, I have more confidence after talking to the Japan’s director.
Key: I am pleased with the original Japanese tune, and until now, I think it has got a different feeling.
Jonghyun: Being able to do interpretation for both the Japanese and Korean version gave us a feeling of breakthrough, and with our original and cover used as branding, would you use this as SHINee’s colour and watch over us?

Debutted in June 2011. What are some of the happy things you encounter at the events in Japan till now?
Onew: Absolutely, during the debut. At many different place in Japan, to be able to have close interaction and meet with all the fans.

Well then, are there any enjoyable moments?
Key: it is not work-related… For myself, the most enjoyable moment, is to be able to visit some of the selected shops in Shibuya to buy clothings~ there are many different personal taste fashion to be enjoyed, really love it!

This year, SHINee has done LIVE in Japan as one of the asia country, europe and the rest of the world.
Jonghyun: To have increased experiences to perform LIVE, I am proud of myself. I have learnt much from all those experiences. Besides, regardless of which nationality the LIVE is at, it would be something which anyone will enjoy. We are also very happy to be able to meet fans from all over the world!

What is the charm of SHINee which has keep our Japan fans obssessed with?
Minho: Jonghyun’s Confidence! Joking (Laugh). I feel shy talking about this but, I guess it should be how we have always try our best in whatever we do, isn’t it?

So what is the new appeal of SHINee?
Minho: I guess it should be JONGHYUN’S CUTENESS! He is growing older, but he has got more and more cute.(LAUGH)
Jonghyun: Minho~ That’s simply just joking! This year, through the various stages around the world, I guess that we are naturally able to show you (fans) a little more mature side of us.

What are the things you want to do which you did not do enough in year 2011?
Minho: To have LIVE (concert) in Japan. That is the first LIVE (concert) after Japan debut, I really look forward so much, I care about the responses given by our fans. After the success of the LIVE (concerts), I hope to have a clear good start for next year. Then, next year we will try a Japan nation wide Arena Tour!

Source: theTONGHYUN
Translation by NINGZzhi @

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