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[news] SHINee Japanese Magazine ANAN Interview

SHINee revealed their personality amidst their discussion
What's the impression of becoming an adult? Perhaps wrong intuition? The boys kept giving cute answers making a jovial atmosphere. Everybody, please enjoy who they are right now!

Upon debuting in Japan for almost half a year, looking back, how did you all feel about it?
J : Felt that everything was fast paced. Even though we were anxious but we learned so much.
T : Time passed really quickly~! We experienced a lot and felt happy
O : We knew many places to eat, really happy! Like eel, ramen etc..
J : Eel rice, hairy crabs are delicious!

What is the most difficult thing you faced releasing the 3rd single [Lucifer]?
T : In our second single [Juliette], I had to sing (lyrics) "turn into my actual self and kiss".. this sentence made me feel embarrassed (laughs)
M : That's right. While recording, Taemin couldn't help but laugh out of embarrassment
J : We have difficulties with the pronunciation for [Lucifer]. We paid a lot of attention on the lyrics and dance
M : We had a water scene for Lucifer. Our shoes and shirt were all drenched
O : In addition, compared to the previous 2 singles, [Lucifer] showed a more manly side of us - through our poses and style.
T : Expressions in particular..
O : Charismatic focus, outfits, hairstyles, actions etc
K : Oh, no wonder you are our leader!

--- Releasing a Japanese album at the end of December?
O : Yes! This album will contain a lot of new songs!
J : Including 5 new original Japanese songs
K : Initially we are not used to recording in Japanese, thought that it was really difficult. However, we got used to it halfway and completed the recording smoothly.

--- Did everybody felt that in this half year period, you have all grown more matured?
J : Yes Yes! Recently we felt that staying late at night is a torture (laughs)! Perhaps this is telling us that we are growing older?
T : True indeed!
O : For me, recently I have sixth sense to predict when it will rain
K : (laughs) Then arent you an old grandfather already?

--- (laughs) On the contrary, what do you think is one another cutest point?
K : Cutest factor.... I find it cute when all the members are interested at the same thing.
O : When I am playing my game, other members will silently creep behind me and watch me play (laugh)
M : Yes! For Key, he will occasionally speak at a higher pitch, that is, to act cute for all of us!!
Everybody : hahahaha (laughs)
T : It is indeed really cute!
O : It seems like it came out from the top of his head
J : If it's like that, is that still considered cute?
K : Wait wait! Not that I want to show my cuteness but i happen to do it when I am nervous!
M : Initially, I was thinking how did he managed to come up with that voice? But recently, gotten used to it
K : (pointed to his head) It came out from here! (while speaking in the high pitched voice)
T : Ahh ahh~ my head is starting to feel painful

--- What Japanese Words have you learn this year?
J : We learned a considerable number of name of places, dialects
O : Why! Really! 
M : Felt that Osaka's dialect is easy to memorise, managed to use it in Tokyo
K : For me, I think Japanese language is very versatile and hence interesting. For example, for the "part" that I like to represent the "main point". On the other hand, slangs (or condensed colloquial language) are interesting
Everybody : Good morning! Hello! (Speaking in a condensed word form)

Japanese, still learning it heatedly! Planning to release a Japanese book (laughs)

Key : For me, I am interested in Tensou Sentai Goseiger (anime). This is because this anime is targeted towards children, the vocabulary is easy, good for learning. (while doing a victory pose). For example "Let's try out!"

--- Just like how enthusiastic learning Japanese
T : Yes! Have been studying hard! For me, I am preparing to publish a Japanese book (laugh)
K : I will design the book cover!
M : I will be the art director!
J : Because this book will be accompanied by music, I will be in charge of the music!
O : I will rectify the pronunciation!

--- So let's say it's confirmed! Just asking, when will it be published?
T : Hmm~ Around 20 years later (laugh)

Japanese - Chinese translation:Joy
Chinese - English translation : soundtracklove@soompi 

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