Friday, November 4, 2011

[news] SHINee Ended the First Solo Concert in London as Korean Idol Group with Great Success!

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SHINee Ended the First Solo Concert in London as Korean Idol Group with Great Success!
“The ticket reservation for SHINee’s concert went faster than the reservation for the ‘Harry Potter’”
Local Media in Britain Including Guardian, Independent, The Times, CNN and etc. Covered as well!
The so-called ‘George Clooney-Class Guard' was Given to SHINee! Received Top Star Treatment!  

SHINee proved themselves as the icon of KPOP fever in Europe by ending the first solo concert in London as Korean idol group with great success. 

This concert was held at Odeon West End Theater of Leicester Square on the 3rd at 4:30 p.m. (London time) as the opening gala concert of ‘The 6th London Korean Film Festival.’ From early in the morning, local fans carrying placards written in Korean and Korean flag gathered around the theater.  

Especially, Odeon Theater showed their surprise by saying, “The ticket reservation for SHINee’s opening gala concert went faster than the first day of reservation for the ‘Harry Potter’ and it was the first time the ticket reservation system went down.” Britain’s largest theater chain’s reservation system went down Just 1 minute after the ticket sales for this SHINee’s concert began and the whole reservation system was unavailable for 5hours afterwards. Therefore, the security team, which takes charge of security when world stars visiting Britain, was put for SHINee and SHINee received the so-called ‘George Clooney-Class Guard.' 

Moreover, British daily newspaper, Guardian and Independent and other influential local media including The Times and CNN attended the concert.

SHINee presented stage of hit songs including ‘Ring Ding Dong,’ ‘Replay,’ ‘Juliette,’ ‘Hello,’ and ‘LUCIFER’ and each member’s unit stages. The audiences sang along SHINee’s hit songs in Korean and shook placards written in Korean and balloons. Some fans even cried because they were happy to see SHINee’s performance with their own eyes. 

Also, after the concert, SHINee had an interview with local media such as Guardian, Independent and etc. and attended the place where the opening film of ‘The London Korean Film Festival’ ‘활’ was introduced and played.  

With the success of this concert, it is predicted that SHINee will strengthen their position as the leader of KPOP fever not only in Britain but in Europe and contribute to expansion of KPOP fever. 

Meanwhile, SHINee will return to Korea on November 4th and focus on overseas activity and promotion in Japan (holding a solo concert in Osaka) since they are scheduled to release the first Japanese album ‘THE FIRST’ on December 7th. 

source: SMTown FB

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