Saturday, November 19, 2011

[Magazine] An An Editor's Diary

Spending time with SHINee,

my lifespan was extended by several years.

(To the end this are my personal opinion)


Prospering  right now, the glittering boys, SHINee make another  appearance in this magazine. On the day of the shoot, these five enter  the studio just after 4 pm.It seems this it the time that young men’s  stomach begin to feel empty.In a tiny display of motherhood, we had a  spread of bento, catered food and side dishes, etc laid in wait.

When the shining five arrived. They descended from the elevator with a  “Yoroshiku onegaishi~” [1]. It’s usual for the talent to head to the  make-up room at once. But, these five added the unforgotten “su” with  vigour and without a drop of hesitation, rushed over in a straight line  to the table where the food was lined up!!

And like this, silently ate all of the food as though it was  delicious. Their youthful shape clasped their hands to show it was  enough, and there was a mood of content.But… actually after this, during the shoot, as a bonus fruits were  laid out on the table. In the middle of these, was a fingertip-sized  mini kiwi, Key-san noticed it and right away asked, “What is this?”  already biting into it.

A staff responded, “It’s a kiwi. But it’s tiny”.

The  five opened their eyes wide and simultaneously started shouting stuff  in Japanese and other things that we completely didn’t understand (but  it was probably “What?”, “Really?” “No way” “Give me”, etc). While I was  secretly melting from this cuteness, I said, “It really is a kiwi”.  Taemin who was fixated on the fruit until now, raise his head and gave  me a dazzzzling smile.


What I found out later was that, in that instant, all of the women  there, with their hands clasped (to their faces), were infatuated. (Our)  lives probably slowed down for a year or too.

I think my life might have been extended probably 2~3 years. The  bloom of idols, and then, the country of longevity, Japan. That was the  night where it became my conviction that there must be a relation  between these two.

By the way, a few minutes later, not even one kiwi remained, sorry, we didn’t take any pictures. (Y)
[1] Yoroshiku onegaishimasu is request for good relations, like “Please be kind to me”.
S/N: When he says “liar”, it’s the cutest  version of it possible 

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