Sunday, November 13, 2011

[Lyric] SHINee - To Your Heart

To To To Notify 
To To To To Your Heart
To To To Notify
To To To To Your Heart

From now on you do not warp
Words convey the important
I reserve awkward Face
I ride trying to find a shooting Star

You to a world of weightlessness and
Hand in hand as Hagurenai
Walk the earth and the sky blue
Stardust wears dress
You will be my Princess

Each time you breathe you'll come up with
What are you laughing and crying not
Smile go to find a superb
I do not regret letting the

You fly around the galaxy frolic so Pretty
We'll be together forever
We Promise

Deliver To Your Heart
Draw on your dreams 
warm To Your Heart
to make your dreams come true

Infinite future, Walk With Me
Don't you wanna go now
Take my hand

This feeling ... take it straight to your hands

cr: blinger4ava & pplr@SHWRadio FB

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