Saturday, May 12, 2012

[Audio + Trans] 120508 Osaka Arena Tour SHINee Opening Msg

Reuploaded by girl911209/ Rie_0525

Onew :'s everyone (S/N : "Everyone from Osaka") We are Shining SHINee, welcome to SHINee 2012 Japan Arena Tour. Long time no see. Everyone from Osaka, I am Onew.. I really wanted to see everybody! (Everyone please) be happy till the end (of the show)!

Jonghyun : Good evening everyone, I am Jonghyun. I've always anticipated tonight to meet with everyone in Osaka. I really really wanted to see all of you. Today is the first day of Osaka's concert right! My nervous heart (thumps) bump bump bump.. I will work really hard for my performance today. Thank you everyone for your support! Next!

Taemin : Good evening everyone, I am Taemin. I really wanted to see everyone. (Everyone : "Really Really Really.) Today, everyone will be having their own solo stage. Please pay special attention to the last solo. (In Korean) Why is that so? Because recently there are rumors that the last solo is/ has become really famous!

Key : There is no such rumors!
Jonghyun : When? When? Where? Where?
Taemin : *pointed at his heart* Here Here
Jonghyun : (In your) Heart? 
Taemin : Heart. Thank you for those who are able to come today

Minho : Long time no see everyone from Osaka. I am Minho. Are you all excited?!! That was a little too soft..ARE YOU ALL EXCITED??? Ah~ Today all of you have to have a great time with us till the end. Thank you everyone.

Key : Good evening everyone, I am Key. Is everyone healthy? Long time no see. This time round, SHINee World 2012 (concert is structured and) according and centered around the songs recorded in The First album released last year's December. In order to present to everyone a different side of SHINee, (we have) practised really hard! Through this Arena tour, we hope to let more Japanese fans to get to know us. We will also grow from this.. Thank you everyone for your support. Please be happy till the end. So let's begin with the next song!

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