Saturday, April 7, 2012

[NEWS] Gaon has updated charts

Gaon has updated its charts for the fifth week of March (March 25th-31st)! Since I'm too lazy to compile screenshots for all the sub-charts, I'll list them out in the order that they appear on the website:

디지털 종합 -- digital composite; SHINee at #7 (-6)
온라인-스트리밍 -- online streaming; SHINee at #5 (+3)
온라인-다운로드 -- online download; SHINee at #7 (-6)
온라인-BGM -- online BGM; no rank
모바일 -- mobile; this chart has two components (I neglected to update the second part last time...oops)
i) 벨소리 -- ringtones; SHINee at #1 (+3)
ii) 통화연결음 -- ringback tones; SHINee at #5 (+4)
앨범 -- album (sales); SHINee at #2 (-1)
노래방 -- noraebang/karaoke; no rank

source: gaon, cr

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