Thursday, April 5, 2012

[LIST] 7 Steamiest Kisses in K-Pop!

  1. Goong/Princess Hours (KDrama)
  2. F.Cuz “It’s Kissing Time” (KPOP) 
  3. Adam Couple (KPOP) 
  4. Fashion King (KDrama), I definitely cannot forget to mention SNSD’s Yuri’s kiss with Lee Jae Hoon, from the most recent episode of Fashion King. This is one intense kiss, until they were rudely interrupted. 
  5. Super Junior “Card Kiss Game” (KPOP), Even though this is a game, you can certainly see some close interactions between the members here. I love how Shindong passes the card to Kyuhyun.,, 
  6. SHINee Minho and Jonghyun (KPOP), Well I wouldn’t call this kiss steamy compared to the others, but it had to be put in, just because how Minho leans in yet doesn’t actually expect to be kissed. Jonghyun I think you made things a bit awkward for Minho there!
  7. Protect the Boss (KDrama), This is definitely one steamy kiss from a drama, and it comes from non other than the oh-so-sexy Jaejoong.

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