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[FULL] 120329 SHINee Conversation at ShimShimTaPa Radio


Onew : Hello I'm SHINee's Leader Onew
Taemin : Hello I'm SHINee's Leader Taemin
Minho : Hello I'm SHINee's Maknae Minho
Jonghyun : Hello I'm SHINee's Flaming Charisma Jonghyun
Key : Hello I'm SHINee's Bling Bling Key


Shinding : Put other things aside. Taemin-goon's hair has grown so long
Taemin : Yes, I've kept it long for one and a half years ^^;;;
Shindong : But it was short the last time I saw you
Taemin : This is the result of using various hair-care products ^^;;;
Shindong : Are you those whose hair grows really quickly?
Taemin : Ah no, I am those who has very little hair ^^;;; (S/N : Taemin is careful not to fall into Shindong's trick ^^ There's a Korean saying that those who grows hair quickly has been having dirty thoughts - refer to Minho's KBS "Hello" appearance)


SSTP Writer posted a question to SHINee : Did SHINee regret not doing a simpler dance?

Shindong : Our lead dancer is Taemin-goon right?
Jonghyun : Yes
Taemin : I have a part "The breathing sound you make when you are nervous". However I regret having a popping dance for this part - I have to shake/"pop" when I sing which makes me feel insecure (about his singing). When I am singing live, I will use up a lot of energy so I have a little regret regarding this.

Shindong : What was the line before this?
SHINee : "To-jyo Baby~"
Shindong : Ah it's the part where everyone moves towards the right? 
SHINee : Yes
Shindong : I feel that Taemin is always (does the action) a beat later (than the others)
Taemin : If we do it together, we will get confused. Ah, Shindong-sunbae's observation is really keen/ detailed.


Shindong asked about their choreographer 

Jonghyun : It's Tony Testa. There was a bibliography "Michael Jackson's This is It" - he was the choreographer who directed the last part o the performance. He came to Korea and spent 5 days with us to choreograph. And he left after mastering the dance. Before he left, he said that we are very vibrant and passionate people. From that (compliment), we have gathered a lot of energy (motivation).

Shindong : That sentence sounds a bit weird "He left.." (S/N : In Korean context, by saying someone "has left" it has a similar meaning to someone has passed away)

Jonghyun : Ah.. "after working hard with us for 5 days, he left..." This is easily misunderstood.

Shindong : I am happy for you.. to be able to (collaborate) with Tony Testa


Shindong want's SHINee to talk about their title track "Sherlock" which is a hybrid song from 2 other tracks.

Shindong : Minho-ssi? (S/N : Shindong is picking someone to talk about it)
Minho : Yes? 
Shindong : I am just calling you (for fun) Taemin-goon?
Taemin : I am so sorry, I did not listen to the question carefully (SHINee : Ahhh~)
Onew : I knew it would be like that ^^
Shindong : (repeats the question) What songs were combined to produce the album's title song "Sherlock"?
Taemin : This song is an amalgamation of "Clue" and "Note". They are 2 really unique songs. By combining them gives a really special outcome to it - this is how we arrived at a hybrid remix.
Shindong : Does it consume a lot of electricity? (S/N : Shindong making fun of the word "hybrid" - as in hybrid cars)
Jonghyun : (S/N : Steps in to save the day. Taemin still oblivious to the joke) Lately, isn't the world conscious about environmental conservation?

Shindong : What I want to ask is : Clue and Note are 2 separate songs that come together to form Sherlock. So the two contents from both songs are combined together to form a single song. (S/N : Audience are interested to know what's the point of combining 2 songs together)
Jonghyun : That is a really keen observation! That's why you are Shindong..
Shindong : Jonghyun-ssi, how do you feel about it?
Jonghyun : The lyrics were written to suit Sherlock - It contains "note", the detective diary ,and "clue", the evidence. We have to use these 2 items to be able to catch the criminal. 
Shindong : Ah.. So that is why these 2 songs come together as one. So does the 2 songs actually exist?
Jonghyun : "It does, it does. It does!" (S/N : Earlier on, they went to Boom's "Young Street" and Boom taught SHINee how to say that catchphrase. Shindong asked what was that about.) That (catchphrase) was invented by Boom and Leeteuk. Occasionally, we will steal (the catchphrase) and use it.


Shindong : Which member does not know how to dress well. How should we ask? We shall vote objectively (SHINee members start voting) Everyone let's guess! Our most awesome Onew, please give a hint to everyone~
Onew : Ah.. First of all, I did not vote..
Shinding : Ahhhh..that is an accurate hint!
Onew : That was difficult (S/N : You can hear Key laughing loudly in the background haha)
Shindong : So is this question voided? Taemin-goon ah, where shall we (the audience) send our sms (to the question) to? 
Taemin : *explains the procedures*

("Sherlock" was played during the interval)

Shindong : So who was it?
SHINee : 1. 2. 4. Onew!
Jonghyun : Charismatic Onew
Shindong : What is the reason?
Jonghyun : The important thing is. If he slightly tidy himself up, , he is not as handsome anymore~
Minho : This is actually the most significant unique characteristic of Onew-hyung. He is more handsome when he does not dress up.
Shindong : What is this...
Minho : Onew is just the total opposite..
Shindong : Wait.. So later this gentleman here cannot put on any make up when he goes on stage?
Jonghyun : Yes, you are right. To describe (him), Onew hyung is like a senior in University. He gives others a sense of gentleness and innocence - a friendly next-door-neighbour feel. So even though he does not dress up usually, it's fine too.
Taemin : I feel that Onew-hyung's special characteristic is better portrayed during our daily lives.

What shocks me is that during winter, everyone will be wearing feather dow-jacket.. that is still alright, at least that looks clean. But in the end, he (Onew) wore a bright green pants.

Key : a sports attire. (burst out laughing)

Minho : Yes athletic wear with feather jacket. When I saw it, I really didn't know how to describe him.
Shindong : Does that explain the meaning that he still looks handsome if he doesnt dress up?
SHINee : .....
Shindong : I don't think that is all what you all think (Everyone laughs) Ah no matter what, the answer is Onew! (Onew seems so happy and did a "peace" sign!)


Shindong inquired about the lyrics Jonghyun wrote

Shindong : It was revealed just now that the song was written by Jonghyun
Jonghyun : Yes, I wrote it. I frequently participate in lyrics-writing and whatsoever..
Shindong : I heard that among the 4 songs (excluding sherlock, clue and note), there are 2 songs that were written by you.
Jonghyun : Yes
Shindong : However we do not have enough time to appreciate the song to be sung in live.
Jonghyun : It's okay! After everyone hear from us, they will probably give generous comments like "Why is this song so nice?" And will then search for the song to listen. And just like this, copyright fees will automatically be sent to by bank account. Like this, I will be able to live through a warm 2012.


Shindong : Here is the time for SHINee's Maknae Taemin to introduce the album. To promote to those who hasn't purchased it. We will give you sufficient time - 30 seconds!
Taemin : This.. My members have to help me
Minho : No, 30 seconds, Taemin shall do it himself.
Jonghyun : He can do it.
Shindong : Start!
Taemin : Our title track is "Sherlock"for our new mini album. And this song is a combination of "Note" and "Clue". Other than these few songs, we have recorded a few romantic ballads in our album - they are "alarm clock", "the reason", "stranger" and "honesty" - a total of 7 songs. You've just heard a small caption of the songs just now (S/N : SHINee sang one line from the 4 songs before this). The songs are good and we hope everyone will love it a lot. (We also) Hope that (you can) download it a lot, in this way Jonghyun hyung can receive more.. (S/N: ...copyright income! But time was up!)
Shindong : Ah, just when you are starting to talk about copyright fees...
Taemin : Ahhh..yes, why do I have to stop when I am about to talk about the most important thing.
Everyone : What a pity~


Jonghyun : Actually,I can make everyone buy the album just by saying a sentence.
Shindong : Oh? Just a sentence? Can such effect by achieved (by just saying that sentence)?
Jonghyun : Yes
Shindong :
Jonghyun : There is a nude photo of Taemin~
Everyone : Ahhhhhh..
Shindong : Will buy it for sure..
Taemin : Why is it me?
Jonghyun : Because you do not always appear. (*ambiguous* : Reveal his body parts/ Speak up on the radio show)

Credits : MrMinho, MrSHINee, OnewTime // English Transcript : soundtracklove

Shindong : I will start to ask Onew. Q:"I think that SHINee's Popularity is higher than SJ in Europe" Yes or No. 1. 2. 3.
Onew : (Takes a deep breath in a very soft voice) Yes.
Shindong : This week's radio show with SHINee can end here!

Shindong : I will ask Key now.Q: "I am the most experienced in love among SHINee members" If it's right "O", if it's wrong "X". 1.2.3.
Key : (Disgusted face) X!
Shindong : Oh? We shall investigate this later on

Shindong : Next question for Taemin-goon! Q:"To be honest, I am very unsatisfied with my long hairstyle for this new mini-album. But I act like I am happy with it but I have been sufferign inside" If it's right "O", if it's wrong "X". 1. 2. 3.
Taemin :  (Takes a deep breath in a very soft voice) X. ^^:;;
Everyone : ohhhhhhh~~

Shindong : Next question for Minho-ssi. Q"I have the most wine-tasting skill *unsure* drunk-antics in SHINee" Yes or No?
Minho : No.
Shindong : Oh? I want to know more~

Shindong : Last question fo Jonghyun-ssi!
Jonghyun : Yes yes it's my turn
Shindong : Q:"Everyone thinks that Key is the King of fasjion but I don't think  he matches his clothes well" Yes or No. 1.2.3
Jonghyun : No.

Shindong : Everyone gave the perfect answer other than Onew!
Jonghyun : Attention ELFs, It's not what the entire SHINee feels. This is not representative of us as a whole!
Key : So let's hear from the rest of the 4 members about their opinions.
2minjongkey : X!
Shindong : Why are you all like this! I understand~ All of you toured around the entire Europe!
SHINee : No... we didn't..
Shindong : To be honest, when talking about Asia.. I have no choice but to admit (that SJ is more popular).. We are not going to let go of  the fact that we are more popular in Asia.
SHINee : Yes.
Shindong : But as for Europe, We (SJ) is just starting to enter the market. I believe that SHINee is more popular in Europe now, but we (SJ) will catch up really quickly.
Jonghyun : Actually, KPOP wave is just starting (to spread) in Europe...
Shindong : But the first to eat the crab was SHINee. (S/N : I think what Shindong means is that SHINee was the first to do well in Europe)
Jonghyun : Yes, for this, we have to admit. To be honest, it is difficult to answer this question. SHINee has our own SHINee's characteristics, while SJ has your own SJ style. So from the start, it is not a good comparison.
Shindong : Anyway, we are all from the same company. It is the best if everyone can get even more popular together.
SHINee : That's right!
Onew : Super Junior Jjang~!
Shindong : Thank you~

Shindong : Ah, but even though we know that you (SHINee) are more popular in Europe, but what is the reason that makes you all so popular?
Jonghyun : It should be our entire performance - stage performance, fashion. But the most important thing is that not only do they like us, but they will be interested to understand Korean wave culture. From albums, music, fashion - they are interested in many things.
Shindong : Ah so it is clear now! So SHINee will continue to work hard in Europe~


Shindong : We will now investigate Key's answer. Key has the most experience in love
Key : No...based on what evidence was this written?
Shindong : I also don't know.
Key : I feel that it is related to the number of telephone contacts (I have).
Shindong : I think it has some relations to it but recently you have your 91-line right? There are many famous starts in the group. Everyone feels that you exude friendliness hence many girls may try to get close to you.
Key : I will admit. It is right (to say that I am a friendly person) but that is a huge problem to it. Girls who I am close to will start treating me like a very good friend...
Jonghyun : ...and become a really good friends.
Shindong : But the main point is that.. is there any member who has more love experience than Key?
Key : This is regarding our private issue, we shall talk about it later. (S/N : not reveal during the radio broadcast)


Shindong : Let's ask Taemin-goon now. Q:"To be honest, I am very unsatisfied with my long hairstyle for this new mini-album. But I act like I am happy with it but I have been sufferign inside" 
Taemin : Aishh.. this thing really makes people nervous!
Jonghyun : Let him try first!
Shindong : Even though you may not like it, you will still be shocked by it.
Taemin : I have to say the truth (Shindong repeats the question again)
Taemin : No ^^;;; Ah, I'm really nervous, what should I do~
Shindong : You don't have to worry if you are telling the truth!
Taemin : OH! *Taemin was shocked by it and shakes the lie detector off his hand!*
Onew : Oh no! The lie-detector is spoilt!
Shindong : This part just dropped off suddenly. 
Jonghyun : Ah this thing will detatch if your action is too huge.
Shindong : But Taemin-ssi, it seems like you are do not agree with the outcome. Why not just to try, please just say "Yes" as the answer.
Everyone : Just try "Yes" for once.
Taemin : Okay I'll just try "Yes".
Minho : (If he says)"Yes", doesn't it mean that he does not like the hairstyle?
Taemin : To say that it is painful, it is really painful indeed.
Shindong : Wait, I want to ask other members - are you all satisfied with your hairstyle for this mini album?
Minho : Yes, satisfied, very happy about it - it has been quite a while since I have a hair cut.
Shindong : Because no matter what, Taemin's concept is the most shocking, furthermore, he has long hair so this is the most difficult question to him. So let's ask him one more time (repeats question)
Taemin : Yes.
Jonghyun : So are you saying that it has been difficult for you (to keep the long hair)?
Taemin : *passed the lie-detector* Everyone burst out laughing!
Jonghyun : Taemin told a lie as if it was real. Even the lie-detector is saying that it is tired.
Shindong : Everyone, we shall not probe any further for now.

Shindong : I shall ask Minho now Q:"I feel that I am the SHINee member with the most drunk-antics". If you say No, It means you have low alcohol tolerance
Minho : It is not to say I dont have good alcohol tolerance but there is someone in the group who does not drink.
Shindong : if we exclude Taemin-goon?
Minho : Jonghyun doesn't drink too.
Shindong : Exclude Jonghyun too.
Minho : Then there will only be one.
Shindong : So who do you feel has the worst drunk behaviour?
Minho : At first I think it was Onew-hyung. When he's drunk, everthing comes out (*ambiguous*)
Shindong : Well, then let's talk about other weird things instead.


Shindong : I am curious.. This person, this person whom I will not reveal - does this person have a lot of love experience?
Minho : To be honest, this person has lots of love experience.
Shindong : Okay we shall stop here and not talk about it anymore. We shall not discuss further about it.
Everyone : Yes

Shindong : Next! Jonghyun-ssi... Wait, Key what happened to you?
Key : My heart is hurt
Jonghyun : There are too many schedules today, his heart isn't in a good condition today (S/N : Jonghyun is joking)
Shindong : Jonghyun-ssi! Q"People name Key as the Fashion-trender, but I feel that his style is ordinary" Let's test.
Jonghyun : (He is) A friend who really knows how to dress up. He is very meticulous about this. But I am not sure the reason that he bought so many clothings is to leave a good impression for "someone" or not. But he really knows how to match his clothings.
Shindong : So.. we will pass this question!

Shindong : So Key-ssi....
Taemin : Ah, we are living together, not sure if this is appropriate.
Shindong : So Key, let's do it (the test) again!
Key : Let me listen to the question and judge for myself for a moment.
Shindong : OK!
Jonghyun : Question! Question!
Shindong : Q: "I have someone from the opposite gender that I like" Not a short-term crush.
Jonghyun : Ahhhh.. so is there one?
Key : Sigh..
Shindong : Say the truth. Then we will know the truth, if you told a lie, the test will reveal it as one. But there are also times that when you speak the truth, it would be also detected as a lie (S/N : Haha Shindong is putting up a disclaimer)
Key : Just bring it! I don't have one
Shindong : Okay! Let's do it!
Key : The one I like.. recently
Jonghyun, Minho : Your ideal (person)..
Key : (Among the idol girls) that are currently promoting..
Shindong : Please listen to the question carefully. "What if it's not among the idols?"
Shindong : He even specify (where/what the girl is)! Among the idols~ Among the idols~
Jonghyun : He is digging his own grave and even covered his own coffin.
Shindong : Let's just do it! Q:"A girl I am very fond of lately"
Key : NO! no.. no.. really none.
Jonghyun : Actually I feel that there is none. **Deng! Key passed the lie-detector!**
Everyone : Ohhhhhh~~
Onew : It seems like he has one already.
Shindong : If it's like this, everything we have tested about love experience was right!
Jonghyun : Yes yes yes yes yes.. really yes.
Onew : How about this question Q:"I am already dating"
Everyone : Ayeeee...
Shindong : For that, you shall tell me personally after the show. (Onew : HAHAHAHAHAH!) Now there are many fans worried about it (the lie-detector) - Actually it cost only 19,000 won (USD$19). Please do not misunderstand everyone - as long as your conscience is clear.

Credits : MrMinho, MrSHINee, OnewTime // English Transcript : soundtracklove

*"Sherlock" was played during the interlude"*


Shindong : SHINee Show Center has started! The member who has the most points will be the winner! We have a surprising gift for the ultimate winner
Jonghyun : Omo omo oma.
Shindong : The first game is Karaoke Game!

The worst dresser in SHINee 

Shindong : First question for Onew - the chance is only given to Onew-ssi. Right answer 5 marks, wrong answer 0 marks.
Onew : So nervous
Shindong : Q:"From Key's perspective, which member in SHINee does not know how to dress well" I'll give you 3 seconds/ 1.2.3.
Onew : *quietly* Onew~
Shindong : Ah, he think it's himself. Correct! 5 marks awarded!
Key : Aish.. you told me that it would be anonymous so I wrote it! (S/N : haha listen to onew's laughter in the background!)
Minho : Yes, you told us it would be anonymous, this is...unbelievable!
Jonghyun : Unknowingly given the person the right answer.
Key : Should have chosen other people. Why did you guess yourself!
Onew : Hahahah!

Who does not listen to Onew well?

Shindong : Next is Jonghyun!
Jonghyun : Really?
Shindong : Jonghyun to guess Onew's question. Q:"Please name the members in SHINee whom Onew thinks does not listen to him well"
Jonghyun : Wait... wait ..
Shindong : You know it!
Jonghyun : To be accurate, there is more than one.
Onew : The members will misunderstand.
Jonghyun : I shall try.. I am very concerned about Onew.. so I shall guess.. Taemin, Jonghyun, Key, Minho.. everyone has been chosen.
Shindong : CORRECT! (Onew : Wahhhhh~ hahaha!) What is this!
Jonghyun : Used my heart, I chose with my heart. I used feeling of love to chose so it was accurate. (I've) Guessed it accurately.

Who talks the most about girl groups?

Shindong : Next one, Minho-ssi!
Minho : Aishh.. I'm not really good at guessing at this.
Shindong : Minho-ssi please guess Jonghyun's question Q:"The member Jonghyun thinks talk about female groups the most is?"
Minho : Key.
Key : *sigh...*
Shindong : I give you a chance to change your answer.
Minho : Ah, in that case..
Jonghyun : Please think carefully.
Minho : Wait.. I think... This is too easy..
Jonghyun : I wrote it.. because I, Jonghyun, wrote it.
Minho : Jonghyun!
Shindong : WRONG! Minho fails to get 5 points. The right answer is Key-goon!
Key : Ahh..why do you all tease me the entire day...
Jonghyun : Seems like Minho should not have come to today's radio show~

Which member takes care of his image the most

Shindong : Next one, Taemin-goon! Please guess Minho-ssi's question Q:"Which member does Minho think that he takes care of his image the most among all the SHINee members?"
Jonghyun : Me.. Me.. Minho thinks that.
Taemin : (So happy that he knows the answer) Jonghyun!
Jonghyun : Why is it always me?
Shindong : I'll give you another chance to change (your answer).
Taemin : Jonghyun!
Shindong : Are you sure?
Taemin : Yes.
Jonghyun : Taemin-ssi. Taemin-ssi... Think carefully.
Shindong : So is it right, Minho-ssi? WRONG!
Jonghyun : Taemin does not really know how to judge people.
Shindong : So who is it then? The right answer is Taemin-goon!
Taemin : Oh really?
Shindong : It is written here "(Taemin is) cuter (in real life) than what he is orignally (in front of fans)"
Taemin : why did I pick Jonghyun? He always send SNS! He always share funny things with fans. So I think that "ahh.. this must be Jonghyun-hyung.. the most serious (case)."
Minho : I am really straight-forward. Taemin-goon will present a very charismatic performance on the stage. So no matter what, it is important that he has to take care of his image.
Jonghyun : Taemin is a really cute friend.

The member Taemin is most afraid in SHINee

Shindong : The next one is Key-ssi. Please guess Taemin's choice. Q : "The person Taemin is most afraid in SHINee is?"
Jonghyun : Ah this is hard.. This is not easy.
Key : Answer - Key.
Jonghyun : Do you want to change?
Shindong : I give you a chance to change.
Key : I will not change.
Jonghyun : Will not change?
Shindong : I will give you another chance! So it's still Key. So Minho, is this the correct answer? (Minho is the one that hits the xylophone) *deng!* - WRONG! The right answer is "Minho-ssi!"
Everyone : Ahhhh..
Shindong : Ah Key, why (did you pick yourself)? Ah Taemin, why (did you pick Minho)?
Key : Ah ! Ah! Ah! I got it! I know why!
Shindong : Why? What is the reason?
Taemin : Well actually, all the member hyungs are really good, they are not those who are difficult to approach. I feel that Minho-hyung treats us really well usually but he always reprimands us - so that was the closest answer to the question.
Jonghyun : Ah that's right, a charismatic man.
Shindong : Ah..that's right.. charismatic.
=== Current Overall score : Onew - 5 , Jonghyun - 12, Minho - 1, Taemin - 0, Key -1. 

Credits : MrMinho, MrSHINee, OnewTime // English Transcript : soundtracklove


Shindong : Round 3! "Please guess (our) Manager's thoughts!" This manager has a strong and deep relationship with everyone, this a time to reflect! (Onkey started to turn around and smile at their managers) Firstly, I questioned SHINee's manager. This manager's answer has 6 characters - please use your imagination and guess.

Jonghyun : Who is this manager? Is it Manager Jongkyung?
Shindong : So, exactly which manager does this refer to? (All Shinee members turn to look at their manager)
Minho : Who is it?
Key : Is it Manager Choijin?
Shindong : We have called out these 2 cute (manager) out. From what I see, our Mr Choijin wants to come back (to this radio show) again.
Minho : And we have Mr Shin Yongdae..
Shindong : Ah! Choi Nyungnam sunbae-nim, the one with the spectacles. Okay! We have prepared 2 questions. Please think about how many points will these questions be worth. Think carefully! After the answer has been revealed, I will announce the marks - I will be the one allocating it. 
Shinee : Ah..

Shindong : The first question : "SHINee members are really perfect and handsome but if I have to talk about their unsatisfactory points, there is one and that is _____?"
Shinee : Ah that is difficult.
Shindong : I have just reconfirmed with the manager. He used to be in charge of SJ but now he is the manager of SHINee. Both of their conversation were like this "Are you asking if we have any unhappiness regarding SHINee? Oh? SHINee? Ah... If you ask us about SJ, we have so many unhappiness regarding SJ. (We) really don't have any for SHINee" - this is how the manager said.
SHINee : Ah... this is difficult.
Shindong : So who is it? So what is it? Please think about it. Shout your name and you can answer

Jonghyun : This is a time to obtain points, everyone please do not waste this opportunity. Jonghyun!
Shindong : Jonghyun! (answer)
Jonghyun : Our morning wake-up time.
Shindong : Do you all wake up late?
Jonghyun : No.. no.. I am always the first (to wake up)
Shindong : Who wakes up the latest?
Jonghyun : The member changes everytime.
Shindong : WRONG!
Taemin : Answer!
Shindong : Taemin-ssi
Taemin : Being disorganised - place our things messily. To throw things.
Shindong : WRONG!
Key : KEY! (Answer:) Being impatient.
Shindong : WRONG!
Onew : Rice!
(All the members fight for the answer)
Shindong : We shall give Onew a chance.
Taemin : Get it wrong! (Everyone started laughing) Haha, I have 0 marks TT^TT
Shindong : Haha, yes he has 0 marks that's why..
Jonghyun : I will start counting down for you.
Shindong : 3.2.1.
Onew : "Our opinions are different when it comes to (picking) meals"
Shindong : WRONG!

Jonghyun : JONGHYUN! "Our meal times!"
Shindong : WRONG!
Taemin : TAEMIN! "Menu! Menu!"
Shindong : What about menu?
Taemin : Everyone orders different things so it is difficult to accomodate to everyone.
Shindong ; WRONG!
Key : KEY KEY KEY KEY! A strictly-milk meal!
Shindong : Oh ho....
Jonghyun : Ah, I don't eat that.
Shindong : WRONG! Jonghyun has the closest answer for now.
Jonghyun : Meal time. It never ends. Every member eat at different time so we cannot finish at the same time.
Shindong : Your answer is deviating~ WRONG! Must be more accurate.
Taemin : ANSWER! Ermm..
Jonghyun : JONGHYUN! We take a lot time to wake up
Shindong : WRONG!
Minho : That is... time.. time.. ah it isn't..

Shindong : What about time?
Taemin : ANSWER! We have our meals too late.
Shindong : Hmm.. that is.. CORRECT!!!
Taemin : WAHHHHH! *and a wild Taemin appears*
Shindong : Even though it is not the exact same 6 words but both have the same meaning. The correct answer is " They do not eat when it is time to eat"
SHINee : Ahhhhh~
Shindong : (Managers) are very worried about this for SHINee.. Everyone, this is really worrying. The marks allocated is.. because the ex-SJ manager is now SHINee's manager, so i'll give you SJ's debut year - 2005 points! (S/N : Aigoo~ Taemin is so happy) Taemin is now in the first place!
Jonghyun : Wahhhh.. It's impossible to catch up.. 2005 points~


Shindong : The last Question. I shall award 2008 points to this - SHINee's debut year. That will be an unconditional win.
(Okay, so somehow they settled with 2800 points)
Shindong : "SHINee, even though they are my family, but I still feel that they are extremely good at this point"
Taemin : Answer! Taemin Taemin!
Minho : Minho!
Shindong : Taemin is the fastest.. 1,2,3
Taemin : Our life performance is the best!
Shindong : Is this the answer?WRONG!
Jonghyun : Jonghyun jonghyun!
Key : KEYYYYYY! Key key key!
Jonghyun : I am the fastest! "Our greetings and behaviour!"
Shindong : You shouted your name really loudly.
Onew : What was the question again? 
Shindong : "SHINee, even though they are my family, but I still feel that they are extremely good at this point" WRONG!
Key : Key key key! (shindong : Key is the fastest) AHHHHH~  "Self management. "
Shindong : You have to be more accurate.
Minho : Minho! "Practice", "We Practice really well"
Key : Key Key key Key!
Shindong : Practice really hard.
Minho : Yes, extremely passionate about it.
Key : Key Key Key Key!
Taemin : Taemin Taemin!
Shindong : WRONG!
Key : Key Key Key Key!
Onew : Onew Onew!
Shindong : Key has been waiting~ Please speak Key.
Key : Amount of pratice.
Shindong : What about it?
Key : A lot. A lot. We practice a lot. We practice a lot 
Taemin : Taemin Taemin Taemin~
Minho : Minho!
Shindong : (Chance) to Taemin! 
Minho :  AH! WHY! I was the fastest! They all answered!
Shindong : I didn't see it. Everyone,  please don't be overly anxious over it. It's only 2008 points.
Taemin : Practice well ... according to what we were told to do so
Shindong : Oh....
Taemin : Every time, we will "yes yes, we agree and then do it"
Shindong : Ah how to judge this. WRONG!
Onew : ONEW! (everyone started laughing because he was too quick!)
Jonghyun : Onew.. he is really Onew.. nobody can be faster than him.
Onew : Our practice timings are always irregular.. but whenever we were told of any changes, we will be there immediately. 
Shindong : ah... please rephrase it.
Onew : We are punctual for practice!
Taemin : Taemin! (Shouted out randomly hahah)
Shindong : CORRECT!
Onew : *A wild Onew appears!* 2805 POINTS - WINNERRR!!!!
Shinding : 2805! Onew is the winner! Congratulations!
Key : So what is the correct answer?
Shindong : "Very punctual for practice, meetings.. No matter what, after debut, they wake up really early and work really hard. They are really amazing children"
SHINee : Thank you.

Shindong : Onew's prize is... 3 aegyo set! 
Jonghyun : WOW! One-shot!
Shindong : You feel really good now right?
Key : I am so envious~
Shindong : We have exceeded the time by 15 minutes, so we are unable to broadcast the last song.
SHINee : Let's just broadcast it.
Shindong : What song?
SHINee : Sherlock
Shindong : Again? Okay, let it be "Sherlock!"
Credits : MrMinho, MrSHINee, OnewTime // English Transcript : soundtracklove

shared by take out with full credit 

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