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[FanAcount] 120419 SHINee Fan Meeting (FULL)

S/N : The fan is an MVP; Onew fan. But the fan account includes everyone.
S/N : I broke the fan account into segments with headers as it looked really lengthy

Opening song : Stranger. During the self-introduction, Jinki asked everyone how have they been living. Taemin said "Hello everyone, I am SHINee's maknae Taemin, first time meeting all of you' Then his hyung (Jonghyun) corrected him "First time..? Everyone has probably seen you 300 times!"; Jonghyun commented that everyone looks good today. Then the MC asked SHINee :

MC : "The reaction for Sherlock's comeback has been really good / has been really well-received, so how do you all feel about it?"
Minho : "The feeling is not bad"
Jonghyun : "We love you teacher Lee Soo Man! We love you Shawols"
MC : "Were there anything interesting that happened during the filming of the MV?"
Minho :"Jonghyun's acting being in shock is really good"
Jonghyun "Minho-goon, be acting skills will totally overshadow yours"
Minho : "(So) Why don't you act in a musical?"
Jonghyun : "I don't want to be casted in a musical.. Just by observing from the corner, I can absorb it (the skills) naturally"
Taemin : "So try singing one line for us to listen"

Jonghyun acted 2 lines (from the musical?) and started to nag about the storyline of the MV, he says that Jessica is actually a female ghost in the MV.... Fans sitting below the stage gave a really shocked expression and Jonghyun was really happy (with the reaction) = =. Minho revealed that there is actually one hour worth of storyline in the MV but the director condensed it into 3minutes worth. While he was talking, Jinki supported with his left hand on the bench and rested there relaxingly on his seat, while Taemin was sitting in a very manly pose. Heh heh heh.

Jonghyun started a new topic "Talking about our choreography, Taemin do you mind explaining? Oh! No no! Today! Today! We shall let Onew-hyung explain! (Our) Dancing King! Terminator/ Ultimate~!" Then Jinki revealed the expression he always show whenever he was teased by Jonghyun --- a little shy, a little embarrassed but a feeling that says "Jonghyun...just wait till you go home"... So he stood up and mumbled incoherently "Ah, firstly for the chorus portion... (wait,) how do you sing this part?" Onew, are you so nervous that you have forgotten how to sing? "Firstly, you have to jump out. After jumping out, you must make a "boing boing" noise" Jonghyun then started singing "Oh Oh Start! Oh I'm curious yeah~" Jinki then jumped out.... then squatted down. The dongsaengs then asked him to try again, Jinki then bounced back to his position. Taemin gave a demonstration. Then Minho said ...

Minho : "There is a thing that we are only revealing it here, that is the Skipping-rope movement.. For this, we shall welcome Onew-hyung to demonstrate for us!" 
Onew : "Then you have give me some accompanying music"
Jonghyun : "Please...there isn't any lyrics in this part"
Then Jonghyun and Minho started to give Onew the beat "dong dong, dart, dart, ha, ha" 
Such manly voice....I almost died of blissfulness then!
For the Skipping-rope movement, it has many tilted angles, if Onew really tried doing it, he would have probably fallen down.


Previously, when everyone was chatting, Minho suddenly bent forward.. everyone was puzzled by his action. Turns out, he did such a huge action just to grab a bottle of water to himself. After getting the bottle in his hands, he gave a really innocent "I-am-just-trying-to-reach-for -my-water-bottle-only... what-were-you-all-thinking?" look. So after he opened the bottle cap and drank a mouthful of water, he passed it to Kibum with his left hand.. Kibum then drank one mouthful and "dong~", threw back to the side of the stage.

SHINee said that they wanted to sing a sweet song for everyone, and everyone cheered and requested for "Honesty". Jonghyun said that they will sing "Your Name" first for this time round. When he was singing, Minho was holding a water bottle.. when he went down the stage, he gave a fan sitting on the front row the water bottle! The seats they were sitting could be adjusted according to your height preference. When they started singing, Jonghyun immediately adjusted his seat to the tallest possible height... but because his legs were short and could not reach the floor, and the seat was really smooth, so he almost slipped down from it hahahahahahaha! During a part (song interval), just like drawing water from a well, the 5 of them playfully adjusted their seats up and down, up and down.... = = The fans requested Minho to give out water bottles to them, Minho said that he actually wanted to give out flowers, but he forgot and left it behind (S/N : He was kidding). After singing :

MC : "Do you all know what is the song that was sung just now?"
Of course, only the MC does not know...
Jonghyun : "We shall let Onew-hyung explain this song too!"
Onew : "Ehmm..This song is written by me. I was really serious when I wrote this song. In the future, I will continue to show my serious and hardworking side of me" (S/N : "Serious" as in really concentrating on his work)
Jonghyun : " can you please do a formal introduction of this song?"
Onew "This song is "Your Name", I wrote the lyrics with the thought of those moments when fans were shouting our names....." etc


The next segment was a questionaire session - the questions were written before hand on sticky-notes/post-it notes and they were stuck on the whiteboard. Key was the first one to pick a question and Jonghyun said ..

Jonghyun : "Key-goon, after choosing the questions, let's give them to Onew-hyung to read"
Onew : "What do you think of when you were wearing the bathrobe?"
Key : "Actually the bathrobe is also part of my costume in my musical.. I was pushed when I wore the bathrobe (in the musical). Some said that they could tell my underwear fetish when I was pushed - what is this!"
Jonghyun : "So what is Key's underwear fetish?"
(Taemin-ah, why are you smiling so brightly?)


(Next Question) : "Teasing and playing with Kibum is the happiest moment right?"
Minho (immediately said) : "YES! SUPER INTERESTING/FUN!"
Key : "So who was the most recent one who played a prank on me?"
Onew : "ME! When we returned home one day, Key's back was facing me, I went up to him and scared him, he almost cried"
(Key gave a really confused/blank look, seemingly he couldnt recall that incident)
Jonghyun : "Key-goon was frightened so badly that he lost his memory"
Taemin : "Just now... (S/N : Taemin said it in an slight accent, it was so cute ahhhhh he sounded extremely like a child) .. We were recording for Mnet M-Countdown, Key screamed "WAHHH" after he was frightened"


Key burst out laughing then he started to paste the sticky notes on Taemin after choosing them - (one of them was) "Taemin-ah, please do an aegyo".. Taemin was really reluctant to do it, but Key still grabbed Taemin's hand and forced him (to do an aegyo).


Minho picked the next sticky note which read "Please dance Sistar's Alone".. After shouting 1,2,3... Jonghyun started singing (seems like you know girl group's songs really well huh!) but Key did not really dance it accurately so Jonghyun and Minho were not pleased (with his performance). Minho said "Something seems missing... please dance again!" Key still didnt perform it accurately, Jonghyun said "Ah, okay... do it accurately next time.. (remember to) put on a wig and makeup too"


Jonghyun suggested playing "Yajatime" (Time/A game for the weak), a game that they played during Hello Baby when the oldest and youngest switches role... Jonghyun continued "But actually, our group does not need (to play) this... usually, we do not practice (age) hierachy in the group" Then Minho and Taemin started to play (this game), Minho shouted Jonghyun to pour water for him. Taemin then shouted at Minho...then they talked about drinking issues. Jonghyun says "For alcohol wise, Onew-hyung, Jonghyun and Key can really drink well, but for me and Taemin-goon, we can be considered as if we don't know (how to drink) at all" Key explains that he has not been drinking for quite some time due to his musical. Taemin says he has never consumed alcoholic beverages, and the fans started to mumble, expressing their doubts..Taemin they said "Okay, i've drank before". Just now when they were singing a line that goes "Please drink a cup of tea" in Your Name, Jonghyun gazed at Onew and did a drinking gesture. 

The next request was to ask Minho to do a freestyle rap. Onew and Jonghyun were really high and did a beatbox together..


The next question asked Taemin how does he feel if a noona older than him called him hyung.. Taemin said "(Usually) after they shouted (it out), they will burst into laughter.. like this HA HA HA HA" he imitated noonas dry laughter and the noona fans below the stage joined in with him... Taemin then said in a manly manner "IT IS STILL YAJA TIME NOW!!!!!" (Ahhhh, his voice is really manly....Taemin-ah, you are really manly) Minho immediately stood up and pushed Taemin's head and said "Yajatime has long ended....why are you still like this!" Taemin immediately returned to his original cute state - he adorably placed his legs together and sat politely on the seat and acted like a well-behave kid.


The next question asked "Taemin-ah, what has been troubling you recently?" The fans below shouted "Female dressing/ Cross-dressing!" (which sounded like "Women" - similar pronounciation) Taemin replied "Yes" then Key and Onew started to paste more sticky notes on Taemin's body. "What is your skincare secret?", "What is the most awkward/troubling/embarrassing moments during recording?" "Taemin, please sing "7 years of love".. Then Taemin sang 2 lines from "7 years of love" and replied "The most embarrassing moment during recording is when my voice breaks" and "Skincare secret? There is no such thing", "Q: (Name) the thing you want to eat the most, Noona is really rich and will buy it for you.", Taemin : "Oh... firstly...I want to eat King Crab"..


The next question "Please do a Bbuing Bbuing (aegyo)" Jonghyun gave a members a look and then shouted 1,2,3.. and as expected, Key did not just do it obediently; he questioned "WHAT! DO YOU THINK I AM AN IDIOT?" and acted as if he was furious. After doting him for a while, Key finally did a "bbuing bbuing".. When it was Minho's turn, Minho asked "Didn't we have a compromise (not to do it - and let Key do it alone) already?" Jonghyun said "When? Let's go! 1,2,3,4!" Minho also did his Bbuing Bbuing... Then Jonghyun said "Okay! Let's just end here!"


One sticky note read "I've actually written a reply for "Honesty""... And Jonghyun requested the fans to sing, the fans were at a lost on what to do so they said "But we are not able to do it!" Jonghyun then stood up and shouted "YOU CAN DO IT!!!!" Staff passed a mic over and the noonas sang, their voice is really cute haha.. Jonghyun was waving his hands emotionally and even said "I love you" to the fans and even said "Such lively/animated singing expression is the cutest" 


Everyone still remembered "Bbuing Bbuing" and shouted at Jonghyun to do it... Jonghyun then did it many times in a mocking manner - a very impatient and reluctant way... Ah since everyone has seen the video, so it was like that! Jonghyun what were you thinking, do you think we noonas do not know! You just want us to beg you right?!! After begging you for so long, you are really satisfied but why are you still so haughty/conceited TT

When it was Onew's time to do Bbuing Bbuing, he questioned "Why do we have to add the hand actions? Ah.. Is it just to make it cuter?" Everyone said yes.. Jonghyun said "This action really does look like we are riding on a motorbike right?"


Then everyone started taking their turns to say their concluding statement, seemingly to leave.. actually they went to the backstage to get ready for their mics to perform 3 more songs!! After they came back they sang RDD, Lucifer, Sherlock and they left..

Other small points to note :

Taemin removed the blue furry hair-like vest.. he was really troubled with it so he threw it on the floor.. but then he realised that it was annoying to be beside his shoe so he took it up and threw it again (heh heh heh...) And his pleated-skirt is really uncomfortable.. he kept shifting around his waist.. Jonghyun even lifted up once and said "Don't you all want to see what's underneath this!!" Taemin then took a bottle of water to drink and placed it on his lap...Jonghyun naturally just took it from his lap and drank it.. When Jinki was pasting the sticky notes he paste it... *cough cough* on Taemin's chest.. really close to his nipples.. Minho's vest is actually rectangular in shape when spreaded out, he totally look like a bat when he spread it open to block Jonghyun.. WHen he did that, Jonghyun squeezed Minho's butt. When dancing Sherlock, jumping to the right and left, Jonghyun pointed at the noonas.

Source : TS Conditional 王力宏// Shared : Vivz // Translation : soundtracklove

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