Thursday, April 5, 2012

[Fan Account] 120403 Another compilation from Fansign @ Daegu


Fan : Am I as pretty as Taeyeon?
Jonghyun : Which Taeyeon?
Fan : SHINee's
Jonghyun : (He raised his head and looked at the fan for about 3 seconds) You are Taeyeon's mother (S/N : He is trying to suggest that the fan looks like Taeyeon's mother)
Fan : You are so bad TT TT
Jonghyun : (evil laughter) Then are you Taeyeon's husband?
Fan : Please stop it already!
Jonghyun : He/She is unwilling to marry you!!
Fan : Just stop it Jonghyun
Jonghyun : Kekekeke


Fan : You have not moved house right?
Jonghyun : Eh?
Fan : Can I know your address then?
Jonghyun : (raised his head) What are you thinking?
Fan : I just want to check it out
Jonghyun : Don't tell me that you are thinking of robbing us while we are sleeping?!
Fan :... (moved on to Onew)
Fan : Hyung and Lee Joon (MBLAQ) are really close right?
Onew : He is so poor so he likes to wear my SHINee merchandise (Onew's socks - refer to Star King episode where Lee Joon wore a pair of Onew cartoon socks)


Fan : Kibum-ah, do you like to be called by your real name?
Key : In these event, it is better to be called by my stage name (points to manager)
Fan : So which member calls you by your real name the most?
Key : (mumbles)... Minho, Onew.
Fan : What about nicknames?
Key : (Glanced at their manager and whispered:) Kim Jonghyun made up a lot of (nicknames for me)!


Fan : Your face is too small
Minho : Really ? keke
Fan : You've heard many people complimenting you (about your small face) right?
Minho : There will some people who will mention it
Fan : (After a long conversation) It must be your big eyes that makes your face look small right! 
Minho : *speechless* .. You can try to have a larger hairdo to see if your face looks (comparatively) smaller
Jonghyun (sitting beside Minho) : HAHAHAHAH!


Fan : Dubu-goon
Onew : (Surprised but kept looking down to sign) Very few people call me by this name
Fan : Haha, I thought of it because I saw you
Onew : What about "Pure Dubu" (A nickname some fans gave to him when he just debuted) 
Fan : You are so skinny now, you have shrivelled into dried tofu/dubu.
Onew : Dried dubu is now on the way to becoming dubu skin!!


The fan was exposed for hiding her present so she was quite sad when she got her turn to meer Taemin.
Fan : Taemin-ah
Taemin : (Signing for the fan) Yes?
Fan : You saw it right?
Taemin : (Raised his head up) Oh what did (the present) contain?
Fan : My drawing
Taemin : Ah, it must have caused you so much trouble
When the fan was about to leave, he heard Taemin whisper "Ah, I thought it was something I could eat, I worried too much ><"

Source : SHINee DC Gallery (CY Herm, golden steamboat sister) // Kor-Chi : @NamYoungHeui// Chi-Eng : soundtracklove 

More Fanaccount from SHINee fansign event by Jujugal

- a fan covered tae's nipps wt sticker like tae's news photo, tae saw it n said "good" then added dots, this kid >_<
- finishing pyongchon fansign, tae called onew makdoongi and himself leader ^^
- a fan prepared 5 lollipops, onew picked 1, then tae pulled all the rest 4; she asked why so greedy? tae said, no, i didn't mean to...sorry
- fan: y is ur hat so cute? tae: hat? it's cute bcuz of me ^^
- fan: taemin-goon why r u so manly these days? tae: (suddenly) r u really noona?
- onew condition today: after finishing fansign and leaving, onew made his mic stand like this >_<

Credit : @juju_home

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