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[3P NEWS] ‘How would you rate SHINee’s live performance?’

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SHINee, who recently made a comeback with its new mini-album Sherlock, visited the live broadcast of Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News that was held in the glass-wall open studio of the CJ E&M building in Sangam-dong. Many fans were lining up in front of the open studio more than an hour before the broadcast due to the fact that they could watch the members from a close distance.

During the live broadcast, enews was able to capture the candid personalities of SHINee, which weren’t easily seen before on camera. SHINee’s quick thinking and wit filled up the studio and confirmed their billing as one of the optimum combination of idol group members.

SHINee is ‘boisterous’ even when they don’t appear on screen.

SHINee greeted the audience with “We are shiny SHINee!” and consistently showed their energy throughout the broadcast. They revealed their bright spirits and chatted and joked with one another even during the narration of the broadcast.

As their headline-grabbing teaser pictures that exposed their upper bodies appeared on screen, the members showed their excitement and shrieked, “[That] looks great,” “It’s coming, it’s coming,” and “Oh my…” Furthermore, when last week’s M Countdown behind-the-scenes footage was shown, the members yelled out the names of the manager and staff members who appeared on the screen, and their behavior seemed quite different from other groups who would usually just sit quietly and watch.

When the crew yelled “Going live in five..” to signal the airing of the broadcast, the SHINee members raised their hands and joined in on the countdown while looking towards the crowd outside the glass wall.

Shiny SHINee? Their cunning spirit was also evident during the broadcast.

Always moving the hearts of nuna fans with their refreshing image, the members didn’t hesitate to laugh at their own expense on Wide Entertainment News.

During the Talk Bingo segment, MC Yi Sol Ji and Hong Jong Hyun showed them the grand prize, which turned out to be a cell phone from a famous brand. The members showed their excitement and said, “Wow, that’s expensive,” and “That’s a doctor’s cell phone, a doctor’s cell phone.” Then, when asked to do the ‘point dance,’ they obliged and showed their positive image by asking, “What would you like to see next?”

Noticing that they were running out of time, the SHINee members said, “Since we don’t have a lot of time left, we’re going to answer the three Bingo questions all at once,” and their rapid-fire response, reminiscent of a rap battle, drew the audience’s laughter.

One of the question asked if Jonghyun was addicted to chatting - and of course, Jonghyun was the only one out of the group to say that he was not addicted. Instead of arguing, he quickly changed his stance to complete the bingo and said, “That’s right! That’s right! I am an addict. I love chatting. Do you want to follow me?”

SHINee’s outstanding ability to cope with a accident on the set.

That day, there was also a startling accident on the set of Wide Entertainment News that surprised the MCs, production crew and fans. The big Bingo board lost its balance and fell over.

However, instead of being frightened, SHINee members immediately got up and righted the Bingo board, even putting the questions back into their rightful places and calmly sat down to continue their conversation. Then, they added, “These kind of things are the beauty of live broadcasts,” and “We’re alive, everyone.”

Had SHINee been a less talented group, that accident could have led to a much bigger broadcast disaster. Fortunately, SHINee was able to showcase their quick thinking and turned the accident it into an interesting story. Soon afterwards, Onew didn’t spare his body and successfully smashed a gourd.

In the end, SHINee was able to complete the Bingo board with everyone’s help and Jonghyun claimed the first prize after winning a 
rock-paper-scissor battle. The members then moved to the M Countdown stage for their comeback performance, where they bested 2AM and CN Blue after only a week since their comeback.

Source:eNews World
Translation Credit: Ju Ahn Lee
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